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On shaky grounds

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What the 6.8 magnitude earthquake early this year failed to topple, the increasing rigidity of opposing stands on the three Bills passed by the state legislative assembly is most likely to achieve. The inexplicable impasse arising out of the difference in interpretations of the provisions of the Bills have made the society to almost grind to a halt, with almost routine activities becoming uncertain and difficult, and with it, the temperament and indiscernible suspicions have risen. A group of like minded individuals belonging to different faiths and regions of the state came together through a social media site and submitted memorandums to both the opposing groups to come together and iron out the differences across the table, while a memorandum was also submitted to the state government to initiate the much needed dialogue and mediate on the contentious issue threatening to irrevocably tear the fragile social fabric of the society. Surprisingly, both the opposing parties have expressed their readiness to enter into a dialogue/ debate/ discussion as the case may warrant, but have not been intimated for the same from any authority as yet. The initiative has been appreciated from all quarters, and by the looks of it, holds promise for a positive turnaround from the present sense of doom and gloom pervading in the society. That the incessant disruptions to normalcy have affected the people of the state wherever they are, and are about to reach the tipping point is a foregone conclusion. One point of caution though- the initiative should not be allowed to flounder and fade away as it will only stoke the fire of separatist interests amongst the protestors on both sides. As it is, there is a perceptible shift from the real issue of creating a mechanism which will ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the indigenous people of the state. There should also be a positive motive to the whole exercise from both the parties as any suspicion on either side of the intentions of the talk/discussion will prove the whole hard work an exercise in futility. The whole effort is easier said than done, for with any contentious issue, there will be hardliners holding their grounds, unwilling to concede and consider any other alternatives. A thorough knowledge of the issue in contention is a must, and for things to move in the right direction, resource persons with in-depth knowledge about the customs, cultures and history of the different communities needs to be consulted and get involved in the process which will be long and tedious. With the state government failing to keep the trust of every group in the state, the present initiative presents the only and plausible alternative to the protracted issue with the grim prospect of tearing up the state and its history beyond repair or redemption. The implementation might not be perfect or acceptable to everyone, but the approach is one in the right direction and the society as a whole must come together and support the effort for a better future. We cannot allow the unwarranted hatred and delusional past shape our future. We have to leave a society more tolerant, understanding and better than the one we are experiencing. We owe that much to our children.          

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