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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 04 November 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

CM inaugurates 5 government structures including 50 bedded district hospital in Chandel district; cabinet meeting held

Miscreants wrote ‘WC to Southern Nagaland’ on the way to CM at Chandel district but Police rub it before the visit of the CM

Imphal, Nov 4: Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today inaugurated 5 newly constructed government structures including 50 bedded Chandel district hospital today. Those government structures inaugurated today are Liwachaning Girls Hostel of Komlathabi, Science Laboratory of United College, Chandel, ADC office Complex, Monsang Pantha and Maha Union Girls Hostel. The Chief Minister also laid foundation stone for construction of  Tawn hall of Panchai and Women Market Chandel
As a part of the government initiative to develop hill district of the state a cabinet meeting was held at the conference Hall of Chandel district DRDA.
Earlier, the Chief Minister along with the cabinet colleague was also given warm reception by the Maha Area Chiefs Association Chandel at Japhou Bazaar Chandel.
Speaking on the occasion Chief Minister N. Biren Singh announced new schemes for the disabled people of the state. In the scheme announced under the Chief Ministers’ Assistance to the needy, a sum of Rs. 500/- will be assisted to disabled person who are bed ridden. He also announced assistance for the aged people and said that those aged people who are deprived from getting the assistance of the government will be deal with extra care.

The Chief Minister said that memorandum submitted to him will be discussed and fulfilled whatever is genuine. He said that his government believe in action and for that the works and programme that the government decided to implement in 100 days has been distributed in writings.
The Chief Minister also announced schemed for construction of rain water harvesting in chandel district. he further said that Rs. 80 lakhs has been sanction for construction of water body in the district.  
Works and Power Minister Th. Bishwajit who also attended the reception function while speaking on the occasion said that development of Chandel district is a priority for him. Showing concern to the depilated condition of roads, Th. Bishwajit, who is in charge of PWD said that the government will try to renovate the road from the fund sanction by the center. However that will be done after submission of a proposal by the local MLA.

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Traffic control- still a flop show

Time and again many newspaper published in the state has been highlighting the problem s being faced by the people due to the unorganised manner of the traffic regulation in the city.  
Change of government is not bringing any good when it comes to the traffic problem. Those assigned for control of the traffic are not doing their duty for reason best known to the authority. Zebra crossing are just for name sake – nor the traffic police guide the commuters to follow the rule neither the people driving vehicles shows respect to the zebra crossing or stoppage line.

Well, Imphal city in particular has been witnessing a phenomenal increase in the amount of vehicles- an indication of the rising social status of the public and improving economic conditions in the state. While these factors are a welcome sign, the fact remains that the concerned authorities have failed to keep pace with the times and the changing social scenario in the state resulting in heavy traffic jams and delays which needs to be addressed immediately. The short term policies and systems being implemented from time to time in an attempt to ease the congestions and traffic jams have not been able to alleviate the problem in any way, on the contrary these ad-hoc measures have managed to confuse the public and compound the problem the authorities have been trying to solve. The formation of Traffic regulation and parking committee has not been of much help, and one can only wonder if they are functioning at all. Queries put up to the concerned departments have only resulted in more bewildering responses- a classic example of the effectiveness of passing the buck around that has been at work in all government set ups. While formulation of policies and systems to control and regulate traffic may be a beginning in the right direction, the fact remains that the increasing number of vehicles need additional space to accommodate them and juggling acts of the traffic system by the experts, however efficient and experienced they may be, will not bear fruit. Construction of additional parking spaces at strategic locations, bypasses and flyovers, and most importantly providing subways at important and crowded junctions will go a long way in reducing these problems. Construction of public utilities does not automatically guarantee improvement- their proper usage is as important- an obvious example being the use of footpaths by the vendors and shopkeepers to stock and ply their goods forcing the pedestrians to walk on the road. The need to streamline and re-orient the traffic police personnel is also being felt by the public.
Turning a blind eye to the irregularities being committed by the drivers of various public and commercial transport vehicles in consideration for a “quick handshake” has been well documented- despite the dangers and inconveniences such greedy acts causes. The present government ministers and high ranking officials may not be feeling the burden such traffic jams causes as they seem to have a prerogative of the right of use of the road over the common public but unless some concrete steps are taken up very soon, the only option that would be available to them would be to use their feet with their retinue of escorts and assistants wading through the impossible traffic- surely a distracting relief for the stranded common public on the road.

