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The neglected voice of reason

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“Listen to your elder’s advice, not because they are always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong”- Anonymous.
In this era of media overkill, one aspect that still remains acutely under-represented is the increasing shift in the role being played by the senior citizens of the state in matters pertaining to the society. However, in a slow yet steady positive turnaround, the state has been experiencing a perceptible change in the manner in which the senior citizens of the state, sidelined and neglected for long, have started to actively participate and deliberate on the myriad issues- almost every single one of them being undesirable and posing as stumbling blocks to the progress and development of the society. These senior citizens, with their vast experiences and insight, have started to assert their rightful place in the society. It would only be to our own disadvantage and loss if the society, especially the government fails to tap the vast and invaluable experiences, insights and opinions that could surely steer the state away from the path to deterioration and an almost certain fractious future, given the way issues, whether it be social, ethnic, political or financial, are playing out. One could certainly gauge the depth of decadence and depravation by the chilling report of cannibalism by a few of those who were supposed to have dedicated their lives for the cause of the people. Perhaps the connection or relevance might seem a little far-fetched. But the reality is, when we, as a society of bloodhounds and opportunists, started straying from the thin line of civility and rationality which is increasingly viewed as undesirable constraints to the rapidly intensifying race for fame, favors and fanciful life; the views, opinions and suggestions of the experienced and empathic minds acts as the voice of reason which hold us back and prevent us from being carried away by new-fangled ideas which, if not restrained, could prove to be the downfall of the society. The people of the state has for long been bearing the brunt of the blunders of an impulsive government given to the whims and fancies of a powerful few who continues to hold sway over the entire state. The people have also been witnessing the indulgent nature of the leaders who would not hesitate to turn a deaf ear or look the other way to various atrocities being carried out blatantly if any confrontation or uncomfortable situation can be averted. The result, as everybody has been experiencing, is a society increasingly lacking in civility and compassion where might is the new right and the ends justifying the means.
If the aspirations of the public for a normal, progressive and harmonious society is to have any chance or opportunity for development, the senior citizens needs to be handed the reign as their ideas and insights as well as the ways to fulfill the aspirations should be taken into account and given due consideration as wisdom and hindsight are the two most valuable legacy we should cherish and improve on.     

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