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Lok Sabha Election Manipur: The beginning of the end of democracy

by Editorial Team
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Lok Sabha Election Manipur: The beginning of the end of democracy

The election in Manipur reveals a grim cycle of violence and despair gripping the state. Reports of poll violence have surfaced, creating an atmosphere of unrest and fear that taints the democratic process, making it appear more like a facade of representation than a true reflection of the people’s will. After yet another chaotic election, it’s evident that the lessons of history have been ignored, leaving genuine change seemingly out of reach.
At the core of this problem is a deep-seated resignation to a fate dictated by external forces. The idea of a “slave mentality” is widespread, leading to a fatalistic acceptance of the status quo. Despite talk of empowerment and self-determination, the reality is starkly different. Manipur’s residents feel trapped in a cycle of oppression and disillusionment, burdened by apathy and resignation.
Consider the actions of various ethnic groups like the Kuki, for instance. In pursuit of short-term gains, they willingly sacrifice their long-term autonomy, hoping for the questionable promise of a Union Territory status. In doing so, they give up their power to elect representatives and engage in the democratic process, sacrificing their ability to make meaningful choices for the sake of immediate benefits. This tragic situation underscores the widespread hopelessness in Manipuri society, where even fundamental principles of self-governance are abandoned for temporary advantages.
Similarly, the Meiteis are not immune to this sense of despair. Their willingness to entrust leadership to individuals who avoid responsibility and accountability speaks volumes about their mindset. Instead of demanding transparency and accountability from leaders, they passively accept their decisions, resigning themselves to a fate controlled by others. It’s a sobering reminder of how complacency can overshadow the desire for change, no matter the harm it causes.
In the face of such widespread despair, the possibility of meaningful change feels increasingly distant. The idea of empowerment and agency becomes a cruel joke, mocking those who dare to envision a better future. When born into a system that perpetuates inequality and injustice, resistance can seem futile. Even when opportunities for improvement arise, they are often met with indifference or hostility, further entrenching the status quo.
Ultimately, the people of Manipur find themselves lost in a sea of hopelessness, buffeted by the winds of violence and oppression. The path to liberation appears impassable, obscured by doubt and resignation. In these dark times, they can only hold onto the faint hope that someday, somehow, change will break through the gloom. Until then, they remain trapped in a cycle of despair, longing for a freedom that seems beyond their grasp.

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