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The good, the bad and the ugly

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Manipur is changing. Night life euphoria is spreading to the many people who have been eagerly waiting for about 5 decades. The blundered relationship between various ethnic communities of the state has been streamline. Peoples’ aspiration to make Manipur free from violence, bandh and blockade is becoming to reality. The good people in the government are somehow going to the right direction in this short period of 6 months. Above this, the contribution of the players for the country from this little state has once more proved that, no force in the world can suppress the state if the regalia continue.
India is a big country, some political expert sometimes term it as a sub continent resided by over 2000 ethnic communities who speaks different languages. And the country is recognised as the largest democratic country in the world.  In a vast land, like India there will be differences of ideas between groups of peoples, between political parties and ethnic communities.
For over 60 years – say after the merger of the erstwhile kingdom Manipur to the Indian Union on October 15, 1949, there were nothing worth appreciation in the running of the government as the nature which those in the government of that time follow the British style of ruling people. Some years back, few people who had seen the British ruled that time were sometimes heard stating that the administration of that time was better than today.  Such statement was in relevance with the rise of corruption these days.
Now with the changing of time, there comes up many good people who whole heartedly want to work for the people of the state. What is worrying is the presence of the bad and ugly people.
Every effort make by the good people are always targeted by the bad people by using or instigating the ugly people.
There are many things left to be done to show that people in the present government are good people. However, at the same time there are few things seen and witnessed taken up by the government.  It is a reminder that these few things taken up by the good people in the government appeared as a throne to the bad and ugly people.
This is being brought up because Imphalites had witnessed a bomb blast in the close proximity of Imphal Evening on Oct 8, at the time when people are preparing to relax for few hours at Imphal Evening. A blast is certainly a handy work of some bad people and may have been done using ugly people- who knows. But what is more surprising is that why no further investigation is being carried out to find those involved in the blast. 5 days later another blast occurred at Tera Lukhram Leirak, when some locals of the area are preparing for Mela. 11 persons including 2 minors sustained injury. A group called KCP (PWG) had claimed responsibility for the terrorist act and the matter seem to be closed soon after the claimed. Why the individuals involved in such terror activities let free? Why no investigation to punished them are being taken up? Are there some bad people in the government?
It is a fact, that the claimed comes through media houses using email. Tracing a place where the email has been sent is not a problem in today’s world. There were instances of persons arrested from Hydrabad for sending threat emails to the Prime Minister of India. That happen 2/3 years back. When the police have a cyber crime unit with sophisticated equipments, why the place where the email has been sent has not been traced and arrested.
Its time the good in the government flushed out the bad and the ugly people. And common people like us will surely make every effort to change the bad and the ugly people to change their mind.

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