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For a better world- to our world leaders

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Some issues which are not directly link with the process of building a civilize nation are plaguing today’s world. Whether it be the United States, Middle East countries, Asian countries – every government running their respective countries today face resistance from its own citizen. Donald Trump is facing resistance from his own countrymen for triggering war with Iran, China is facing resistance from its own people of Hong Kong and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government in India is facing a worst time as citizens across the country uproar over the passing of a controversial legislation of Citizenship Amendment Act. Major Countries of each continent across the world today are in chaos for causes of non issues related to building of a civilize nations.
Human civilization had witness sufferings of wartimes. Today’s leaders across the globe seem to have forgotten the falls of Hitler or Mussolini and the suffering of their people. Today’s leaders seem never realize that the suffering brought to its people in post wartimes were the result of their greed for power. Taking the narrative of the culture of dominion as a way to strengthening their respective countries, people are put in complete chaos. Many are left with tears and many had been injected with hate and vengeance.
Technology is at its peak today. Human minds today discover machines and equipments that converted myth into reality. The geo-politico demarcation in real world that fences their respective countries has been are no longer existed in virtual world which become more reality. People across the globe irrespective of their nationality have been connected everyday with the invention of various scientific equipments like – cell Phone, internet and inevitable social networking software. If these tools are used for humanity and for making a better civilization; imagine the world of today. The so call ‘Heaven’ mention in almost all Holy books would not have been a better place than ‘Earth’. Then that is another dream of some people with humane touch. The technology that could have make a better world today has been misused in quest of power for making the world to almost worst then ‘Hell’.
Leaders of today forget to solve the issue of hungers and suicide cause by poverty. Scholars with degree certificates from top Universities across the globe now have stop doing research for giving suggestion to their respective government on how to improve the status of the citizens. Instead , they generate ideas on how to remain in power for longer period to political parties who are in the government. The once upon a time critics of government policy today turn as advocate of the policy of the respective regime running the government. Judiciary which was and should be the checking mechanism to pin point the wrong policy of the government in democratic government are now going hand to hand with the ruling legislators.  And the symptom of this culture among the learned is spreading all across the globe.
With the killing of Iran’s General Qassem Saleimani by the Trump administration, people across the globe talks about World War –III, but the reality is that World War III has already began. Unless and until the world leaders sideline their greed for making a world in their own idea and started thinking about humanity and initiate to formulate an idea that religion, culture or chauvinism cannot make a better world, the world is not going to move towards a better direction. Humanity is the only way for moving the world towards civilization and   that priority should be peace without violence or else the world of today will reach catastrophe someday. May be barbarism of 15th century world restored and perhaps Peace, prosperity and civilization may be another history.
Whether, the world become a paradise or hell – it is now up to the world leaders that should decide . And Narendra Modi being our Minister should take the initiative by understanding the sentiments of the people who believe in the constitution of our Country call India. People cutting across political ideology will consider you as the greatest leader. There is no wrong making another decision to CAA.

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