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Imphal, June 13,

The battle line between Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and IPR Minister Th. Bishwajit has been drawn crystal clear today. At what could be termed as a shrewd political move, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh attempt a check mate to Th. Bishwajit and his team, by removing major portfolios from him. Power department and Public Works department, which was vested to Th. Bishwajit has been removed today.

An official press statement from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat stated that in the wake of the financial situation prevailing in the State, an urgent Cabinet meeting that was convened yesterday authorized the Chief Minister, to take all necessary disciplinary actions to imbibe a culture of financial prudence in key Government departments.

The meeting was held following huge overdraft and ban on the sanction of funds by the RBI, a source said.  Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar was present in yesterday’s emergency cabinet meeting however, source said that Th. Bishwajit did not attend the crucial meeting.

The official statement from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat stated that as an interim measure, the Chief Minister, Manipur has vested the charge of the Department of Finance (including Taxation & Excise), Public Works and Power department with himself.

The statement also added that a thorough investigation of the sanction procedures and financial management would be conducted for all key departments.

“The Government is committed to bringing a new phase wherein financial discipline will be the hallmark of governance. The Government also assures its employees that timely disbursement of salaries and benefits will not be impacted”, the statement added.

In another interesting development is that, an office memorandum issued by the OSD to Chief Minister, Nidhi Kesarwani, it has been stated that huge amounts were withdrawn by the Public Works and Power Department during the period of March to May 2019 while Model Code of Conduct was in force. The statement is a serious blow to Th. Bishwajit as he holds both the key departments till the Chief Minister relieved him from holding the post today.

The official memorandum also said that a three member committee comprising of V. Vumlunmang, Principal Secretary as the Chairman, Ms. Nidhi Kesarwani, Commissioner cum Secretary and W. Ajit Singh, Deputy Secretary as members to immediately examine the details of funds withdrawn. This committee has also been entrusted to examine large fund withdrawal from other departments.

It may be mentioned that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was supposed to leave Imphal for New Delhi for important meeting of the BJP, however he cancelled the travel for reason only known to the public after he posted at social networking site Facebook about the reason for the cancellation of the journey. He wrote that he was supposed to leave Imphal for New Delhi at 2.20 pm by Indian Airlines but has been cancelled as he felt uncomfortable.

However, the emergency cabinet meeting was held yesterday evening.  Chief Minister N, Biren Singh leaves for New Delhi today afternoon.

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Imphal, June 13,

A combine team of security forces comprising of NIA led by Nishant Singh DSP NIA, 6AR led by AK Das, Commandant and Imphal East Commando unit led by Inspector Md. Rajib 2 I/C CDO IE recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition during a search operation conducted at various areas of Khumbi Hillock and Ngaraou Chingjen under Lamlai Police Station in the wee hours today.

Source said that the recovered arms and ammunitions includes one AK 56 with three AK 56 magazine, two pistols,  two Chinese grenades, 180 AK rounds, ten 9 mm rounds and four . 38 rounds. They were found buried under the ground. Uniforms along with shoes were also found concealed in the cache.

The combined team believes that the arms and ammunitions recovered today belongs to outlawed organisation KCP (PWG)

As per the information received from the source it is also suspected that the recovered arms and ammunition were used in the firing accident on oil tankers in Kangpokpi in April 2017 and also in extortion of money under the command of s/s chairman of KCP (PWG) Moirangthem Rana Meetei @Paikhomba @Rana pratap @ Rana  Suchikar.

