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Imphal, June 21,

 Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the overdraft has been neutralised and the restrictions on the financial transactions by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would be lifted soon. This was announced by him at the celebration of the 5th International Day of Yoga, 2019 held at Indoor Stadium, Khuman Lampak, Imphal East today.

Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister said that if there is unity, sincerity and transparency in governance, then the government would gain trust from the people. He mentioned that trust is the most important component so as to have peace and tranquility amongst the communities. Chief Minister further stated that India is being transformed under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his slogan like “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, “Saab ka Vishwas” etc.

Stating the significance of Yoga, Chief Minister said that the true essence of Yoga is to strengthen our mind as well as body, preserve the nature and to build compassion and kindness for others. He mentioned that “Health is Wealth”, however at the same time we need to have a healthy mind to bring peace, tranquility and harmony in the society. Crimes and other unwanted incidents could be reduced if we have a healthy mind.

While delivering his Presidential address, Minister for Health and Family Welfare L. Jayantakumar said that good health and well being of every citizen is the priority of the present government. He mentioned that Yoga is such a practice to strengthen our body, mind and soul to have good health.

During the function, Chief Minister led others in the common Yoga protocol.

Minister for CAF&PD Karam Shyam, Minister for Agriculture V. Hangkhanlian, MLA of Lamlai A/C Ksh. Biren, Chief Secretary, DGP, top civil and police officers, paramilitary officials etc. attended the function. 

It may be mentioned that the International Day of Yoga is being celebrated annually on 21st June since its inception in 2015 after the unanimous declaration by the United Nations General Assembly on 11th December, 2015.

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Imphal, June 21,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh inspected the work-in-progress under the Rejuvenation and Conservation of Nambul River project at different locations along the Nambul river today.
 Minister for Health and Family Welfare L. Jayantakumar Singh, Minister for CAF&PD Karam Shyam, Minister for Agriculture V. Hangkhanlian, MLAof Lamlai A/C Ksh. Biren Singh, Chief Secretary, officials of Department of Environment and Imphal Municipal Council (IMC) accompanied Chief Minister during the inspection.
Speaking to the media persons, Chief Minister said the first phase of the project would be undertaken in the polluted stretch of the Nambul river i.e. Iroisemba to Heirangoithong area. He mentioned that a sum of Rs. 97 crores has been approved for the said project.
Chief Minister highlighted that a sewage pipeline would be constructed along the both sides of the Nambul river. The urban waste would be treated by using latest technology at the Water Treatment Plant to be constructed at Mongsangei area, he added. Similar projects would be taken up in different rivers of the State, he added.
Chief Minister stated that a door to door garbage collection would be started soon by Imphal Municipal Council (IMC) so as to prevent from polluting the river. He appealed the people residing along the river banks to stop littering the garbage into the Nambul River.

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Imphal June 21,

Post graduate students of DM College of Arts of DM University warned with intense agitation if their classes were not resumed from  June 25, 2019.
The classes were put to halt since June 15 June after the withdrawal of teachers from PG engagement.
Speaking to media persons one student identified as Leishangthem Nonglemba Meetei studying MA 2nd Semester in political science said that the PG students have already lost 5 days as the teachers went on a strike. He added that there hasn’t been any official initiative taken up to address their grievances.
Nonglemba further said that as their Semester exam might started around mid July though the syllabus were not covered till now and the classes were also stopped. He said that the students feared that they could not appear the exam successfully.
Nonglemba further stressed that they approach the Principal to look into the matter on 19 of this month. He added that the principal request the teachers to take the class but the effort was in vain as the teachers took their firm stands regarding their strike. The principal apprised the higher authorities to solve the matter.
Nonglemba further said that they only knew recently that their PG teachers are not yet officially teachers for PG even though they taught since the inception of the University.
Meanwhile today PG students of DM arts went to education minister Th. Radheshyam to appeal to take necessary initiative however education minister was out of station. A letter was also sent to Education minister Th Radheshyam to take necessary initiative by the students.
Questioning the reasons for the non teaching of classes by teachers General Secretary of DM College Teachers Forum K. Indramani said that the teachers who teach post graduate students at DM University were never officially appointed as a recognised teacher for the PG students since the inception of the university. They simply teach the students for the sake of the students only without any benefit.
He added that several memorandum and meetings were done with VC of the varsity H. Dilip to recognise the teachers. He also added that there is no academic council for the university neither the syllabus that they have made were also not known whether authority approves it or not.
He stressed that there isn’t any official teacher for PG students of DM university neither there isn’t any recruitment process for it.
He concluded that they stopped the teaching process of PG students as it greatly affects the undergraduate students of DM College.

