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People dying, Biren ‘trying’ 132 days: When will you show your ‘ACTION’?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Under CM N Biren Singh’s lackluster leadership, Manipur’s governance has devolved into a mire of inaction and irresponsibility. Accompanied by an inept cadre of lawmakers, this government seems more engrossed in the theatricality of empty promises than in meaningful governance. As days morph into weeks and weeks into months, a resonant and urgent query echoes across the state: Does Manipur truly have a government that functions? The government may have lost track, but it’s been over 132 days already.
Political heavyweights such as BJP’s Amit Shah and Congress’ Rahul Gandhi have made their cursory appearances, offering fleeting moments of supposed solace. Yet, beneath the veneer of empathetic visits to relief camps and well-staged photo-ops, there lies a stark void of substantial action. Their departure leaves behind an unanswered question: Beyond the spectacle, what real solutions have they provided to address the simmering unrest since May 3rd?
Citizens dutifully contribute to the state’s treasury, anticipating security and prosperity in return. Instead, they are met with the harrowing reality of security forces turning against them, as evidenced by the chilling incidents in Pallel. Dr. Sapam Ranjan’s subsequent words of condemnation and promises of compensation might sound reassuring to some, but let’s not be misled. This isn’t benevolence; it’s a begrudging use of public funds to patch up the very fractures this government has failed to prevent. The public rightly wonders: How many more lives will be the cost of this administration’s incompetence?
It’s evident that the government’s direction is dictated more by puppeteers in New Delhi than by a genuine concern for Manipur’s welfare. This puppetry, marked by the government’s frequent jaunts to Delhi, underscores their glaring impotence and dependency. Far from offering a beacon of hope, N Biren Singh and his cohort seem to only plunge Manipur further into uncertainty and darkness.
Mr. Biren once proudly trumpeted claims of peace and security. But the grim reality today? Women, huddled in fear on the streets, a poignant symbol of a government’s colossal failure. While the political elite cocoon themselves in luxury, ordinary citizens bear the brunt, defending their homes, their families, and their dignity. After four agonizing months, the people’s faith is shattered. The government’s empty rhetoric of “we are trying” no longer holds any weight.
Manipur’s once-proud reputation now lies in ruins, a tragic testament to a government that is nothing but an emblem of incapacity, spearheaded by CM Biren.

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