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Covering-up exercises

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‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’- an age old proverb that has been proving undeniably true with increasing frequently in our present state than ever before. The unfortunate nexus between the politicians and unscrupulous contractors that are mercilessly raping the land of its rightful resources and utilities has been a well-documented and repeatedly proven one. Yet the audacity of those in power and position seem to have increased with each exposure of their misdeeds and underhand dealings. While the issue of the reconstruction of the two Ima markets in the heart of town which was damaged by the earthquake at the beginning of the year has not yet been settled, the recent reports of the tilting of the barely-year old double-storied market complex constructed at the Chief Minister’s constituency have left many flabbergasted. These series of events where public structures are collapsing like a deck of cards, or are in danger of doing so can no longer be dismissed as mere coincidences. What is more frightening for the public who are supposed to be using these structures is the fact that even after results of the shoddy workmanship and negligent supervision has been laid bare for the whole world to witness, there is evidently no remorse or admittance of the faults and lapses from those involved in the project including the concern minister/s. In the instance of the Wangmataba Shopping complex which is gradually been sinking and tilting towards the river, the inspection visit by the Chief Minister accompanied by officials and engineers turned out to be a big farce with the CM apparently turning out to be a bad actor who, having forgotten his lines, had to repeat the prompts made by the engineers and officials to the media. That those behind the project have done an excellent job of temporarily mending the numerous cracks and covering up the damage speaks for their expertise and experience in similar circumstances. The ‘guides’ who were explaining the situation to the CM also diverted his attention from the worst damaged portion with practiced subtlety and polished tack. Has the CM been made a fool of by a few conspiring officials and experts who stand to lose face? Or is he a party to the whole charade put up for the benefit of the concerned public? What made the PWD officials to assure the CM that the problem can be rectified with a few pillars and new support frameworks? Have they done a detailed examination of the site before the inspection visit? Who is/are to blame if the repaired structure tumbled/collapsed and cause injuries, or worse? Why is the CM contradicting himself by confessing to construction flaws and then declaring that the engineers are not to blame for the problem? Is the CM still oblivious of the unfortunate facts of contract works in the state?- an unlikely excuse given his precedent. Has there to be some lives lost to drive home the point?
The practice of covering up needs to stop immediately. Absolving his near and dear ones without a fair trial is bound to backfire, sooner than later. Those playing with the lives of the public for personal gains must be made to pay their dues in full. Time to serve up a glaring example of the lofty promises of equality and justness so frequently pledged.         

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