Run for Unity postponed

Imphal, Nov. 4: A mega marathon under the banner Run for Unity organised by Struggle Committee Manipur along with Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur and Manipur Proletariat Peoples Democratic Union on November 5 has been postponed indefinitely due to the scheduled general strike called by the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur on Nov. 5. In a press conference held today at Manipur Press Club organiser of the Run for Unity said that already many clubs and organisation of the state had showed solidarity to the mega marathon organised by the three organisation. And staged for the mega marathon was already set but due to the general strike called by the Maoist the general strike had to be postponed. he said the organisers will soon fix another date for the mega run.

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Red badge protest demanding ST status for Meitei/Meetei staged

Imphal, Nov. 4: As a part of the agitation by Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee for Meitei/Meetei  community of the state, a Red badge protest was staged today at Bishnupur district head quarter.

Volunteers of the Scheduled Tribe demand Committee of Bishnupur district today distributed red badge to all the staffs of government offices in the district head quarters. The volunteers and its supporters earlier staged a rally from Yangoi Ningthou Sanglen to Bishnupur Mini Secretariat Office. The volunteers also distributed red badge to all the commuters in the district.

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NIPCO organise one day discussion on Frame Work Agreement

Imphal, Nov. 4: A one day discussion on the issue of Frame Work agreement between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM was held today at Uchiwa Awang Leikai in Imphal West district today.
The discussion programme was jointly organised by National Identity Protection Council (NIPCO) and Students Welfare Club (SWC) Uchiwa . President of NIPCO, Oinam Premjit chaired the discussion programme. Vice President of NIPCO Th. Manihar attended as resource person
Around 150 people including representatives of Meira Paibis and local club took part in the discussion programme and reiterated its stand for the protection of the territorial integrity of the state.

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MSF burn Omar’s book

Imphal, Nov. 4: Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF) along with members of UKAL, Kangla Phamthol 66, Kanglei Salai Apunba Lup, Yelhou Enat Kanba Lup, Manipur Enat Kaba Lup and  Phuruplakki Khunnai Punsikol today brunt the book called ‘The Writers of Mahabharata & Ramayana as the Religious Scientist’ written by one Omar Singh Wangkhem in front of the Office of MSF at Sega Road Imphal.
Representatives of the MSF said that the copy of book published by the publisher is 1000 and among these the volunteers collected around 800 books. Those collected have been burnt. MSF appealed people to submit the remaining of the books if someone has them to the office of the MSF. The book was already banned by the MSF few days back and the author of the book have been warn for writing such book which might malign the good image of the Manipuri history.

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General strike is against Minister and UGs – Maoist

Imphal, Nov. 4: Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has stated that the general strike called on Novemebr 5, from 5 am to 5 pm is against the CAF & PD Minister and Underground groups who are involved in the looting of the PDS items.
The statement further said that the general strike called against underground by an underground group is perhaps the first of its kind in the history of Manipur; however it is a step to clean the wrong in the struggle for freedom. It stated that even as the leaders of the underground group has been appealing the people to forgive if any wrongs are committed, but till today nothing has been changed. The Maoist said that they don’t have any fear to stand against the looters of the poor. It said that till today the chronic disease of nexus between Minister and UGs has not been cured.  It said that Maoist too committed mistakes but the party corrected the mistakes and did not commit the mistake again. The statement further said that in a month the state gets 120327 Metric ton of rice for distribution to the public. The statement of the state government which stated that these rice are made available to the people through PDS is nothing but a daylight robbery.  
If this rice is distributed every month to the people then there will be no poor who does not have meal in a day, the Maoist statement said. It further added the share of the people has been hijacked by the nominee of the Ministers and the underground bodies for a long time. The Maoist statement also blame the opposition party saying that they never take interest in the movement for protection of the indigenous people or for protection of the territorial boundary or against the rise of price of essential commodities. It said that the Maoist will extend support to all movement for the rights of the common people.

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