The choice is yours Mr. Chief Minister

The year 2020 is going to be another hard times for the N.Biren Singh led Manipur government as major reshuffle is likely to be taken place due to pressure from BJP MLAs as well as those Congress MLA who had defected and joined the government. Last year saw many BJP MLAs including some BJP Ministers in revolting against the Chief Minister and demanding for his change. But by the end of the year Chief Minister N. Biren Singh managed to stay in his position. The last month of the 019 saw another revolt from the BJP MLAs, but that time it was about change of all Ministers except the Chief Minister. It might have been by circumstances that BJP MLAs demanded major reshuffle unlike the previous demand, but it is also by circumstances that N. Biren Singh could secure his position as the Chief Minister. This opportunity given by some of the BJP MLAs should be tackled with extreme seriousness by N. Biren Singh if he really wants the state to move forward.
It is open secrete that almost all the Ministers in the N. Biren Singh government acted on their will instead of consulting the Chief Minister. N. Biren Singh got less respect from his ministerial team and whatever he announced for the development of the state whether it may be the auspicious “CMHT” or the “Go to Village” he hardly gets support from the Ministers concerned for implementing it judiciously. There are hurdles seen facing by the Chief Minister in his nearly 3 years of government. (His government is completing 3 years on March this year). In team work sincerity of the captain alone is meaningless. All team members should take their respective role and perform with equal responsibility with proper understanding and cooperation. If the members fails to coordinate with their captain the team is a failed team no matter how sincere is their captain.
In 1990 FIFA World Cup final Match, Germany defeated Argentina, that time every one was talking about Diego Maradona.  Maradona was superstar and he played too good that it’s no wrong calling him the best player of that time. Nobody (in my state) was heard naming any of the German players because Maradona was too good to compare with others. Even none played like him in his team. But Germany defeated Argentina. There was no exceptional player like Maradona in German team as all played together in same spirit. In team event/game what is required is equal understanding and respect of all the players. The exceptional skill of the team captain is of no use if other players do not coordinates with his plan or strategy. Or else it will be Germany again that will win the match.
This is where the chief Minister should understand. When it comes to the Central government, they too should understand the need to give opportunity to the Chief Minister in picking up his team so that he can lead the state towards the right direction.
When there is opportunity, N. Biren Singh should not miss it. It is only 2 years left now, before election has been announced better do the needful to make the state bright.

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