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Notification for contract staffs appointment at Manipur Bhavan Kolkata senses foul play

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Imphal, Nov 11,


 Official notification for appointment of contract employees at Manipur Bhavan Kolkata seems to be shrewdly designed to appoint some selected candidates whomever the authority desires to appoint. Appointing someone at the choice of the officer concerns is nothing but an attempt to foil the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh promises to root out corruption from the state.

The notification was however issued without making any technical error, but the fact is that it was notified on November 6, 2018 and the last date for filing is November 12, 2018. But the way it was notified showed that, the appointing authority have some agenda as the following 5 days remained holiday and last date for submission of the application was notified on Nov. 12 , that is the candidates gets only 1 day for submission of application.

The notification issued by the Deputy resident Commissioner, Manipur Bhavan Kolkata , SM Devi Roy was for appointment of one LDC/Office Asst/Receptionist, 2 number of drivers , 1 Multi Tasking Staff and 2 sweepers.

Over 7 lakhs unemployed youths have been registered in the Employment Exchange office of the state government. And the way the notification for employment of 4 contract staffs for Manipur Bhavan Kolkata showed a shrewd plan to chose applicant at will or perhaps a plan to make others who wanted to apply for the posts missed it. This is perhaps some kind of circumstances to proof that government is not committed enough to root out corruption but rather encouraging it in a shrewd manner.   


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YFPHR condemn attacked on Environment Defenders

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Imphal, Nov 11,

Youth Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has strongly condemn attack to environment activist Ms Agnes Kharsheing and her colleagues by some of the illegal coal carriers truck drivers while they were tracking the route of illegal coal filled trucks and taking photograph of it at Tuber Sehshrieh area, East Jaintia Hills District Meghalaya on November 8.

“Continuous brutal attacked to the Human Rights Defender and Environment Defender is an action to suppress the voice of the people not to expose the real facts of illegal activities being carried out by the Mafias which is highly suspected to be in nexus and protected by the state to achieve their vested interest.
Mentioned may be made that on the 2nd of January, 2018, Manipur based NGO’s FCRA registration was suspended by the Ministry of Home Affairs (FCRA Wing) under a mere suspicion of opposing the Uranium mining at the South West Khasi Hill, Coal Mining and Limestone Mining in East Jaintia Hills.   
The YFPHR demands Special Investigation Team to investigate the matter to arrest the culprits who are involved in the attack and the mastermind behind the attack at the earliest.
The Youth forum also demands to  Uphold the provisions of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, 1999 and respect the rights of the Human Rights Defender and Environment Defenders and also to establish strict monitoring team to stop the Coal Mining as per the direction made by the NGT.  

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Who benefits from Indo-Pak strife, pondered Pakistani scribe

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, Nov, 12,

 Come election season in India or Pakistan and politicians make hay with hate speech. Bashing the neighbor has always been the easier way out to seek some electoral lift, but political leaders need to be more responsible, considering the historically fraught relations between the two neighboring countries, commented Munir Ahmed, a senior journalist, news commentator and communication specialist of Pakistan.
Addressing the member-journalists of Guwahati Press Club on 9 November 2018 through video conferencing from Islamabad, Ahmed maintained hard words against rabble-rousing elements in both Pakistani and Indian media as well. Bemoaning the rigid exclusion of each other’s media by governments of the two South Asian nations, he advocated for media exchange programmes as part of a
broader people-to-people contact.
Pointing out that elements of Indian entertainment and culture, including standard Bollywood fare, are quite popular in Pakistan, Ahmed posed a question, why we cannot allow each other’s official newscasters Doordarshan and PTV to be aired in the respective territories, nonetheless subject to necessary restrictions?
“The initiative would help bring about better understanding of mutual concerns and perspectives at the grassroots,” said the outspoken journalist, who uses to be a regular contributor to Daily Times and participant to various programs telecast by PTV and other national news channels.
Dwelling on the state of Pakistani media, Ahmed claimed that around ten English language dailies and several Urdu dailies and periodicals are thriving and they enjoy significant degree of independence.
However, alternative media is also booming with nearly half the 21 crore Pakistani population hooked to various social media platforms, stated Ahmed admitting that some social media users do get carried away, often making extreme and anti-national comments. He admitted that there is need to regulate the social media.
It may noted that Ahmed inspired the authority to adopt Pakistan’s first ever National Conservation Strategy, National Housing Policy, National Environment Protection Act, National Sustainable Development Strategy etc. He is the founder of Development Communications Network and also Pakistan Mountain Festival. Fluent in Urdu and English, Ahmed penned many short stories as well.
Stressing the importance of resolving the long-standing Kashmir dispute for overall improvement in bilateral relations, Ahmed however pinned the blame for terror activities on fringe elements. Think of
the improvements the two countries can make in the lives of common people, if only huge expenditure is not necessitated in mutual conflict, he asserted.
“We should all ask ourselves as to which third party has been benefiting with the two neighbors remaining always on loggerheads?” questioned Ahmed adding that a beginning can be made by regional
associations like SAARC playing a pro-active role to bind member-countries together at one level, as well as international groups like Lions Club and Rotary Club working to improve popular contact at the ground.