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Imphal , June 21,

Around 550 patients get benefitted from the 3rd Integrity week which was observed from June 16 to June 22. The integrity week which was observed at Raj Medicity every year offer free OPD consultation and small medium surgical procedures.
The program also benefitted 21 patients to undergo operation which will be free at cost.
The free OPD consultation began from June 16, under the timing from 10 in the morning till 2 in the evening.
The Integrity week which offer free medical facilities was done under Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme.
The free facilities given by Raj Medicity as a part of the Integrity week will end today for the General public and tomorrow the hospital will focus on giving free medical aid to media persons.
Around 77 patients came on the first day which is 16 June. 17 June was halted as a solidarity to the Indian Medical Association than later on the third day 109 patients came for medical facilities. 19 June was one of the day where many patients came. It was recorded around 193 patients were there on 19 June.
128 patients came to check to Raj Medicity on the 20 June. Finally more than 50 patients came today till the filing of the report.
Speaking to media persons Medical Superintendent of Raj Medicity Dr A. Ibotombi Sharma said that they were quite happy to see many people turn out in their Integrity week. He added that the patient turn out was more than what they have expected.
He also appealed the people to take the facilities given by Raj Medicity in its Integrity week for the welfare of the general public.
Speaking to media persons one of the patients identified as Okram Ashalata expressed gratitude regarding free medical aid given by Raj Medicity. Many who were poor can get benefitted from the medical aid given by the hospital. She said that even though government hospitals provided medical facilities at minimal amount, such hospital took lots of patients time and also in making appointments with the doctors. She added that private hospital took lesser amount of time in any procedures or making appointments with the doctors.

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Imphal, June 21,

A BSC student of Mayai Lambi College bearing registration number 3106863 of 2013 left the college after appearing for third semester exam as the student was preparing for NEET exam for 2015 and 2016. Moreover, he applied for transfer to Kamakhya Pemton College (KP College) giving all the relevant documents to the college.
Sanasam Ajit Singh, a teacher of KP Pemton College, gave the parents of the student an original registration certificate bearing number 13281782 of 2013 under KP College. The student couldn’t clear NEET exam and when the student asked to find out the status of the request made for the transfer to KP College, it was revealed that the student without his knowledge had appeared the third and fourth semester from KP College. It was never revealed to the student that the transferred has been approved. There were no documents stating that the transfer was done. Moreover, the admit card was never given to the student. When an RTI was filed to the Registrar of Manipur University on the matter, it was revealed that KP College did not submit any document along with this registration number. It points that there are people in the academic section of MU who can issue fake registration certificate with original signature and logo.
Morevover, Sanasam Ajit Singh messaged the father of the student saying “Bali Gi Hameng” on the 15th of June around 2 pm and later he called the father which the father did not pick up.  A complaint has been filed against the teacher to DGP Manipur seeking legal action.  

