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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 06 November 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Completing bigger task

If one is asked to think of two words that would best describe the present working system of the Government and its various Departments, more often than not, the words would be “Confusion” and “Corruption”, but this does not mean that there is no other word that can be used.
Well and good at least some tools to fight the corruption has been re-commission by appointing authorities. The idea of introducing the Lok Pal Bill is perhaps a good step that the government should have done long time back. But one wonder why when parliamentary election is knocking the door. Whether for political purpose or not things seen taken up is a good signed . But is the government sincere?

Miscommunication, inefficiency, favoritism, mismanagement, absenteeism- attributes that has come to be synonymous with Government functioning. Yet we have seen at times that the Government and its Departments have, in spurts, managed to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks and projects in record time- that they can rise to any challenge and face it successfully. For a society to develop, a holistic approach is very essential. Making things work in fits and bounds would only make a farce of whatever precious little progress we have managed to accomplish. It would require a very proactive and prominent role from the judiciary if we ever aspire to bring in real change in our society. Curtailing the brash attitude of the often high-handed nature of the security forces or fighting the rampant corruption being practiced in almost every sphere of public domain needs the support and encouragement of the judicial system to become effective. A swift and stern justice system would surely deter many from tempering with the law, if not altogether contain it. Such a scenario would also revive the will of the common people to demand their rights and dispense their duties without fear or apprehension.
The Government, on its part should come clean on various issues and try to make a clean start. The unspoken nexus of power and fear will not augur well for anybody, least of all for those who use them in their pursuit of personal advancement. Until and unless those at the helm of affairs have the integrity to discharge their duties and responsibilities, no law or directives will make any sense or serve any purpose. In this age and time when any information can be accessed with the touch of a button, trying to fool the people and underestimating their intelligence will surely prove to be a costly mistake. One does not need to draw up grand designs and mammoth schemes to initiate development. When each and every arm of the Government have done their bit, then the big picture will emerge itself as it ought to be. All everyone need is a sense of belonging, of responsibility and a spirit of participation, and the public should join in with an open mind instead of sitting back and being mere spectators waiting to point out every little mistake and make it out into a mountain, to complete the picture.  

RMSA teachers protest demanding clearance of pending salary

IT News
Imphal, Nov 6,

 Large number of Graduate teachers recruited for Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) under Education (S), staged a protest rally today demanding clearance of their pending salary.
“We had launched the cease work strike three days back and today is the fourth day and till today government is not giving any positive reply”, an irate protestors told media persons
The RMSA teachers have been demanding clearance 7 months pending salaries before Ningol Chakkouba.
“Ningol Chakkouba is only 2 days away from today and if they failed to listen our plea we are even prepare to continue our protest on Ningol Chakkouba day”, the protestor said.

A large number of RMSA graduate teachers posted at various districts of the State gathered in front of marched towards the Chief Minister Office to convey their demand.
According to the teachers, they were appointed as graduate teachers after various recruitment tests conducted by the Directorate since 2011.Alleging that they have not received their salary in a consistent manner ever since, the teachers explained that they get their salary only twice or thrice in a year which leads to great inconveniences for the teachers.
A memrandum has been submitted to the Chief Minister regarding the matter.  However response from the Chief Minister is not yet known as of now.
The RAMSA teachers also claimed that apart from the salary issue, the Government has not done anything to improve the promotion opportunities for the RMSA graduate teachers.
They informed that the Government has failed to pay their salary since April this year and added that until and unless the Government takes up necessary steps to ensure proper and consistent salary for the teachers, they will stop going to their respective schools and instead they will gather in front of the Directorate to stage sit ins till the school hour is finished.
The teachers taking part in the sit in protest which was organised by RMSA Graduate Teachers Association, carried placards containing slogans like ‘Release salaries before Ningol Chakkouba’, Same work, same service status’, ‘No pay, no food’, ‘Teachers are also human beings’, ‘Same status for all teachers’, ‘Arrange for the regularisation of salaries’ and ‘Immediately release 7 months pending salaries’ etc.

