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The 2nd wave is more dangerous and govt. need stringent measures

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The swamping rise in the 2nd wave of COVID-19 Pandemic across the country finally in the state of Manipur with a record of 142 new cases yesterday, which is perhaps the highest single-day surge of 2021 is alarming. This is a more serious case than the 1st wave and the government and the people should take this issue with extreme seriousness. Yesterday, the country recorded as many as 3.49 lakhs of people testing positive with COVID-19. Among these Maharashtra has been reported as the highest hit state with around 67,000 new cases daily. The number is on the rise and there are complaints of lack of oxygen supply for treatment of Covid patients in major states like Maharastra, Delhi, Karnataka, etc.
When the first COVID 19 issue sparks across the globe, India was among the first country to take the case with extreme seriousness. And among the states of India, Manipur perhaps was also among the first to take up precautionary measures to break the chain of spreading the virus from people to people. This is being said so as the state government had already shut down the market hubs – including the famous three Ima Market, 2 or 3 days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a total lockdown across the country to contain the virus.
All sorts of gatherings including religious related activities were banned when the COVID -19 crises reached its peak in April 2020. Media and social activists across the country blame the mass gathering – Tablighi Jamaat somewhere near the capital city of the country.
All was well, as long as the election time in different states came after the dreaded virus have already intruded to each and every nook and corners of the country.
Health advisory had been issued. And the local administrators issued Standard Operative Procedures to be followed by all. Even curfew had been imposed to make sure that the virus is contained. During those times, the worst-hit community was the daily wage earners, migrant workers, and people who are living below poverty line.
Now the so-called social distancing and advice to stay a home turn as a joke when it comes to election time. Legislators who make laws happen to be the ones who started violating the rules that they make. Nothing has been taken up against the violators of the COVID-19 SoPs. Social distancing, which one has to follow at least 1 meter distancing was a joke during meetings organized for election campaign. Today we saw lakhs of people gathering and offering prayers Kumb Mela, and thousands have been reported tested positive.
Something is seriously wrong with what is happening in the country. And if one recount the series of events and happenings during the Yaoshang Festival in the state of Manipur, just some few days back, one can simply imagine that there is definitely something that is not implacable to the running of the administration, no matter those involving have full awareness of how the COVID -19 has been spreading. Perhaps the system doesn’t allow to fight the COVID-19 pandemic even though those in the government wish to do so.
Well, many things had happened but not everything has ended. Government can take up measures to fight the spread of the virus even today. If the authority takes up measures to break the chain of the COVID-19 with immediate effect then the later days may be a brighter day for our children.
For the state of Manipur, the Chief Minister Advisory in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic is appreciated and should be appreciated by all. Report about the shortage of Oxygen at other major cities in India had alarmed the state of Manipur and today Manipur has a Medical Oxygen manufacturing plant at both JNIMS and RIMS. The Government also open a COVID care ward at Bal Bhavan which is the urgent need of the hour.
The Chief Minister’s understandings of the seriousness of the issue and his advice to his cabinet Ministers, Legislators, and government functionaries to refrain from organizing , participating, or promoting events to attract large gatherings of any size from today is indeed the need of this hour.
With the kind of situation faced by the state right at the moment, some of the experts in the field suggested total lockdown for at least 14 days and also strict checking of the outsiders entering the state. The government has already taken up measures and the only thing left is whether there is a need for total lockdown or not. Saying so the way the government is opening shops ration basis is appreciable.
More importantly, the SoPs should be let followed by all including those in the administration. Those who failed to follow the SoP should be strictly dealt and the People are expecting the kind of action that the Chief Minister may proceed against those violators of the advisory.

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