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Mental emancipation

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No form of revolution can hope to bring sustainable change in a society except mental revolution, which brings to mind the famous quote of French philosopher René Descartes- ”I think, therefore I am” – which roughly means that as a person thinks about himself or herself, so will they become. In other words, self-realisation is the prerequisite for personal and social development and progress, and enforced ideals will never stand the test of time. A detached and impersonal look at the present developments around us strongly suggests a growing tussle between a section of the society who are starting to assert their own natural freedom and spontaneity of right to life without the enforced support of any individual or group on the one hand and a group, while acutely aware of the disillusionment being increasingly felt by the long intimidated public, still conveniently ignore the subtle changes since the outgoing social order renders them smooth opportunists living off on the fear and insecurity of the common public who have been bearing the brunt of the undeclared war between the Government and the self declared emancipators of the society.  The society is starting to wake up to the sordid reality behind the slogans and show of concern by the opposing parties who have been hemming in the collective enthusiasm and liberties for so long. This is a very positive and necessary turnaround- a breakthrough of sorts. Fear of physical harm has been the one driving force behind the relentless search for improvements ever since the evolution of mankind which has been continued till the present day. Yet this very inherent insecurity has been used by a reckless and inconsiderate few to take advantage of others in various ways. Realizing the things that needs to be done inspite of the dangers posed by such threats and intimidations has made the society to take calculated risks and step up the efforts to progress and prosper. Fortifying our minds against such unwanted distractions and instead focusing on the tasks at hand, not only to sustain ourselves but also to make the future that little more efficient, developed and safer should be our common goal. All of us have a huge stake in this line of thought. Aberrations and exceptions notwithstanding, a concerted effort would bring about a desirable chain reaction of help and cooperation and sense of togetherness. Most of us are still wary of the next person. We all need to step out of this mental cocoon and try to reach out with sincerity and goodwill. The response will almost always be more pleasant and positive than we ever expect it to be. We only need to open up our minds and reach out in good faith. This is so much more necessary for those who are still harboring hatred and revenge, their precious efforts and manpower being diverted towards scheming other’s downfall. Live and let live.

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