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War of politics sets to begin as Congress MLAs file petition for disqualification of 2 Congress MLAs who joined BJP

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Imphal, Nov 8,


Of the six congress MLAs who defected to the BJP, fate of two MLAs is likely to be in deep trouble with two Congress MLAs filing petition for disqualification to the Tribunal of the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

Congress MLA of Sugnu Assembly Constituency, Kangujam Ranjit Singh filed the petition for disqualification of MLA Oinam Lukhoi Singh who got elected from Wangoi Assembly Constituency while Congress MLA D.D. Thaisii of Karong Assembly Constituency filed the petition for disqualification of Kakching Assembly Constituency MLA Yengkhom Surchandra separately today to the speaker’s tribunal.

MLA Surchandra and MLA Lukhoi were elected as Congress MLAs from their respective assembly constituencies  but later joined the BJP along with 4 other Congress MLAs on April 2017.

The filing for disqualification of the MLA who had defected by violating the 10th Schedule of the Indian Constituency by sitting MLA, particularly from the Congress is likely to give a major change in the political theatre of Manipur.

The petitions were filed under Article 191 (2) and Para 2(1) (a) of the Tenth Schedule to the constitution of India in addition with rule 6 of the members of Manipur Legislative Assembly which stated about disqualification on the ground of defection rule of 1996.

The filing of the petition of the disqualification of the 2 MLAs who had defected from the Congress party turns out to be a significant move with the Parliamentary Election knocking at the door. The Parliamentary election is likely to be held in early months of 2019. Political analyst term the Congress MLAs move as a tactful move as it also signals intimidation to the 4 Congress MLAs who joined the BJP. The four MLAs are Sanasam Bira of Kumbi AC, Ngamthang Haokip of Saitu AC, Ginsuanhau Zou and MLA Th, Shyamkumar of Andro Assembly constituency.

MLA Shyamkumar was the first to defect and joined the BJP and become a Minister in the N. Biren Singh led Government.

In the State Assembly Election, Congress which was then in power bagged 28 seats to finish as the single largest group. The BJP, which secured 21 seats much less then the Congress managed to joined hands with Nationalist Peoples’ Party (NPP), which have 4 MLA, Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) which also have 4 MLAs and Independent MLA from Jiribam along with Congress MLA Shyamkumar to form the government in March 15.

Earlier petition for disqualification of Th. Shyamkumar and Ginsuanhau Zou and Y Surchandra were filed to the speaker’s tribunal, but today’s petition against the two MLAs for disqualification is the first which has been filed by sitting MLA of the congress.

Interestingly, the 6 Congress MLA including Minister Shyamkumar were not officially recognized as BJP MLAs by the state Assembly. In the state Assembly Session the six MLAs continued to sit among the Opposition benches except for Minister Th. Shyamkumar. But BJP Manipur Pradesh Committee had already enrolled them as their party member. Warmth reception function were organised to the joining of the MLA to BJP by BJP Manipur Pradesh Committee.

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Mao - The Revolutionary

By- Sh. Ajit

“ The Aim was to free from feudal Lord, to win , not freedom speech , voting or assembly, but freedom to survive”.

Mao Zedong commonly known as chairman Mao a chines revolutionary who became the founding father of the People’s Republic of China. He was born on December 26,1893 in Shoshana village , Hunan province China. He was the last of the Vanishing breed of leaders who strode the world like a colossus. A humble present to the unquestioned leadership of 800 million emancipated Chinese, from an obscure tactician to one of the greatest theoreticians from Marxism -Leninism from the struggle of National Leberation of the struggle for permanent revolution ,such as the theme of Mao’s life that has inspired legends. His achievements have always verged on the epic scale. He united a long divided empire, transformed the vast bulk of the wretched peasantry into powerful Nation of the world. Chinese need and aspirations laid the foundation of a modernized economy and restored China self respect . Mao’s formed a society of idealistic students to work for the motherland . Though they had no clear idea of how they should work towards their goal, they were keenly watching the intermittent cycle of uprising and the bental repressions that followed. Ultimately the felling of great physical and especially as as a result of poverty chines peasants and his own readings finally into communist. Mao’s was one of the small group who formed the chines communist party in 1921. He started organisation peasent revolution. He expressed later on,the first part of the struggle was peasant revolt. “The aim is to free the former feudal Lord, to win,not freedom speech, voting or assembly, but the freedom to survive”. Mao’s peasant forces played an important role in support of Chiang kai-shek in his campaigns against chines war Lord in 1926. But the following year when Chiang kai-shek turned against the communist, the civil war started. The betrayal of Chiang kai-shek was compounded by the dogmatic line of the Russian inspired leadership of the Chinese Communist party . To them, Mao line in the specific situation of China the peasant’s are the base of the revolution contradicted Russian emphasis on workers as the base and it was equivalent in seriousness to heresy. The conflict was resolved in Mao’s favour in 1935 conference when he was return to power as the undisputed leader. He has never looked back since there different from other nationalist and communist leaders of his time. Mao’s never interpreted the seizure of power as the end of revolution. Mao’s revolution was always the relentless struggle to create new thoughts , customs, and culture. Mao’s is able to blaze new trails for the permanent revolution if China is a mark of true greatness.
To the suffered, exploited and oppressed masses of the underdeveloped south East Asia and to the people of the surviving ramparts if colonialism white or black the revolutionary massage of Mao’s has an appeal and race, line and state boundaries. To the overwhelmingly peasant society of southeast Asia, the ultimate vindication of  Mao’s line against orthodoxy of Stalin, that peasants are the base of revolution was in itself a generation event.