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Imphal, June 13,

 Armed rebel group Maoist Communist Party has lifted the ban that was imposed on RIMS and its engineering cell.
In a statement issued on the matter, Manipur Maoist Communist Party (MMCP) said that RIMS authority paying due respect to the will of the party and the people halted all activities pertaining to the engineering cell.
Given this, the party, in the statement, said that it has lifted the ban for time being. It understands that the ban imposed on the engineering work has impeded the functioning of RIMS.
The outfit further reminded that it has neither obstructed not banned the treatment of the patients in the hospital.  MCPM said that the party understands that the ban on engineering works has created obstruction in the functioning of the hospital and the development works were stopped but the ban was a necessary evil. In order to cleanse the hospital, the party took the decision to halt the engineering work as some are using the development work done in the hospital to amass their personal wealth. The party in its statement urged RIMS authority to do their duties towards the people honestly. The party will keep a close watch on the activities in RIMS, the statement further added.
MMCP, in the statement, urged the doctors who are taking non-practicing allowances not to treat patients outside their hospitals taking money. RIMS authority should also keep an eye on this matter too.   

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Imphal, June 13,

Daniel Chabungbam, Sub-editor of Poknapham daily newspaper, is among the 7 best journalists from the North East India who was conferred award by a socio cultural organization ‘Anuperno’ for the year 2019.  Among the seven, four journalists are from Assam, one from Nagaland, one from Arunachal Pradesh, one is from Meghalaya
Besides the journalists, a doctor, a sports person, a fashion designer, a beautician, a noted educationist, and an entrepreneur were also honoured for their dedicated service to the society on the occasion.
The award was conferred on June 12, 2019 at a function held at the Conference Hall of Guwahati Planetarium.
The award was conferred to Daniel for his ground report of more than 300 villages of Manipur. The reports covers history, demography, economy, people and their living conditions. The report is published in Poknapham every Saturday since 2013.
He has received Manipur State Journalist Award 2017 (rural reporting) & RK Maipaksana Journalist Fellowship 2015.

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Thursday, 13 June 2019 17:08

The battle for the Throne

It reminds me of the political fiction story - “First Among Equals”, one among the best novel by British Parliamentarian Jeffrey Archer. The story was about the competition among the 4 fictional characters (Seymour, Kerslake, Fraser and Gould) - all back benchers in the House of Common but later rise as the most prominent political figures.
The battle for throne in Manipur’s Political Theatre is interesting. Almost political analysts are keeping a close watch to the recent development. Not only the political analysts but also all the people across the state are waiting eagerly to see ‘What next?’ 
Even as there are some differences on the rise of leaders among the politicians between the way that was happening among the British Parliamentarian and that of the Indian legislature, something is common. In both the system only those with high ambition always comes to the forefront and lead the government.
These are not fictional Characters – the silent battle which has been talking around between N. Biren Singh, the present Chief Minister and Th. Bishwajit, the works Minister now is coming up in the public spares. It is not the media that brings the story enmity between the two leaders of the same party, but it was both the high profile leaders of the BJP that made the public understand of what is being happening between the two. 
First cabinet sitting after the post 17th Lok Sabha Election held at Ukhrul on June 4 raises the curtain of the battle between two groups – one which wants Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to continues, another which wants to replace him with a new face to replace the post.
As this newspaper always says that ‘everything is possible in politics’ – a quote from the ex-minister Radhabinod Koijam, no want can predict the fallout the battle between the two important figure of the ruling BJP. But as renowned author Jeffrey Archer had mentioned somewhere in his fiction political novel, it is the one who can tackle the situation that will hold the top post. Interestingly, the present political development shows fight between two leaders, at which both are high profile leaders of the same political party. 
Media report says that Th. Bishwajit’s group comprising of 14 BJP legislature including 3 Ministers are urging the BJP leader at Assam to replace the N. Biren Singh from the post. While Chief Minister N. Biren Singh along with his team is working hard to remain in the post by meeting several leaders. 
Just two and the Half years old government, and the battle over the Chief Minister’s post came in public domain. What is more interesting is the imposition of ban on all kind of sanction to all banks as the state is in serious financial crisis. Moreover, the ban on the recruitment in all government sectors; all happened when there is a tough political battle going on.
Finance Minister Y. Joykumar’s assurance at which he stated that the overdraft will be cleared by this month, also speaks volumes as this is assumed related with the ongoing political crisis. The ban on the recruitment of all government undertaking is also one serious development which may have indirect connection with the ongoing crisis over the rivalry against the Chief Minister. All this happening seems to be well plan game if look from beyond the official guidelines, rules and regulations. Who knows this development may help in the demand by groups of BJP legislatures who are demanding replacement of the Chief Minister? 
Now it is the wisdom of the Central BJP leaders to decide on whether to replace the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh or not. N. Biren Singh at the capacity of the Chief Minister has restored peace and normalcy and bridge the gap between Hill and Plain people using his own wisdom. There are many criticism to his policy program or the way he govern particularly from this newspaper (Imphal Times), but it is a matter that we too are confused on deciding the outcome if N. Biren Singh has been replaced. 
Even though the present political crisis in the state is more like a game of the Jeffrey Archer’s  ‘First among equals’, all is now left to the wisdom of the BJP central leadership. Until and unless the central leadership decides – people will have to wait and watch to see whether N. Biren Singh continue or will be replaced.  