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Forest Minister Shyamkumar attends Amur Falcon festival

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Imphal, Nov 6,

Forest and Environment Minister Th Shyamkumar today inaugurated 5 towers for  watching the rare bird. The towers were inaugurated as a part of the 4th Amur Falcon festival being underway at Phalong (Bhalok) village in Tamenglong district.
Speaking on the occasion Forest Minister Shyamkumar reiterated the important of preserving the wild life and also the forest. he further added that the villagers need to play important role in preserving the wild life. He also appealed the people to stop hunting of birds of any kinds.
The five tower to watch the Amur falcon birds were constructed at Bhalok village, Sonram village, Azuram village and bamgaijang village.
MLA Samuel Jendai, Chairman of Tamenglong ADC Namsinrei Paomei and officials of forest and environment were present on the occasion.

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Guv’ CM wish people on Ningol Chakkouba and Diwalli

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Imphal, Nov 5,

Manipur Governor Dr. Najma Hetulla and Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh wishes the people of the state on occasion of the Manipur’s largest festival “Ningol Chakkouba and Indian most celebrated festival Ningol Chaokkouba.
In her message the governor of Manipur appeal all people to work together towards illuminating our lives with joy and prosperity and spread the light of love and fraternity . “The Festival of Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness, goodness over eveil and justice over injustice”, Dr. Heptulla in her message stated.
“I convey my warm greetings and good wishes to the people of Manipur on the auspicious occasion of “Diwali”, the festival of lights”, Chief Minister N Biren said in his message.
Diwali festival commemorates Lord Rama’s return to his kingdom Ayodhya after completing his 14 years’ exile. The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil, virtue over vice and light over darkness. People celebrate the festival by illuminating their homes to dispel darkness and to evoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, he added.
Chief Minister wishes the light of Diwali dispel the dark forces of all the evils in the society and show us the right path for a prosperous and peaceful Manipur.

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Give your child the gift of health in this Diwali, “Say no to Lead Paints”

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New  Delhi,  Nov 6,

 Coinciding  with  the  festive  season  in  India,  Governments, paint  industries  and  environmentalists  across  the  globe  are  also  getting  together  this  week (October  21-27,  2018)  for  the  International  Lead  Poisoning  Prevention  Week  of  Action calling for protection for the children aged 0-9 years old.
The World Health Organization lists lead exposure as one of the top ten environmental health threats globally.  Lead paint, a  major source of childhood lead exposure, can cause permanent and irreversible brain damage in children. Lead exposure, from all sources, is also responsible for a higher percentage of adult mortality than previously thought. In alignment with the global actions  to  eliminate  lead  from  paints,  India  has  adopted  the  Regulation  of  Lead  Contents  in Household and decorative Paint Rules in 2016. Toxics  Link, a Delhi  based NGO released Lead in Paints report, 2018 to mark the occasion of  Lead  Poisoning  Prevention  Week  of  Action,  2018  (ILPPWA).  Institute of Social Research and Development, a partner organization of Toxics Link conducted paint sampling and survey for  this  report.  Two  samples  collected  from  Manipur,  Micolite  and  Poinolac  both manufactured  in  January  2018  contained  highest  concentration  of  lead  i.e.  81224  ppm  and 5432  ppm respectively which is quite above the prescribed standard of 90 ppm.  
The  survey  depicted  low  awareness  levels  in  the  state  with  only  5%  of  the  consumer respondents  being  aware  about  the  presence  of  lead  in  household  paints.  Similar levels of awareness were also reported in the retailer survey.
“The Government should take initiatives in enforcing the rules and push for raising awareness  among the stakeholders to eliminate lead from paints in the country completely considering its  impact  on  human  health  especially  children’s  health.  After  all,  health  is  wealth  and  nothing matters  more  than  the  well-being  of  your  loved  ones,”  stated  Piyush  Mohapatra,  Senior Program Coordinator, Toxics Link.  
“It  is  unfortunate  to  know  that  Lead  is  still  being  found  in  such  high  concentration  in  paint samples being sold in our area. There is an immediate need of improving the compliance of the regulations  and public awareness to deal  with the  issue” stated Ksh. Dinesh Singh, Secretary, Institute of Social Research and Development (ISRD).

