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Shredded kingdoms

by williamgurumayum
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KSDC has been stirring for a separate state for Kukis’ on and off for quite some time now. UNC have been demanding for an alternative arrangement (read a separate state for Naga tribes to be carved out of present Manipur), and the NSCN(IM) have even entered into an agreement on drawing up a framework for carrying out the Indo-Naga peace talk. While we are at it, why shouldn’t the Kabuis’ be made to have their
say? Or the Marings’? or the Thadous’ or Mizos’ for that matter? Are they happy and contented to be clubbed under a dominant tribe? Wouldn’t they want to assert their own “unique” identities as well? And what about  the Meeteis’ and the Meities’?  Aren’t they staking any claim while everyone is busy drawing up their own maps and colour-coding their envisaged realms in their favourite colours- never mind the fact that so much colours overlapped, blurring up and ultimately blotting out each other’s claims. The actual outcome of all these claims of territorial rights will, in all possibility, be just as dark and confusing. Given that the intrinsic urge to amass land and wealth has been an inborn instinct of every living being and not humans alone- a genetically programmed instinct to insure continuity and genetic progression. And progressed we have. The human race continued and thrived- adapted and expanded so successfully and dominated every other species to the point of pushing some of these species to extinction. But times have changed. The primal urges needs to be controlled and subdued, and to take a radically different approach towards the future if we are to progress further. Turning on each other and making differentiations on the basis of language, colour, habits, beliefs and castes will never take us towards advancement.  Language can be learned, habits can be formed, beliefs can be influenced and caste can be assimilated in due course. What we cannot undo is the emotional and psychological divide such man-made differentiation would surely entail. It is in this context that the public should be made aware of the pros and cons of such a move to enable them to make informed decisions for themselves. The notion of exclusivity and alienation, which was a necessity for the preservation of one’s own race and kind during ancient times when invasions and violent incursions were a given way of life has now become redundant, becoming a stumbling block in present times- an obsolete and regressive thought process that would prove detrimental for the inclusive growth and development for which the whole world is gearing up. Is there no other way to usher in development and progress- the catchword often recited by the leaders and pioneers to justify their demand and mobilize support? Is there no other option than to break up the tiny land locked State into fragments to appease the different communities and groups that has been co-existing since time immemorial? What about the remaining groups? Will their demand for further separation be met again? When will this division and differentiation end? We owe our children at least that semblance of unity and cooperation which everyone would definitely want them to imbibe.

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