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Friday, 21 June 2019 17:36

Seriously, mercury is rising

Everyone knows that the mercury is rising. People across world now realized that it is the human error that is making the discomfort to our environment. The only means left now is to correct the wrong that we human being had committed.  
April normally was most of the pleasant days during 80s. The climatic condition was excellent. The temperature those days was much lower than 30 degree Celsius. Months with Maximum temperature was during June and July. Everyone who are in the 40s know that the mercury level during the hottest month here in the state did not exceed 35 degree Celsius. Summer in Manipur was equivalent with those of the Indian states close to the Rajasthan cities.
Temperature recorded today here in Imphal is 31 degree Celsius and is expected to rise tomorrow. As of today there are no reports of any dead due to the rise of temperature, but for sure news paper of tomorrow will have to reserve space for news story about dead of human by the scorching heat.
20 years back, May season’s favourite outfit for the people in the state of Manipur was either a jacket or Jersey. Today, we can’t even wear a full man’s casual shirt or a long pant. Reason – the mercury is rising, by next year the temperature is likely to reach 40 degree Celsius.
In during late 90’s, when people, particularly the environmentalists showed serious concern to the rise in the mercury, the temperature recorded in Manipur On April 14, 1999, was 36 degree Celsius. That was the hottest day people.
Well whom are we going to blame for the kind of happening? Is the drastic change in the climatic condition a natural phenomenon or is it because of the kind of crime committee by the human being? – A matter everyone needs to ponder.
As according to environmentalists, the geographical character of the state is perhaps a boon. The climate of Imphal and other valley districts are maintained by the hills surrounding the valley. As for the Imphal Valley, it the Langol Hill Range and the number of trees on it that has been controlling the carbon emission. The Khoubru Hill range, the Baruni etc. too are also important factor that control the climate of the state. Saying so it was the number of wild trees that grows on those hills that actually controlled the climate. When there is no trees in the mentioned Hill range they are too helpless in maintaining the climatic condition of the state.
Is it the common men that have to be blamed for cutting of the trees? Well common man always struggle for live and they do whatever available to feed themselves as well as their family. Those in the village are left with no choice but to cut down the trees for earning their livelihood. As for holding top job in the government and those ruling the state, they know that trees should be saved. Crore and crore of rupees have been spent to make plant grows at barren land of the state. They also know that until a proper planning is taken up by framing a policy for those who are depending on the forest product, the hills of the state which had been controlling the Imphal valley will look barren. So, it is definitely the government that is responsible for the kind of destruction of forest that has been taking place in the state.
Seizure of truck loads of woods is also a means to help in protecting the forest, but if it is done for photo session and publicity matters, then Manipur may perhaps become a desert like state someday.
Government authority’s commitment is reminded as the recent plantation of saplings by volunteer of Manipuri Students’ Federation at the peak of the Koubru Hill will make no sense.
Villagers of Koubru should be rehabilitated so that they themselves started protecting trees in the hill range. On how to change the mindset of the villagers, it is left upto the bureaucrats to think on it, or what is the use spending so much public money for each of them in the form of paying salary and allowances.
Coming to the new initiative of the Manipur Government’s new mission ‘Go Green” or plant lakhs of sapling is appreciating effort. However, it should not be just for getting applause but for saving the planet. Though small we can contribute by consuming some percentage of the carbon emission by making Manipur a greenest part of the world.

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Bishnupur, June 21,

 To mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 2019, the District Social Welfare Officer in collaboration with SUA (IRCA), Bishnupur conducted a district level open painting competition to sensitise people and generating awareness amongst the public about the ill effects of drug abuse at Multipurpose Hall, DC Min-Secretariat, Bishnupur today.
21 males and 7 female painters participated in the event and presented their thoughts on drug abuse through paintings. N. Jotish Singh,  DSWO,Bishnupur said that the first 3 best painters will be sent to represent the district in state level wall painting competition which will be hold on the 23rd June, 2019.
Laishram Bipin Singh of Nachou, Laitonjam Bankimchandra of Khoijuman and Laishram Jonson of Nachou Panthong were adjudged as the first, second and third best painters respectively. The winners will be awarded in the state level observance of International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking, 2019 at Imphal along with 5 other painters who will get consolation prizes.

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Friday, 21 June 2019 17:33

International Yoga Day Celebrated

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Bishnupur, June 21:

Humanism Foundation in collaboration with Loktak Brigade has jointly organised the International Yoga Day at the premise of Loktak Skill Development Center here today.
The celebration was participated by trainees, who are undergoing Field Technician: Computing and Peripheral under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojana (PMKVY), Jawans of Loktak Brigade and staffs of Humanism Foundation.
As part of the celebration around 110 (hundred and ten) participants demonstrated various yoga Asanas.
Humanism Foundation is an empaneled Training Provider with Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.
Currently, Humanism Foundation is running skill development centres at Bishnupur Thiyam Leikai, Loukoi Pat and Moreh providing various job oriented skill development courses for unemployed youths of the state.

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Ukhrul, June 21,

Somsai Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) in conjunction with Ukhrul Football Club concluded the District Level 7-a-side (Under - 12) Baby League Football Cup 2019 at Ukhrul. The Baby League was conducted from 18 - 20 June 2019 and has been widely appreciated by the locals.
A total of six teams participated in the tournament. The final match was played between Ukhrul Basic Soccer Foundation versus Wungngayam FC. Football is the most popular sport in Manipur and passionately followed by the locals.
The inaugural Baby League was organised by Assam Rifles under the banner of Late Major Bob Khathing Football Tournament in February 2019. Based on popular demand, a similar tournament has been organised for the young players.The Assam Rifles has also been supporting the budding talent through scholarships and training. This tournament helped in reinforcing the sports culture in Ukhrul District and encourage the efforts of local clubs like Ukhrul FC in harnessing the young  talent.

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