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Thursday, 13 June 2019 17:07

Parenting- A challenge in modern time

Some of the most important issues facing our teenagers at this time include teen suicide, teen violence, cyber bullying( online bullying),Internet & online addiction, teens& sex,teens and substance abuse, teens anorexia and eating disorders, violent video games, teens watching porn,TV violence, violence at home, violent culture etc. at the same time most teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. Many experiment with cigarettes also. Common reason behind teen drug use include, curiosity, developmental need for experimentation, peer pressure, stress, emotional issues and a desire to escape. Parents, teachers and communities across the country are concern with teen issues which are caused by a number of social, cultural, technological, communal, economic, familias and individual factors. While it may be hard to change the nature of the internet, computers, cell phones and TV, there is always something that each one of us can do to reduce teen violence, the rate of teen suicide, teen cyber bullying, bullying at school and help develop a well-adjusted relationship to our technological and commercialized cultures and a creative and balanced use of the internet, online games etc. However, because of all these factors mentioned above parents are facing a grim problem in parenting.
Parenting is a challenging task in the modern times. Rapidly changing lifestyle, newer demands and requirements of life etc., put forward multiple challenges to parents. In the older times, fathers go out working and mother use to reserve their time in growing up the kids and looking after the household duties. But in the modern society both the parents need to work to accomplish the economic stability of the family and fewer mothers remain dedicated household moms. Balancing between the work and parenting duties make them feel parenting is a stressful and challenging task. Parent need to manage several requirements of life along with the essential duties. There are many other aspects in parenting that erect challenges in parenting. The most important challenge that many parents face is the scarcity of time (Time, a scarce resource). The twenty four hours in a day has to be juggled between home, office, children and self. It is quite difficult to reserve time for each of such requirements in the best possible way. Better planning management of time may help parents to meet the life with grace and accomplish all the demands and requirements of it.Kids are to be considered to be important elements of life and solid share of time should be reserved for parenting. If parents are too busy most of the days, convince kids why parents can’t make available for them always and need to teach them ways of being self-sufficient when parents are away.
 Studies have shown that lack of moral principles( Failure in mending the moral life) is the reason why kids gets into unwanted activities and acquiring unaccepted behaviors patterns.Modern life style has opened ways for even kids to get familiar with computers, televisions, and internet and explore both goodand bad realities of life and many often they follow to so call bad or unaccepted path of life. They learn to adore movie actor and also waste time watching games or the freely available porn in the internet. Parents do not recognized the changes in children as they get very less chance to interfere in children’s life and communicate with him /her. Imbalanced life is another challenge the modern parentingfaces. Office, work, kids, personal requirements; nothing can be avoided or neglected in life. Balancing between all of these requirements is a tiresome task, and as a result many parents become highly imbalanced in life. Balancing life by preplanning the ways of performing the required duties is essential key to facing the challenges in life and becoming effective parents. Realize the possible imbalances in life and be prepared to react to them in the best possible positive manner. The lack of emotional bondage (Emotionaldissolution) is a challenge many parents face in life. They may lose time and mind to spend with children to create the emotional bondage with them. Knowing the feelings of each other is essential to grow affectionately. When the emotional bond between parents and kids get broken, they go astray from parents and live in their own World.