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Fish Farmers’ Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition

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Imphal, Nov 6,
State Fishery dept. is organising attending  Fish Farmers’ Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition, 2018 at DM College of Arts ground, Thangmeiband, Imphal  on November 8  on the eve of Ningol Chakouba festival. N Kayisii Honb’le Minister (Fishery) will inaugurate   Fish Farmers’ Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition,

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Drug smuggler ostracised

IT News Imphal, Nov 6,
A statement by the Social Educational and Voluntary Athletic Club, (SEVA Club) Thongju Makha Leikai  had stated that drug smuggler Sanjay who was arrested by narcotic and affairs of Border along with huge quantity of narcotic substances has been ostracised from the locality by a meeting of the local people initiated by SEVA club . The drug smuggler Khumanthem Sanjay had shifted at Thongju Part II. The SEVA club statement also added that he will not be given shelter at place inside the jurisdiction of SEVA club and also demanded the authority to take up appropriate legal action against him.

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Co-curriculum Education is nothing but thinking the right way- Himalaya

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Learning what has been written in the book is not what we call co-curiculam aducation but it is about learning to think in the positive way to do something good for the society. This was stated by Former Lt.General Konsam Himalay, presently serving as the Chairman of the Manipur Public Service commission on the 10th Annual Bright Children’s Day organised by the Leiba Bright Foundation Thoubal.
Hamalaya also appeal the guardian and parents not to simply consider success as the passing of the examination but it should be when he or she can stand in his or her own foot by doing something good for the society.
 He also appeal to forget the word corruption.

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State Govt. signs MoU with private company on smart city

Imphal, Nov. 06,

 The State Government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IL&FS Township and Urban Assets Limited and Price Water House Coopers Pvt. Ltd. as a project management consultant for implementation of Smart City Project in Imphal at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
The private company will design, develop, manage and implement Smart City Projects under Smart City Mission in Imphal. The project will be completed within three years. The State Government was represented by Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) Department Director Th. Harikumar and the private company by its Head-Urban Project (East and North-East) Chandana Roychowdhury. The MoU was inked in the presence of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, Health and Family Welfare Minister L. Jayantakumar, Chief Secretary Dr. J. Suresh Babu and Secretary (Revenue) T. Ranjit. N. Biren Singh said that it has been a dream of every Manipuri to have a Smart City in the State. The project management consultant was selected through a transparent e-tender, he added. The private company had informed the State Government that it would take around six months to prepare a DPR of the project worth around Rs. 1523, he said and added that he had however requested the company to complete the DPR a bit earlier because the Manipur is a long neglected State.
Stating that signing of the MoU would pave way for opening a new chapter in urban development in the State, Shri. N. Biren Singh said that the project would include key infrastructure developments like sewerage system, Nambul and Imphal river rejuvenation, development of Kangla, transport service, pollution control and other beautification activities etc.
The Chief Minister also conveyed his best wishes to the private company and MAHUD Department for speedy and successful completion of the project.

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Act of Satan blessed a childless mother

IT News,

Rise of immoral activities, ruffle with the so call humanity, perhaps is considered a domination by Satan or evil spirit. But sometime the act of the Satan or Evil spirit help some specific human being who believe in destiny rather than violating the law of humanism.
A childless mother who has been praying for a child today found a just born girl infant wrapped in a plastic polythene.  Usham Ongbi Lalita along with her morning walk team Moirangthem ongbi Thoi (w/o M. Santikumar) found the infant lying on the roadside about 200 meters away from Tentha Police Outpost towards Tentha, Sangaiyumpham and Khangabok Village in Thoubal district. It just born infant was a girl. If it was thrown by the parent just because the child was a girl than Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Beti Bachao beti padoa is still yet to reach the mind of many people. And if the girl child is thrown due to illegitimate relations then, Manipur is still way to go in moral policing notwithstanding with the fact that thousands of money spend for spreading awareness are useless.
Both the lady without wasting time took the just born bay at Thoubal district hospital and is presently undergoing treatment at Neonatal Ward. The matter has been reported to Thoubal Police and Child Welfare Committee.
Usham Ongbi Lalita who have been longing for a child request the doctor, people and the police to allow her groom the girl child.
What does the law say on whether she can adopt or not is not a matter of concern but Lalita’s love for infant and the co-incidence showed that the act of Satan turn as blessing . Lalita at least become a mother for a day taking care of the child whole day.

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