The politics of “Corruption”

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The greatest tragedy in Indian democracy is that – a citizen don’t require a qualification to contest election. Many political experts interpreted the Indian system as the true picture of democracy. We almost all who knows A, B, C of politics and electoral system support the idea of granting right to contest election , if he is 25 years old beside being a citizen. The idea of granting rights to any citizens irrespective of his or her qualification was justifiable once upon a time. Today the new generation has mix opinions on whether a candidate should have an approved qualification or not. And there are debate going around among some politically educated people over the qualification. Will it be educational qualification provided by Indian University or any education department? Will it be a gold medal or silver medal or say bronze medal in either national or international sports events? Will it be writers of acclaim books? Or will it be conducting an interview just as it has been doing for selection of Administrators? Talking about qualification for contesting election will be never ending debate, however, discussion over this matter becomes a much with the present political trends.
India being a multi party system have over 1000s of political parties recognized by the Election Commission of India. Among the thousands only few comes up as majority and become peoples’ choice. Since India became a republic Independent country the Congress party superseded all other political parties particularly the left leaning party. After around 25 years the falls of Congress began and another political party – the Janata Dal became the peoples’ party. Early 80s Congress party under the leadership of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi return back to power and since then congress party continues with Indira Gandhi’s son former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi replacing her after her assassination. And now the right wing BJP is in the power.
Coming back to the point, top priority of almost all political parties existing in India is to fight against corruption. Promises to assure Manipur - a corruption Free State is not a new one for Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. The first time when he became the chief Minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh has taken up various measures to fight corruption. It was in his period that an anti corruption cell was established under his direct supervision. Later, he strengthened the state Vigilance Department. Later, in April 2018, N. Biren Singh government re-designated the State Vigilance department as the Vigilance and Anti Corruption Department under the direct administrative control of the Chief Secretary. The effort to control the corrupt practice by government officials however received various criticisms as some major issue could not be taken up due to political pressures. That might be perhaps due to the nature of the coalition government. As BJP didn’t get the absolute majority and had to depend on other political parties.
The same zeal continues to the mind of N. Biren Singh. And perhaps that might be the reason for him to declare repeatedly that he will not make any excuses to any form of corruption since the day he was re-elected with his party BJP getting more than the magic number. Soon after he was unanimously elected as the Chief Minister for the second term on March 21, N. Biren announced to his people that he will start fighting corruption from his family members, relatives and friends. It is like “no mercy” to any form of government.
The Chief Minister had time and again announced to public that he will take all possible measure to ensure that ‘corruption’ is wipe out of the state. There are reasons to believe that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, in his second term will surely do something to wipe out corruption from the soil of Manipur. People now believe that he will also take up pending issues of corruption and take up appropriate measures to punish all the guilty , no matter the persons committed the crime when he or she was in service. Besides, it is also expected that all pending result for appointment various departments of the government of Manipur are declared.

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