Parenting is strictly a personal practice based on the mind and wishes of two people, namely the father and mother. It is foolishness to define rules for parenting and forcing parents to follow clear-cut paths of parenting. Parenting is not a single activity but the total of approaches to care and groom children. The parenting styles are based on the entire specific behavioral patterns that influence the mental developments of children. Experts suggest four different styles of parenting generally known as the parenting patterns. They are: Authoritarian parenting; Authoritative parenting; Permissive parenting and uninvolved parenting. Authoritarian parenting  is similar to monarchic administration. In this style, parents establish must to follow rules and regulations for children. Minor failure to obey these guidelines will result in punishment. This is the most unproductive and closed way of parenting as in authoritarian parenting parents never explain the importance of following the rules, or they simply do not bother to understand the emotional or feeling level of kids who may wonder why to follow rules. Authoritarian parents do not tolerate kids questioning their authority on kids. Kids are expected to follow blindly what is ordered by the parents. In authoritarian parenting, parents demand too much from the kids and at the same time they neglect the responsibilities towards kids. No explanation and no advice are given to children but only commands and punishments. Needless to say, this is a destructive parenting style, rather influence and creative.
Authoritative parenting is much lenient style compare to authoritarian parenting. It is more like the democratic style of administration and training. In authoritative parenting, parents still hold the authority, but are tolerant enough to the doubts and questions of the kids. They do not just insist the children to obey blindly but make them understand why to obey the rules and regulations. It is a demanding and responsible type of parenting. It is not through punishments but through nurturing and advice parents influence the kids to follow the rules and form disciplinary lifestyle. Authoritarian parenting is restrictive while authoritative parenting is assertive. The mentality of parents change entirely in the pattern and the intention behind executing commands is not to establish authority over children but to groom them to be responsible social beings. Permissive parenting also known as indulgent parenting is a pattern that follows strong intercommunication and self-control measures. In this pattern parents allow kids to be groomed himself /herself. They do not demand the kids to follow strict orders and punish them heavily for even minor mistakes. This is a give and take system. Parents nurture the kids and concern them properly and in return they expect mature and disciplined behavior from the kids. The responsibility levels are greater than the demands. Permissive parents allow children to be self-regulated. More communication and friendly approach to kids is the exclusive feature of permissive parenting. A disadvantage of permissive parenting is that children may end up in troubles as they do not know the limits. All children may not responsibility react to the freedom given by parents.
Uninvolved parentingis considered to be the worst among parenting. As the name suggest, in uninvolved parenting, the involvement of parents in parenting process is zero. They do not communicate effectively with kids or get involved in their grooming. They leave the kids to grow their own. Uninvolved parenting doesn’t mean that parents leave the kids to grow as orphans. But the responsibility level would be much lower than all other parenting styles. They care only to fulfill the basic needs of children. There won’t be any attachment or affection practices between the kids and parents. It is said that many of the parents at the present time also forced to follow uninvolved Parenting style. The busy schedules at work and hustle and bustle of lifestyle, keep parents away from kids. They seldom find to spend with children. Expert suggests not to follow uninvolved parenting patterns as it is highly destructive method of growing up kids. Parenting, as people often misconceive is not the same for all the parents and there are multiple parenting styles that can be adapted to grow up the kids. But most of the parents do not ponder over the ways to be followed to grow each of their kids. Parenting is a spontaneous outcome for many. Behavioralpsychologist says that parents can mold their kids as they wish by deliberate parenting styles. If any parent has more than one child the style found effective for one may not bring the same result with the second and others.Understanding kid’s characters,mental attitudes, physical abilities etc., are essential to determine the style to be followed. Positive parenting is the most appreciated style of parenting, which is found effective to mold the kids as mature and responsible social beings. Positiveparenting simplymeans, developing the kids maintaining supportive and respective relationship with them. Before entering into the positive parenting style, parents have to be sure of the goals, values and strategies to be applied and followed.

