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Lifting the goods to the loaded truck- Is this a good decision?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Four buses have been flagged off to bring back Manipuris that have been stranded at Manipur Bhavan Guwahati due to the nationwide lockdown being enforced by the government of India to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. As announced by the government authority, the four buses will bring back 84 people who have been stranded at Manipur Bhavan Guwahati. The initiative to bring back those Manipuri stranded outside the state has been taken up after thorough discussion in the meeting of the consultative committee formed to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic. And such steps are appreciated by almost all people, as parents or guardians, who were worried about the fate of their children during this invasion by COVID-19 pandemic, find some relief as they will be seeing their near and dear one soon.
As told by the authority, (base on data collected) a total of around 50,000 Manipuris including Meitei, Tangkhul, Kukis, Pangals, Kom, etc are presently staying at the different parts of the country. As the government of Manipur has started the initiative to bring back the stranded Manipuris from outside the state, people among the 50000 people including students and those working at different cities across the country will definitely find relieve as they see hope of returning to their home state under the initiative of the government of Manipur.
After the transportation of the 84 stranded Manipuris at Manipur Bhavan Guwahati, parents and guardians and family members of the remaining Manipuris staying out may start urging the government to bring back their sons, daughters, and family members to arrange means to bring back too. Denying such request may spark protest and criticism and the government will be left with no choice but to assure the similar measures for bringing all the Manipuri whoever desire to return back.
Leaving aside the speculations of other Manipuris who may give pressure for their return, one wonders if the government is prepared enough to arrange safety accommodation for the 84 stranded Manipuri from Guwahati Manipuri house.
The world still is yet to understand the character of the virus. Scientists across the world are still doing an experiment to understand the virus. According to medical experts, it is stated that the virus is very tricky. It survives in the human body without showing any symptoms. Screening of body temperature is not enough to trace the virus in the human body. And moreover, the virus reportedly travels 6 feet that is equivalent to two metres. Some scientists said that in a close room the virus acted like more airborne if in case a person with the virus speaks loudly with sprinkle saliva. Every single day virologists find more characters of the virus and that means. And its common sense to all human being that until and unless a ‘vaccine’ or medicine is invented, the best way is physical distancing.
And one more thing that is acceptable by all is that human beings are the transporter of the killer virus. Director of RIMS Ahanthem Shanta during a discussion hour at a local TV had stated that as of now social distancing is the best policy to avoid spreading of the virus . The same was stated by the Additional Director of JNIMS during an interview with Imphal Times.
Now, point wanted to come here is that – with the recovery of two positive COVID-19 cases, Manipur today is a COVID-19 Free state. But then it is also worth recalling what the Chief Minister of Manipur had stated while addressing to media and the public. He had said – “It is only the beginning, we still have to prepare for the fight against the dreaded virus”. This showed that until a vaccine to kill the virus and cure the patient affected by the virus, it will be not wise for any government to make any mistake in tackling the issue.
By today or day after tomorrow, 84 people from Guwahati of Assam will be arriving in the state. As per the report there are still 8 positive cases presently undergoing treatment, even as 29 of them have recovered. One person, the first COVID-19 case in Assam had died. And the government of Assam is working hard to find if the virus has spread among the community or not, even though as of now there is no such finding.
As the stranded 84 Manipuri natives which are bringing to the state are bringing from Assam which has a serious case of COVID-19, it is necessary that all of them be tested and quarantine at some isolated setup centers. The government talk about Home quarantined which will have no significance for those tested negative. At certain metropolitan city, Home quarantined may be possible but when it comes to the state of Manipur how many of the family have separate rooms, separate bathrooms. The asymptomatic character of the virus has been accepted and besides that, the longevity of the virus for around 37 days (as per the latest finding) has been heard by the government too.
If the government can provide a quarantined center to accommodate all the 84 persons for at least 37 days by arranging adequate washroom, living rooms it is well and good. But sending them home for self quarantined is more like creating apprehension of becoming Manipur listed in the COVID-19 map.
What Imphal Times would like to suggest is to collect data of Manipuris staying outside the state and provide all possible help by getting in touch with the respective states. Saying so some patients who need to return home, should be arranged, however.

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