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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 02 November 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

“RIMS is the most corrupted hospital I ever heard” – a Post Graduate students writes to PM

Imphal, Nov.  2: A post graduate student at Regional Institute of Medical Science, Imphal has written to the Prime Minister stating that the institute is the most corrupt hospital he had ever been or heard.

The Post Graduate Student, who had been in the institute for around 4 months, and who does not want to reveal his name, said that sometime he along with other medical practitioners treated patients without proper investigation as the Institute does not have any facilities for investigation and because the patient party can’t afford to do test outside the institute.

The student wrote the letter to the Prime Minister of India for his kind attention during middle week of September, 2017. As per his write up MRI machine installed did not work since he came to the Institute, CT scan had been shut down for nearly a month, there is no ICU which is just ward named SICU, with no ventilators, no monitor, but a bed and a cupboard, Neonatal ICU has been put up just for namesake by putting fake sign in some forsaken rooms, for the whole hospital only one USG machine is working, there is no USG machine in the labour room which is the most important thing during delivery, above all of these patients have to buy all the medication including Iron and folic acid with their money, there are no defibrillators in casualty, toilet are the worst. The student further wrote that no authority in the Institution wanted to improve the hospital as each of them runs private hospital of their own. And funds sanctioned for the improvement of the institution are pocketed by the authority for their own good.


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Understanding responsibility

There is no dearth of the voice of dissent in the society against various discrepancies no matter who is in the power. Yet the protests and agitations have been somehow put under control. Yet absurd as it may sound, it would do us much good to take a long hard look at the genesis of the problems, for, at the heart of the matter, one would almost always find ourselves to blame.
It is no mean feat, by any standard, to run a Government, especially in a topographically challenged state such as Manipur. The diverse cultures, customs and traditions, while adding to the charm and magnetism of the place, isn’t helping much when it comes to framing policies and plans that would appeal to every section of the population.
Add to it the universal conflict of limited funds versus the unrelenting demand for employment and development, the situation becomes primed for an impending social cataclysm. And the resulting situation is unfolding right in front of us, getting a little more vivid with the passage of time. We, the informed public have become more than accustomed to reciting our rights, and are increasingly becoming vocal and aggressive. Much as we would have loved to deny, the uncomfortable truth remains- that we have become habitual in condemning the Government and holding it responsible for all and every social ills, forgetting the fact that we are effectively discrediting ourselves of our choice made during elections to select our representatives who is duty bound to work for us, on our behalf and with us. Our society has seen and experienced disruptive forces and divisive attempts masked in the garb of social emancipation and freedom.

Freedom to do what? We are not exactly under the rule of a tyrant or even a military junta. Granted, the inhuman AFSPA and other restrictions that even threaten the very existence of a person are very real and intimidating, but do not come in our way while we go about with our daily activities and lives. One is still free to speak out, write up, work and keep our earns. We can still move around anywhere anytime and pursue any of the many engagements a normal person might ever think of. We are free to voice our concerns and publicise our objections. We even have courts of law to settle disputes and address our legitimate complaints.
What we really need is not patience for the Government to deliver, with our hands between our legs, or even resort to violence and destructions to assert our rights. We need to force the system work in the manner it ought to. And to do that, we need to first be mindful of our conduct and mentality. We need to follow our conscience and stand for what is right, and be prepared to make sacrifices to uphold it. We need to gather up the courage to wean ourselves away from the temptations and the lure of unethical and easy gains. But above all, we need to be firm and be considerate of the needs and rights of others as well. It is when we are being true to ourselves, then we can really hope and expect the changes we are shouting ourselves hoarse about.
It would be the greatest blunder if we keep discarding the potent weapons of democracy which are devised to serve and protect our interest.

Land donors descendents threaten to retain Chandel District Hospital land

Imphal, Nov 2: Descendents of the land donors of the Chandel District Hospital had threatened to retain the land over state government failures to construct approach road to the residential and cultivation area of the land donor of the Hospital.
A statement of the descendents of the land donors said that they will fence right from the main gate of the district hospital to retain the land from the midnight of November 3. It blames the state Medical Department for the failure to construct the approach road saying the any consequences arises thereof shall be borne by the Medical department.
State government is preparing to inaugurate the newly constructed 50 bedded district hospital by first week of this month. With the anger of the descendents of the land donors, it is likely that the Medical Directorate may face inconveniences to the hectic work for construction of the  hospital.
According to the descendents, their forefather (Late) L. Thumthung of Chandel Christian Village had donated an area of Land measuring 3.07 Acres out of his patta land under Patta No. 254/78, Dag No. 3133 to the Medical Directorate for construction of the hospital in 1973. After donating the said area of land measuring 3.07 Acres of land to Medical department (Late)L. Thumthung still owned his land measuring 4.28 Acres in record 5.05 Acres in physical possession as per physical measurement conducted by the revenue SDO, Chandel Staff. And the Road leading to (L) L. Thumthung’s Paddy field had been jointly used by the descendents of Late L. Thumthung and the Chandel District Hospital till February, 2011.
“With the construction of 100 bedded District Hospital, the activities of Family oriented ongoing programs of Old Age Home, construction of residential buildings and cultivation for annual income on the said 5.05 Acres of (L) L. Thumthung’s land had been totally aborted by causing irreparable loss to the descendents of (L) L. Thumthung”, the statement said.
Following this the Medical Directorate has opined construction of alternative approach road to (L) L. Thumthung land with the approval of the Land Donor’s family.
However, construction of such alternative approach road to the land Donor‘s Land has not been executed till date in spite of continuous verbal and written submission, the statement added.  