The writer can be reached to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or WhatsApp’s No:-9612891339

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By : Davis Kangjam

 Zefmo’s India Influence Report 2019 paints a positive outlook for the influencer marketing landscape while focusing on silver linings of the industry’s commendable journey in a very short span of time.
With the incredible success of influencer campaigns in the consumer market, it has created new avenues for the industry and now it is in the irreversible process of permeating to all spheres of human life, including politics and elections. The 2019 parliamentary elections process across the country and the recent announcement of BJP’s thumping win gave us a clear picture of the extensive demand and use of social media and social media influencers to successfully reach out to voters and strike a chord with them.
The increasing penetration of internet across the nook and corners of the country has also empowered and helped social media influencers nowadays intaking up a critical role in shaping the course of most of the decisions that their followers take, including their voting preferences. And it has led to a paradigm shift in the planning and focus of political campaigns.
India Influence Report 2019 by Zefmo Media Private Limited revealed what drove political parties and marketers in India to integrate influencer marketing for an impactful campaign. As per the report, 65% marketers and strategists shared that it helped in increasing (brand) awareness and recall; 50% of the respondent also agreed that it is effective in managing (brand) reputation and sentiments while 47% says it is effective in reaching out and influencing the new target audience.
For the first time in the history of general elections in India, the social media influencers were seen playing an important role to reach out to targeted audiences in various parts of the country.
We see the influencer marketing industry gradually maturing with brands across verticals and size, political parties, individuals relying heavily on influencer-driven campaigns nowadays for their product or campaign positioning as well as messaging.  
In 2018, while 92% marketers/strategists were expected to launch at least one influencer campaign, the report reveals that the popularity of influencer marketing has considerably increased in 2019 with 94% marketers/strategists finding it more effective and 85% continuously exploring innovative ways to collaborate with social media influencers.
The report further indicates that 76% marketers/strategists are looking to increase their budget allocation on influencer marketing campaigns this year compared to 62% last year.
India Influence Report 2019 has been prepared by Zefmo after conducting a detailed survey involving all the stakeholders, ranging from brand custodians to content creators across the Indian ecosystem in the last few months.
Positive Outlook for Influencer Marketers/Strategists  India Influence Report 2019 clearly indicates that the perception of influencer marketing has further improved among the brands that are increasingly recognizing the value addition offered by the influencer campaigns, in terms of grabbing more eyeballs for their products and services.
India Influence Report 2018 had revealed how influencer marketing was being seen as a marketing tool that can help brands leverage their product or image effectively.
The 2019 report underlines the indispensability of social media influencers as critical marketing tools who help the brands in getting their (product and service) messages conveyed across with more passion, creativity and authenticity.
Why marketers look at it as impactful & integral?
Respondents participating in Zefmo’s survey for the 2019 India Influence Report agrees on 3 major points as to why influencer marketing remains an integral tool to the overall marketing campaign.
60% believe that influencer marketing helps in reach to consumers/audiences or
believe that influencer marketing helps in reach to consumers/audiences or potential consumers/audiences 56% say it effectively helps in connecting with both millennials and centennials
45% see it as a better alternative to traditional advertising The survey clearly shows that more and more marketers/strategists are now inclined to explore innovative ways of integrating social media influencers with their marketing strategy.  
India Influence Report 2019: Key takeaways
The report sheds lights on many positives of the influencer marketing industry. It reveals how marketers/strategists are opting for influencer campaigns to create awareness, manage reputation and influence the new audience.
Salient points : 94% marketers/strategists found influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing