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North East states lack data on snakes diversity

By a Correspondent
Imphal, Nov 11,

The north eastern states lacks proper data and documents relating to snakes diversity, according to well known reptile consultant Vishal Santra.
“The snake’s related data are not available for north east India. So we need to generate such datas to work on importance of snake in conserving our biodiversity,” says Vishal,a researcher in snake projects in India. “Saving and conserving snakes means protecting our crop land as snakes mostly prey on rodents.”
After attending a public interaction trip to Tamenglong district headquarters, 150 km west of Imphal, Vishal who hails from Hooghly district of West Bengal said, rodent population would increase dramatically which would affect crop production if the world’s snakes were eliminated.Apart from the threat to food security posed by rodent population growth, increased disease outbreaks would put a heavy burden on the health services of many countries, especially developing ones. This freelance herpetologist works for a registered society -Simultala Conservationists opined that the public should be aware that anti-snake venom is available in government hospitals.
Stating that there are many snake species in NE India and most of them are non-venomous, he said, “But we still need to do proper study as most of the information available about snakes in the country hardly reflects snakes of this region.”
The conservationist also informed that they’ve conducted a research in Mizoram to study the state’s snake diversity. “So far, we’ve found 86 species of snakes including 8 venomous snakes which are not similar to other species available in the country,” the 32-year-old environmentalist added. “So we are planning to do some study in Manipur and Tamenglong in particular considering its healthy biodiversity, next season.”
It is observed that absence of proper data of snake-bite cases has also resulted in meagre distribution of anti-venom serums in the region. On the other hand very few pharmacies here kept such vaccines because of its less demand etc while some physicians are reportedly reluctant to prescribe the available anti-snake venom vaccines to the victims with reasons known to them.So some of the snake bite victims goes to paramilitary forces camps.
“We’ll be discussing such issues in the upcoming district and state level meetings under National Health Mission programmes,” a senior medical Officer said when sought his comment on such issues in hospitals.
The National Health Profile of 2018 reported that Assam recorded the maximum number of snake-bite cases in the Northeast from January to December 2017. In 2017, there were 810 snake-bite cases in Assam with no death records. However Meghalaya which has a total of 244 snake-bite cases has two death cases while altogether 505 snake-bite cases with one death reported from Tripura. Mizoram reported 265 cases, Nagaland 124, Manipur 109,Sikkim 101 and Arunachal Pradesh 24 cases respectively without any death reports in 2017.

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Young Scientist Award 2018 to Dr. Laishram Modhuchandra

IT News
Imphal, Nov 11,
Laishram Modhuchandra will be conferred Young Doctoral Scientist Award-2018 (Under Age 30) at the AAPPS-DPP Conference (Nov. 12-17) organized by Association of Asian Pacific Physical Societies in Kanazawa, JAPAN. This award is being conferred to Laishram Moduchandra for his outstanding theoretical and numerical contribution in the field of plasma physics.
Dr. Laishram is son of L. Kamdebo Singh and Pujari Devi resident of Khangabok Mayai Leikai, Thoubal District. He did Bsc and Msc in Physics from Delhi University and completed Ph.D from the Institute for Plasma Research, Gujarat.
Presently, he is working as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Science and Technology of China under the scheme of the Foreign Talented Youth Introduction Plan, Govt. of China. While receiving the award, Dr. Laishram will deliver an invited talk at the upcoming conference in Japan.