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10 computer sets stolen

Imphal, Nov 2: Miscreants has stolen 10 computer sets from Yangbi High School of Wabagai in Kakching district. According to school authority the desktops were stolen in the intervening night of  October 25 and 26. The matter has been reported to the police only on November 1 for reason best known to the school authority.  That too after some equipments of the sound system of the school has been again found stolen on the adjoining night of October 30 and 31.

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Open Debating Competition

Imphal, Nov 2: All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) under the sponsorship of MAHUD Department, is organising an open debating competition on November 5, 2017 at Kangla Western Gate at 7 pm said a press release by Secretary General of AMWJU.
The event is part of “Imphal Evening” (Nigh Plaza) which is being carried out every weekend i.e, Saturday and Sunday since last month.
The topic of the debating competition is ‘ Government is responsible for keeping Imphal city clean. The press release also said that those students who are studying from class 10 to class 12 can take part in the competition after filling up a form with a payment of Rs 50 from the office of Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul during office hour till 11 am of November 5, 2017.
Rs 15000, Rs 10000, Rs 7000 along with certificate is the prize for the first, second and third contenders. Rs 2000 each will also be given as consolation prizes for the competition, the press release added.

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‘Ignite the young minds for future relevance’

Imphal, Nov 2: Education Minister, Thokchom Radheshyam Singh said that the young minds need to be ignited and link with the research and study for relevance of future. Therefore one has to be innovative and thinking for future to enable to work for betterment of future.
He was speaking as Chief Guest at the Round Table Discussions on Research and Educational Priorities for Transforming North East India at the Institute of Bio-resources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), Takyelpat. The Minister said that the problems and issues will always keep coming and there is no ready-made solution to end them. With the advancement, man is in constant conflict with nature due to its greed causing disturbance by excessive exploitation. He said, to find solution to the problems, research and studies need to be conducted by prioritising the importance.

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BOSEM form submission extended

Imphal, Nov. 2: Last date for submission of registration for external and supplementary candidates for the High School Leaving Certificate Examination, 2018 to the Board of Secondary Examination, Manipur has been extended upto November 10, 2017 with a fine of Rs. 100/- per candidate for all categories, said a notification by Controller of Examination, BOSEM.

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State Kabaddi team left for Jharkhand

Imphal, Nov 2: Manipur state Kabaddi team led by Mukundo, President, All Manipur Kabaddi Federation of Manipur, today left Imphal for Dungka in Jharkhand to take part in the 29th Sub –Junior National Kabaddi Championship which will be held from November 4 to 7. The team comprises of 12 male and 12 female players.

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New posting of IAS/MPS

Imphal, Nov 2: Special Secretary Tribal Affairs and Hills, Lunminthang Haokip has been given additional charge of Director Manipur Social Audit Agency by an order of the Governor of the state with immediate effect. Joint Secretary R & DM/ Home Josheph Pauline has also been given additional charge of SMD/National Health Mission. Several changes to the post of SDOs and BDOs have also been made. SDO/BDO of Chingai and LM Pawan Yadav has been transferred as SDO/BDO Ukhrul, M Rajkumar SDO Churachandpur has been transferred as SDO/BDO Senapati and Phaibung.

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MPPDU draws CM attention over failure of PDS

Imphal, Nov 2: Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU) has drew the attention of the Chief Minister of Manipur over the issue of non availability of items under Public Distribution System (PDS) to the beneficiaries.
In a statement by Asem Suranjoy, Joint Secretary, MPPDU, the organisation said that even as the new government has been seriously working out to root out corruption and other irregularities, many are still left out. Peoples share under the PDS has not been properly distributed. The MPPDU warned the government of dire consequences if the trend continues.   The organisation also said that there is a possibility that people may face famine due to the frequent flood occurred. Many cultivation land and paddy field have been submerged under the flood water. Even as the farmers are working whole heartedly the flood occurred four time has destroyed their crops.
When people are facing the after effect of flood there are some people who had been hijacking the PDS items like rice as the said have not been properly made available to the people. The MPPDU urged the Chief Minister to take the matter seriously before things goes out of hand.

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