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Post facto of September 21

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The election is an important component for the success of democracy. But one wonder when the nation is under attack by Covid-19. Since the beginning of 2020, people in the state, as well as people across the nation, have been living with fear of uncertain future, as there are no cure for the Covid-19.
The recent sequence of events witnesses either in term of political circus and the struggle for the protection of Tribal identity, Meitei identity, is indeed worrisome for all people.
The idea of a nation having one identity, one religion, one culture, one language promulgated by the new political leaders ruling the country India has created fear psychosis to various ethnic communities in the country. At a time when chauvinistic idealism of creating a nation of only one community is seen marching ahead, it is natural that each and every ethnic communities of the nation have reason to be feared. Because it is family first then come to the society then it is the nation.
India was and is a nation of diverse people. The beauty of India is the existence of different ethnic people with diverse cultural people. It is important that if India has to prove the world as the most successful democratic country, the leaders and the so-called self-style son of the soil should try to become the real son of the soil by accepting that the concept of one religion, one culture, and one language should not be followed in the Nation called India.
During Kargil war, two soldiers from this region, that too from a border village between Myanmar and India in the state of Manipur were martyred while fighting the Pakistani troops. Family of the two did not know the common language that their sons spoke with their fellow soldiers and moreover, the villagers of the two soldiers are fighting tough to safeguard their villages from intruders of the neighbouring villages. Yet they pray for the success of India.
The Indian administrators of the time was not the one which brought victory to the Kargil war, but it was the prayers of those thousand parents, whose sons were fighting for the country, but who never see Delhi, or who never understood the common language (Hindi) that make India a success. Indeed, many critics are of the view that India is still in the process of nation-building. But the reality is that India is already a nation. A nation of imagine community living under the same roof.
The peaceful co-existence and communal harmony was put in dead danger with the rise of communal centric feudalism classes. They spew venom of hate feeling among the various communities for their mere selfish gain. Last few decades showed rise of many such feudalists and the rise of this class raises the feeling of enmity among the various community.
Coming back to the state of Manipur, the problem facing right now has similar roots. The force annexation is often pinpoint as the root of all sorts of trouble here, but the reality is that the root of the entire problem facing in the state of Manipur is the chauvinistic attitude of the ruling government in the mainland India.
Instead of looking on the problem, the then ruler of mainland India had sidelined the real issue submitted by the then expert officials deputed by their government, they never tried anything to put a halt to the rise of the armed opposition group. But rather the then government incited hate feeling among various communities thinking that the same technique adopted by the British ruler can suppress any movement in the region.
Instead of taking into consideration and finding a means to end all sort of violent activism a Scheme called Surrendered Rehabilitation Schemes had been introduced and the result – people now suffered double the problem that they had faced before the coming of the scheme.
Well Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the last President of USSR had understood the importance of safeguarding each community, and USSR was separated into various independent nations. The problem will be there as long as human kind exists. Because they think and act and those act are sometime negative from one’s viewpoint even if he or she thought it right from his viewpoints.
The fear factor right now is felt to everyone. Man dies and sacrifices for their children and nation. If the fear factor grows no one can guarantee any untoward incident at which the fear factor was a challenge and wipe out completely to restore the once upon a time nation-state called Manipur.

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