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Let Holy books be replaced by the Constitution of the country

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Earlier perception about the definition of a nation which is impounded with similar religion, language, caste, creed and communities is no more relevant in the present day context. Making the country a strong nation by waging an unseen war of converting everybody living in it into a common religion or by forcing them to speak a common language is more like inviting civil war among the different communities following different cult and religion. The idea of bringing one nation one tax cannot be implied when it comes to religion, caste and creed as well as language in a vast country like India resided by over 1000s different communities speaking different language.
The concept of Hindu, not in term of religion but in terms of the inhabitants between the Himalaya and Keinyakumari by one Sadhu Baba during an exclusive interview at a National television is an innovative invention of a humanitarian philosophy which is beyond religion. Neo contemporary philosophers whose motive is to bring communal harmony in the country needs to be encouraged even at the cost of amending traditional script written in the so call holy books of each religion.
In his letter to his daughter Indiara Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, had explored the rise of human civilization. Religion when we pondered upon is the creation of human being for smooth running of the society. But opportunist and few psychopathic individuals are converting the good cause into tools to create enmity among human beings.
India being a secular state allows freedom to follow any religion of their choice. This not what we in the Imphal Times said but enshrine in the constitution of the country.
If for some time each Indians believe that the Constitution of India is the holly book for almost all religion that is being followed by different people in the nation state, then the present chaos happening in the country may be somehow relieved.   
Let’s give some peace to all the people of this vast country to live in one belief even though following their own religion. For time being let’s hope holy books for Hindu, Muslim, Shikh, Jain, Christian and Budhist, a historical commodities and instead let all the people of different faith accept the Constitution of India as the only one Holy book for all religion. If the preachers at Hindu temple, Muslim Mosques, Churches of Christians and other indigenous faith followers preach contents of the constitution of the country then it will not take long for India to become a united nations with diverse communities.   

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