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A New World : Post COVID-19 Pandemic

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The year 2020 is a year that reminded human kinds about love and peace. It also taught the human kind on the possibility of preserving our environment.
Human being had almost forgotten that we can live and life can continue with trees and forest all around. It is also a lesson that taught to human kind that the rivers can be clean. Yes, the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught so many things that human kind had almost forgotten.
We all knows that the dreaded killer virus “Corona” , which have haunted the entire human kinds knows no casts, creed, reach, poor or young or old people. The virus does not care whether it is a female of male, neither it cares on whether the person belong to Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Sanamahi, or Christian or say any person following any religion. It attacked all human kind. It is now over one year that the killer virus keeps all human kind to extreme difficult times.
Today, human effort had shown hope of defeating the unseen enemy. India is all set to vaccinate its people to ensure protection from the virus. And as per report the vaccine Covishield , a product approved by the government that was invented by the Serum Institute of India , Pune, today have started making its way to all the states and Union Territories of India. Well and good ,if it works and still good in seeing the effort. This atleast has created a hope for restoration of human kinds.
If suppose, the new vaccine defeats the dreaded virus with the invention of the vaccine, can we assume that human being wins the war with the unseen virus. Well, defeating the virus but restoring the society with more divisions among people creating more enemies between different countries across the globe, can be certainly a synonymous as saying that the virus may have been thrown out but the aftermath may be a more chaotic and divided society among the poor and rich people.
This is the time we need to ponder over other issues like our dams, workability of agriculture and farming, entrepreneurship, economy, environment etc. but with alternative method without hurting the environment.
Agricultural lands are unfittingly located thereby proper irrigation from our rivers through the proper canals is required to make the lands productive. This should be possible by means of flawless modern dams. The dams are viewed as significant except fear for loosing water borne indigenous biodiversity of any region. Modern techniques for increasing in the rate of cereals production in a minimum area of land will be very suitable for a state like Manipur. An answer like increasing yield at a range from 3500 to 4500 kg per hectare will bring a turnaround scenario in our well-being depending on endless effort to bring sustainable bio-resources.
Taking the challenges, there are people struggling to make themselves self-employed in agro-farming technologies.
The general public almost lost hopes but it didn’t take even a year with human intelligent at its height. The Covid vaccine has given hope, but then forgetting the lesson taught by the unseen enemy would be another disaster.
We cannot live in a threatening world from global warming and air pollution. In our country the vehicles plying from one place to other has been at standstill for quite some time. Our various industries have been shut down. Various activities particularly in automobile industries and various factories have been diminished. This time it has given an impression that the air is much cleaner comparing the days coming before COVID-19. The fish production from our rivers and lakes is likely to be increased due to absence of unwanted pollutants. It has indicated that the we have more oxygen in the water bodies. But then, are we able to return to our so called normal past that is pre-COVID-19? Since this pandemic is not over the answer remains in the dark.
By the time we fear to lose in many ways that there are changes in our economy and study environment in schools and colleges. The world is facing economical hardship. This hardship is for everyone. Satisfied or not, the new normal of our economy should only return post COVID-19. Definitely one thing can be mentioned about the changing scenario of education system. This has not been suppressed the efforts of intellectuals delivering education to students through information and communication tools (ICT). Some of the useful tools are emails, whatsapp, zoom, moodle, youtube, google class room, go to webinar, go to meeting etc. It should be accessible to such tools to find the study materials. Difficulty is that the technology is new and many supposed to be users both teachers and students are not well trained. Otherwise this new believed to be normal is a highly useful system. However, one should find to make oneself suitable in the new path.

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