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Lamjingba Group organises Fish farmers Festival

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Imphal, Nov 8,

A day ahead of the Manipur’s biggest festival Ningol Chakouba , Lamjingba Group , a young entrepreneur which has been successfully taking up different activities today organised a Fish Farmers festival at TRAU Ground at Tiddim Road. Over 70 stalls were opened and rare indigenous fishes including Pengba , Ngaton etc. were made available. Of the many stalls some are fish product from the farm run by Lamjingba group  and some are farmers from Bishnupur district. Besides running a Satellite TV Channel, Cab service and many others including Micro Finance, the Lamjingba group also have a section for promotion of farmers. The group also owned a two Pari of Fish Farm at Khordak in Bishnupur district.

Speaking to reporter a representative of Lamjingba group said that the fish farmer festival cum competition is being organised in a hurried manner to promote fish farmers as well as to add flavor to the Manipur’s biggest festival Ningol Chakouba.

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When Money matters, sincerity is out of question

Times are a changing but the sort of changes happening in our state is nothing to write home about or rather everything that should be made public. It has become a breeding ground for unscrupulous elements where the name of the game is “instant wealth”.
Gone are the days when enterprising people, by dint of their sheet tenacity and unwavering pursuit made fame and fortune. The “get rich quick” mantra being increasingly subscribed to by the younger generation has begun to bear fruit rapes, murders, extortions, thieves and burglary, drug trafficking and corruption the list growing linger by thee day. The race to amass wealth even at the cost of giving up one’s peace of mind and the hearth and home have taken precedence over the concept of a peaceful and fruitful easy life. Conscience and morality have been shoved off to the furthest corner of one’s mind shedding the last remnants of humility to enter the temple of mammon. The result is a society where might is right and truth is relative. Honesty and sincerity is at a premium and the ideology of high thinking simple living having been replaced by the reckless aim to attain power and influence. Humility and respectfulness has begun to be looked down upon and is being equated with weakness a trait to be avoided.
Truths are being sold and brought at a price and the collective mentalities have started to revert back to the Stone Age where survival of the fittest holds true. Making things worst are the growing number of indolent youths accustomed to luxury and exhibitionism influenced in no small measure by the western cultures but failing to capture the essence of the dignity of work and the regard for fellow humans that underlines the basic principles of these western societies. Abusing the powers entrusted to them and turning their official domain into their personal fiefdom is the order of the day for bureaucrats and politicians while the common people are left in the lurch with a feeling of betrayal and alienation in their minds. This has created a chasm that is growing wider with each passing day leading to a feeling of suspicion and getting cynical of the steps of the public. This social turmoil paves the way for a breed of human parasites living off the sweat of another’s labour intimidation and fear being their weapon of choice and not thinking twice about taking lives if their whims are not catered to. Shouts of negligence and deprivation trying to drown out the screams of the unfortunate public destined to lead a life of uncertainty and fear. Tolerance is no longer a virtue and wealth is the benchmark of a person’s worth never mind the means one used to a acquire it. Public memory has inexplicably shrunk to let matters pass if only to wash their hands off the trouble of facing the bitter reality or to rectify it. Rationality has succumbed to power and ethics is an alien notion.
 A bleak future is in the offing it is for us to stand up and stand fast for the life we lead the way we want to. It is in us to walk with our heads held high and taste the sweat and the fruit of our own labour. At the end of the day what really matters is an unburdened mind and a good sound sleep. 

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