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The system that has been running the state of Manipur is crumbling, and the present state of affairs isn’t something that is totally unexpected. The situation, however undesirable, is set to worsen if the past is any indication. The wheels of disintegration was set in motion a long time back when the powers that be in the state deliberately ignored the tell-tale signs of an impending surge in armed activisms with unconfirmed reports of these gun-toting extremists being used by those at the helm of affairs to further their personal and political objectives which was to the benefit of everyone involved in the nexus. In the not too distant past, the public witnessed the impunity with which the state security forces abused their authority, and the state government, instead of curtailing and punishing those responsible for the unwarranted spree of the reign of terror unleashed on the innocent and defenceless public, chose to applaud and award them. The mollycoddled security fraternity has had it too easy to realize the extent of decay in their discipline and conduct, as a result of which dangerous elements encroaching upon the security and safety of the people of the state has been overlooked and neglected. A minor infection which should have been nipped at the bud and done away with has now become a major concern for everyone not only in the state but in the whole of the north east region threatening to disintegrate and bifurcate the society on ethnic and communal lines.
The public who for long has been harboring a simmering discontent over the inactions of the state government have now shed their restraints and are taking things into their own hands- a dangerous precedent which should be addressed before it is too late and the state spirals into uncontrollable chaos and anarchy which presents the very distinct possibility of the beginning of the end of what we now know and hold dear as the state of Manipur. Pressing more armed security personnel to quell the public unrest and rising anger will only add fuel to fire, nor will blocking means of communications and gagging exchange of information bring the desired result.
The bottomline- the patience of the enraged and disgruntled public have now reached the tipping point. The state government should not waste anymore time in deliberations and distractions. What must be done has to be done now to prevent further escalation of unwanted and potentially dangerous uprising. The long suffering public needs a leadership strong and brave enough to lead the way and take the state towards radical changes which would foster enduring peace and lasting progress. The disillusioned public has had to prod and push those at the helm of affairs to take steps for far too long. Digression and dithery will only spell doom for the society.   

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