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Power of the commoners

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Times we are living in is indeed turbulent, and with the state general election just around the corner, we, the people of the state should do well to prepare ourselves and brace for far worse things to happen while praying and hoping for things to improve. Indeed, at present all that seem to have been left with us is hope. Whatever position or side of the divide one might happen to be, it would be plain conceited pretension to claim otherwise. The tragedy, however, is that it is the common people without the assurance of influence, power or wealth that has been bearing the brunt of the protracted stand-off. It is also no secret that the present uncertainty and deprivations of the common people are being exploited by those causing such a situation to garner political mileage. The state government is putting the blame for the present social and communal imbroglio in Manipur squarely on the shoulder of the central government who allegedly either failed or chose to ignore to reign in the excessive and vindictive nature of the NSCN-IM with whom it is currently engaging in talks and negotiations thereby making UNC- the frontal organisation of IM to dare and step over the constitutional bindings and imposing the indefinite economic blockade along the national highways resulting in untold misery and hardship for the people of the state cutting across communities and groups. The contention of the UNC is that the present step has been forced by the state government who paid no heed to the apprehensions and reservations of the naga people in the state. The reality definitely lies somewhere within the contrasting contentions, but what is proving to be inexplicably frustrating for the common person is the studied hesitation on both sides to address the pressing needs, making it undoubtably clear that the parties to the conflict has forgotten the concerns of the general public. The emerging question is: are we to allow ourselves to be swept by the ever changing opinions and ideologies in order to try and fit into the scheme of things, or do we take time to introspect and make our individual stand even at the risk of being labeled social outcast? Government, or any organisation for that matter relies on the support of the people to succeed and survive. We need to assert our opinions and individual observations and this is where we need to speak up our minds in no uncertain terms. Elitist and influential individuals have for long played to the sentiments of the common people to have their way, and we need to understand this uncomfortable fact. It will not be easy and often risky to comment or contradict popular opinion for the simple fact that our society till now has been swayed by the majority opinion, and anything perceived to be in contradiction has been muffled by means fair or foul. But we need to take that stand we believe in. We need to shed our preconceived notions and take a fresh look at the present developments in our society. But most important of all, we have to learn to look at the larger perspective where we can survive and thrive as progressive individuals. We have to exercise our individual rights and prerogatives as citizens of a free country without malice or fear.

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