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A dangerous precedent

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The declaration of Naga Student’s Federation to ban movement of all Meitei/Meetei owned vehicles in all Naga inhabited areas in the state is perhaps the clearest indication of the level of audacity any and every organisation or group of persons have elevated themselves to. It also indicates the level of failure of the state government in nipping a problem in the bud and preventing dissents and agitations. What was an issue of a group of irresponsible state security forces mishandling a few students have now been blown out of proportions and have come to such a situation that the unfortunate event has acquired a communal undertone. The not-so-subtle expression of communally charged allegations could not be missed by anyone, and the diversion from the real issue portents the increasingly widening communal chasm. One major concern that has been felt by the public is the increasingly diluted focus of the myriad student’s bodies operating in the state, from indulging in price checks of goods and commodities to interfering in admission procedures. The root of the problem though, is the failure of the state government in keeping a tight grip on the issues and addressing the administrative anomalies in time. But what has been conveniently ignored all along is the existence of the legal system in the state. The reason is not very difficult to decipher. The most obvious and glaring reason being the losing faith in the legal system in addressing any issue. Issues which should have been dispensed with as a matter of routine have been made to fester and foment into bigger and more complex issues thereby presenting an opportunity for the different groups and parties to step in and pronounce their verdicts. The present system of administration being followed in the state is nothing short of a recipe for mayhem, and if opinions of various think tanks and retired bureaucrats are of any importance, the present social situation is not one borne of circumstances but rather out of design. The real losers, however, turns out to be the general public who still bore the brunt of the conflicts in interests and show of strength. The present development however, is threatening to steer the whole communal undercurrent into totally uncharted territory and bifurcate the state into unmanageable fragments. To be allowed to run amok along the fragile communal fabric is a matter that needs to be checked instantly. The state authorities should consider the allegations and provide justice if necessary, at the same time, allowing any party or group of individuals to drive a wedge between the different communities on any pretext should not be tolerated. It is time to take off the velvet glove and deal with the issue on its merit rather than playing the reluctant bystander. The diktat of the NSF should not be allowed to be a precedent for future attempts at fomenting communal tension. Ever.             

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