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Chiuluan Citadel Renovation Program Held

From a correspondent
Tamenglong, Nov 11,

Chiuluan Peidai (Village court) organised thanksgiving program at their Raenggan (Citadel/Fort) after renovation was done after many years on Saturday. The program was grace by Samuel Jendai, MLA Tamenglong 53 AC. It was told that Chiuluan (Khonjaron) village settled here in the year 650 A.D.  In Medieval time Villagers built Raenggan to guard/protect the outside forces. Samuel Jendai urge Chiuluan village authority to preserved and protect forest and wildlife. Tamenglong District HQ is sole depend Chiuluan forest for water source. Chiuluan is was of the blessed village because the migrated birds Amur Falcon happen to visit in this forest. But he was shocked learn that the recent GPS tagged Amur Falcon was killed by unidentified hunter at Irang. This is the time we learn to love our wild animals and birds. As Chiuluan is one of the biggest Village in Tamenglong District and there are many educated people around MLA request to take up initiative to form ‘Save Amur Falcon Club’ Tamenglong.
Village Chairman Namthuidinang Gangmei thanks MLA Samuel Jendai for donating 10 lacs to renovate Chiuluan Raenggan from his MLA Local Area Development (MLALAD) fund. This Citadel will be use for public recreation and tourist Spot. At his speech MLA told the village Authority ‘if they committed to protect and preserved forest and wildlife’ he may construct Swimming Pool and Guest House in Chiuluan Village.  The Village Authority built one the biggest water storage containers ‘Duikuak’ in their Raenggan.  
The program was attended by Kachamthai Faiga Gangmei as Guest of Honour, Poukinlung Gangmei Elected ADC member, Kaniammei ADC, Nehemiah Panmei Warden Wildlife as special guest.

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Brief about: DUIKUAK – Wooden Water Tank

Duikuak is derived from Ruanglat (Rongmei Language), ‘Dui’ means Water, ‘Kuak’ refers to containers for storage. ‘Duikuak’ refers to as ‘Wooden water Tank’. To be Specific, the people of Rongmei Tribe also called a wooden water tank as “Thing Duikuak”. The word “Thing” is derived from Ruanglat (Rongmei Language) which mean ‘wood’. In Olden days there were no water tanks or a water storage containers like a water container made of plastic like we have today. So, in olden days, Duikuak or a wooden water tank is a Traditional water Tank and it was usually made of wood from the trunk of a tree. A water tank made of wood is usually seen at home or in a village and store water where everyone uses in many applications like for drinking water, cooking, washing clothes etc and this wooden water container is more common in olden days. So Duikuak generally refers to as a wooden water tank. Wooden Water tanks are an efficient way to help the villagers to store clean water. Wooden water tank are usually made from the trunk of a tree called “Taraemv” (a local name in Rongmei Language), because the wood became stronger when we store water and the wooden water tank will last around 40 years. We could see using this water tank in some part of the North East India. The longest wooden water Tank is found in a village called Chiuluan Village, Tamenglong District, Manipur, India. It is around 22 ft long and 3. 9 ft in diameter. The villagers are trying hard to even attempt for the Guinness world Record as the longest wooden water tank in the word made from a single Tree Trunk.

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Nigol Chakouba

Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Waiting! So sweet, doesn’t really need a one;
Times’ not a countdown required all along,
Swinging and swaging, flowers and all golden;
Vibrating and economizing all with those ‘feelings’;
Oh! Once in a year; oh! Once in a year;
All gazing and all stunning and all amazing;
Years’ a nomadic; shorter and perplexing mysterious;
All lights up and all sorrows drenching;
All guarding colorful and all unusual phenomenal;
Yellow’s a profound shade; pink’s a hue tone;
Golden’s so lively; fashioning all those,
Wrapping and adorning, neck to neck full;
Colors too enchanting, engaging and winning;
All shining and all engaging ‘nigol chakouba’ walk.

