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Lost in the melee

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Just as with every disturbed state anywhere in the world, speculating the effects of any significant event on the present social situation have become the favorite past time of the state. Deaths of prominent persons, earthquakes and any other event worth discussing over do not escape social scrutiny and debate. The social exercise becomes more intense and animated if and when the state authorities decide to keep a studied silence, for reasons best known to themselves. The death of NSCN-IM leader Isak Chisi Swu was one such instance, and the public as well as the media went into overdrive with opinions and analysis on the course of action the event will most likely dictate, the projections of the repercussions and ramifications being divided as they are numerous. Lost in the melee is the essence of the whole spirit for which the Naga leader devoted more than half a century of his life to a cause he believed and dreamed of. More than the division of the present states or the reorganizing of the existing boundaries, it was the struggle for bringing a mutual understanding and respect, even though the move is viewed by most outside the community as a skewed and arbitrary one. Perhaps the goal of the party is misinterpreted, or has been diluted or infused with communal interests over time and changing circumstances- only time will tell. Time will also make things clear for every stakeholder about the numerous groups and parties professing their love for the ‘Motherland’ and fighting for separate lands and sovereign states, instead of rectifying the various misdeeds and deliberate misappropriations of resources meant for the development of the progress by those in power and position. There also grew a breed of few unscrupulous elements in the garb of social activists- armed or otherwise, picking on the weak and the sinners, exploiting their weaknesses and profiteering from it. The society today is in chaos, and the very intent for change, however sincere it might have been, has almost been reduced to a means of advancing personal interest and wealth what with a horde of opportunists and social parasites threatening to divert or worse, derail the whole movement.
While the means adopted to claim their demand may not be acceptable to everyone, or their demand itself deemed too extreme for many, there can be no denying the fact that the Indian system of governance and administration needs constant intervention and disruptions for the very system tends to incubate and nurture cronyism, corruption, favoritism, partiality, nepotism not to mention the abuse of central and state security power for personal vendetta. What the people need to realize is that the realization of a dream of a particular group, community or tribe cannot be at the cost of another. Without mutual understanding and negotiation no amount of agitation or show of might will endure. The best way, and perhaps the only one out of the present social quagmire is to bring about an amicable solution for the grievances of all parties, communities or groups- a suggestion easier said than done, but there should be a beginning- without preconceived notions, preconditions or predefined agenda.        

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