73% of marketers/strategists have revealed that they actively engage social influencers as part of either ‘always-on’ program, integrated program or campaign basis while 27% are still experimenting with influencer marketing  70% marketers/strategists responded “Yes” when asked if “exclusivity with social influencers is better for their brand?” According to this report, there has been a palpable change in consumer behaviour in India in terms of how they look at social media influencers. Earlier, the purchasing behaviour of the consumers was heavily influenced by the product messaging relayed through advertisements. However, things have started to change now with the consumer displaying the propensity to repose greater faith and trust in those people, celebrities or otherwise, who he follows on social media platforms.
The survey unambiguously underlines how the social media influencers and influencer marketing are playing a critical role in shaping the decisions of the people, and not just purchasing decisions but even voting opinions. The marketers/strategists are gradually realizing the potential and power that the influencers wield and how influencer marketing produces incredible results when strategically integrated with the marketing mix.
“We are increasingly witnessing that the penetration of internet and social media is playing a very important role in the lives of people in India and influencers as a key part of the social media universe are actively making an impact by spreading positive messages and increasing diversity,” said
Shudeep Majumdar, Co-founder, Zefmo. “We have seen influencers playing a very critical role in spreading great positive effects and promoting things like body positivity, spreading messages about speaking out about the #MeToo movement which has rapidly changed the way people think about and approach sexual assault, and environmentally conscious movements like veganism. Increasingly these trends are changing our expectations about our rights, about what we can do to get support, and about it being okay to say you are after all human.”
The influencer marketing industry is expected to hit $10 billion by 2020, according to an AdWeek report, and the increasing popularity of the industry can be gauged by the way it is expanding to every nook and cranny of the digital ecosystem – from brand campaign to political campaign.
Budget allocation& engagement: Upward trend continues The survey indicates that the influencer marketing industry is set to grab a bigger chunk of budget allocation and campaign engagement in 2019.
Key Points: 76% marketers/strategists are of the view that the influencer marketing budget in 2019 will remain the same compared to last year or increase 60% marketers/strategists opined that their influencer marketing campaign will start from a minimum of 5 lacs and will go beyond 25 lacs on the higher side with more marketers/strategists opting for the latter
69% marketers/strategists are clear that social influencers will be engaged more during launches in 2019 61% said they will engage influencers to build and enhance reputation
40% are of the view that 2019 will also see more engagement of influencers to promote and distribute content In terms of the content format influencers can help leverage as per the India Influence Report 2019, 55% marketers/strategists are convinced that reviews and Designing a creative influencer marketing campaign is not an easy task and its effectiveness does not necessarily depend on the strategy. There are certain challenges that need to be kept in mind while running an influencer marketing campaign. As per the report, the top three things that need to be taken into consideration for a successful campaign are:
videos content(YT, IGTV etc.) will be the most effective channels while 50% are of the view that Instagram will also remain an effective platform
Challenges to look out for in 201965% also agrees that the most important thing is to choose the right influencer with image and identity that is in line with the brand’s/party’s messaging and ideology
The second thing to look should be a credible number of followers who recognises and identifies with the influencer’s image. 65% marketers/strategists say that the authenticity of influencer should be determined
56% says that for any campaign to be successful the effectiveness of the campaign should be measured properly

Zefmo invites press, analysts and bloggers to know more about the findings from India Influence Report 2019.
About Zefmo
Zefmo, a fusion of Zephyr and Movement, stands for changing the course of the winds of influence - in the right direction. We are a marketplace connecting over 40,000 social influencers with brands of all sizes and strategists across industries. With Zefmo, influencers get to do what they love, try new products and create stories around the brands that they live and breathe while getting rewarded. Brands and organisations, on the other hand, get influential content and real-life stories that drive brand awareness, build buzz, increase purchase intent, building brand image and trend with audiences/consumers through creative content they trust, especially in tier-two and tier-three cities across India. In over 25 categories, thousands of influencers and hundreds of brands and strategists rely on Zefmo to spread their message in the digital universe.

For more information please visit or Contact the undersigned
Davis Kangjam
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