Heavily she breathes deep smiling;
Steadily she walk passing by contended;
Engaging those wrapping cloth ‘innaphi’ so new;
Her hands all tight; one a bag, other a piece of cloth;
She walks a queen; she stands high for a day willing; She smells exceedingly, her make over so tranquilizing;
Oh! Those remarkable scents, so fresh and so good;
Her cloth so Royal; her jewelries too glowing;
 “Muga silk” her primary don; “phige phanek” her display;
“Rani phi” her unveiling veil; blessed and revealing;
All heels all up and all buckle up tok tok tok and tok;
Wait , wait, oh! wait ‘ebungo’, you will fall down;
All praise and all cheering and all admiring;
Sadness! Oh sadness; come again another day.

She’s all and she’s all celebrating ‘nigol chakouba’
She walks and she goes a mile; a brother’s home
She’s all participating; and she’s all strapped;
She’s all urge driving and she’s all tour navigating;
Joys all on her way back home laughter and cherishing;
Alas! Her tears, her shreds so momentous worshiping;
Digging deeper within; speaking thousands absences;
Poor! Oh poor; go away for a day as she prays;
Wishing and longing and craving and hungry;
 Those souls within, blames of one selves blesses;
She hears and she talks; she feels and she approves;
She’s all a ‘nigol’, nigol of nigols;
She cries and she laughs; she’s all protectors;
She’s all grace and she’s all approval.

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Chavang Kut celebrated in Delhi

Thousands gather to celebrate “Chavang Kut”, the post-harvest festival of the Chin, Kuki, Mizo tribes, under the aegis of Thadou Inpi(Delhi & NCR)in New Delhi on 7th November 2018 at MTNL Hall, R.K Puram. Ms. Nemcha Kipgen,Hon’ble Minister, Social Welfare and Cooperation, Govt of Manipur; Shri Ginkhomang Simte, Deputy Secretary (Retd), Govt of India; Dr. Pauthang Haokip, Associate Professor and Head of Department, Centre for Linguistics, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Ms. Arambam Renu Devi, Secretary, Renu Handloom and Handicrafts Cooperative Society Ltd., Manipur graced the Kut as Chief Guest, Kut-pa, Guest of Honour and Special Guest respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest, Ms. Nemcha Kipgen, Hon’ble Minister stressed upon the importance of unity for peace and for any development to take place in the society and expressed her wish that all the Chin, Kuki and Mizo kindred tribes put importance to Kut and celebrate it in a more grandiose manner inclusive of all. Kut-pa, Shri Ginkhomang Simte explained what is Kut and how it was celebrated during our forefather times and its significance. Guest of Honour, Dr. Pauthang Haokip, who is also the first to confer a doctorate degree in researching Thadou language – The phonology of Thadou and also has published various articles/books with regard to the phonology, noun morphology, oral literature in Thadou etc. explained the importance of language for one’s cultural intact. He pointed out that language is one’s identity and losing one’s mother tongue means losing the culture of one’s identity. Special Guest, Ms. Arambam Renu Devi has praised Hon’ble Minister, Ms. Nemcha for her humble and equal treatment of all whether rich or poor and for her availability when needed. She also encouraged and challenged the gathering that if she, having no proper education could give employment to more than four thousand persons in the state of Manipur through her handloom industry, today’s youth, who excelled in their education could do much better but wondered why most of them remain jobless. She wished that Kut may bring unity and peace amongst all.

Apart from cultural dance shows from Zillai (Vaiphei students), showcasing Vaiphei cultural dance; Khangthah Zuun Pawl (KZP), a Simte students organization, showcasing Simte cultural dance; Thadou Students Association (TSA) and Lenchonghoi Cultural Troupe showcasing Thadou dance, various artiste performed. Most prominent were the invited artiste Lovejoy Khongsai and Kakai Kipgen who were considered as the melodious singer of the Thadou society.

The entertainment session witnessed performances from Kut Band led by famous guitarist in Delhi, Boithang Haokip, various artiste and a beauty contest - selection of “Chavang Lanu”,  an equivalent title to Miss Kut. The coveted title “Chavang Lanu” was crowned to Miss Evelyn Vahboi. The 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up were crowned to Miss Phahoithemand Miss Nemneikim.  The three subtitles -Best Catwalk, Best Traditional Attire and Miss Personality were begged by Miss Bisola Zaineithem, Miss Mercy Ngahhoilhing and Miss Rosy Tingneichin. The Chavang Lanu title holder got a prize money of Rs. 30,000; and the 1st and 2nd Runner up received Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 10,000 respectively. All the subtitle holders were awarded Rs. 5,000 each and a sum of Rs. 2,000 has been given to all the contestants who do not receive any title as consolation prize.

The programme ended with a closing prayer from Paomang Sitlhou, Chairman, TCF Delhi.

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There is already a constitutional breakdown in local governance - ATRPFM

A democratic government is by the people and for the people but where are the voices of the people gone? The genuine voices of the people shall be heard by the government of the people. ATRPFM has been demanding for conduct of election of ADC Chairman in respect of Churachandpur, but our peaceful voices were not heard. Are we demanding something not constitutional? Have we shown any personal or political bias in favour or against any political party or individual? We can proudly say that we don’t. We are purely a civil organisation for proper implementation and protection of the tribal rights. The Hon’ble Governor has written to the concerned Department for conduct of election at the earliest. The Hon’ble High Court of Manipur has also passed an order with a direction to conduct the election on 5th November, 2018 without fail of which the State Government ought to comply with in larger interest of the public and also for the ends of justice. Instead, the State Government has filed an appeal against the order, but on what ground? Where is the rule of law? Any election has to be conducted within a reasonable time, it could not hold on indefinitely. It is a constitutional breakdown and a very negative sign of governance.  
Tribal people have been demanding election of ADC Chairman, Churachandpur, the elected members have been also demanding the same for the last more than four months. But the State Government under the leadership of Shri. N. Biren is reluctant to conduct the same. What’s the intention behind? Is it not a political bias, a political game at the cost of thousands of tribal populace? It clearly indicates that governance under the present Government has absolutely failed as far as local governance in hill districts are concerned. No ADC has secured proper functioning under the present Government, there are numbers of court cases, and also camping for chairman posts. Tamenglong, Senapati, Chandel, Churachandpur - all ADCs face court cases and camping for Chairman posts. Are ADCs for the development of hill people or for personal political game? What types of Governance is this? What types of leadership is this? Governance has failed, ADCs have failed, constitutional breakdown already there.
It is indeed a very shameful thing on the part of the State Government under the leadership of Shri, N. Biren Singh that a particular ADC who had switch his party from Congress to BJP with a hope that BJP would do something more than his own party has returned to his parent party. As the BJP has failed in all respects in functioning of ADCs, Shri. Ngamhao Touthang, an ADC member elected from 14-Tuibong DCC, Churachandpur has tendered his resignation from the BJP and has ultimately returned to the Congress Party. It is not a sign of good governance at all we are deeply concerned about hampering the functioning ADCs under the present Government. He resigned from BJP primarily for failure of conduct of election for Chairman of Churachandpur.
We support Shri. N. Biren led BJP government, we are supporting till date and we wanted to continue to support it. We have faith in BJP government but as of now we are deeply disappointed seeing all the negative developments.
We have been also demanding for implementation of Pension Scheme for Employees of ADCs but there is no positive response till date although rules for extending penionery penefits were already framed, re-framed and amended by the State Government itself. It is the government that framed the pension rules, how can the government question its own laws or rules? We strongly urged the State Government to conduct election of ADC Chairman, Churachandpur at the earliest and we also demanded that pension scheme for employments of ADCs shall be implemented as mandated under relevant rules framed by the State Government which is clearly reflected in the State Budget from 2017-17 to 2018-19. We request government not to invite agitations, not to create law and order problems, and not to create constitutional breakdown. They talk peaceful co-existence between hills and plain, integrity, go to village, hill people’s day, communal harmony and equal developmental, we appreciate that but their action shows otherwise which is shameful and blatant lie. Peace can’t be force feed, it can only happen when the constitutional rights of the minorities and weaker section of the society are protected and respected. If the State Government fail to fulfill our demands and act in accordance with laws and practices, we will submit all the negatives side of the State Government against the tribal people in the upcoming International Samvaad-Tribal Conclave from 15-19 November which is to be held at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand where 10 countries are participating. Our team would leave Manipur for Jamshedpur on 14th November, 2018 for participating at the proposed Tribal Conclave so that our voices are reached to the Union Government and any eventualities would be that of the State Government. 
Jaojianlung Gangmei),
 Info&Pub. Secy, ATRPFM

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