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Items filtered by date: Monday, 13 November 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

2 AR Killed; 6 injured in IED blast at Chandel; CNPO condemns; staged protest

Imphal, Nov 13: At least 2 personnel of the 18 Assam Rifles troops were killed, six other seriously injured after suspected militants blasted a powerful IED at Mahamani Village in Chandel district at around 6 am today morning.
Report reaching here said that the Assam Rifle troopers were on road patrol duty when the blast took place. Those injured were reported to be evacuated at Military Hospital Leimakhong  by Helicopter.  
The two personnel killed in the blast are identified as Rifleman Indra Singh and Riflemen Sohan Lal. The six personnel injured are identified as Rifleman S.Sarkar, Rifleman N. Shyam Kumar, Rifleman Tirendra Nath Das, Rifleman Ram Govind Singh, Rifleman Nirmal Roy and Rifleman Lalnunpuia. Source said condition of one among the injured is critical.

Today’s blast is vehemently condemn by Chandel Naga Peoples Organisation (CNPO) and its sub-ordinate bodies. The body while terming the act as an act of cowards said that they consider it as a plot to disturb and disrupt the peace talk between GoI and NSCN-IM which is at the Threshold to its logical conclusion.
The CNPO statement further said that if those involved in the blast fails to clarify over the attack with reason within midnight of November 15, it will call 24 hours total bandh from midnight of November 15 at Pallel to Chandel and Chandel to Moreh road demanding to book the culprits involved by the concern authority at the earliest.
On the other hand protesting the blast members of the CNPO and its sub ordinate unit today staged a sit-in-protest at DC Lamkhai, Chandel. Villagers of Mahamani, Kanankhu Khurinkhu, SInadam and Daampi areas participated. All shops and business establishment remain shut during the protest.

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Just by showing concern will not change until you act Mr. Chief Minister

If not all, majority of the people of the state wanted a change.
A change Manipur- free from corruption and violence of any form; where citizen of the state have high respect for the rules of law is what most people expect. Of now Imphalites witness some changes and sections of people are now optimistic about the changes that might occurred in the coming days. The night life, bridging of relationships between various communities in the state, etc., are some of the hopes given to the general public. But then, high hopes sometimes are shattered on learning certain irregularities practice at higher government level. May be it’s just a rumours but there is reason that some of such rumours have reason to be believe with the way its happening/seen today by common man. Many efforts had been seen by the present government to change the state into the right direction. But one thing which the government can never bring a change is the traffic regulation of vehicular movement in the heart of Imphal city.
The other day, people of the state witnessed Chief Minister N. Biren Singh post at which he update the street of Yangon, the capital city of neighbouring country Myanmar. The post show heavy traffic following rules of law of traffic regulation and the discipline of the citizens driving vehicles.
“Meegi lam Yangon, Myanmar traffic lambi magi magi line dagi hennade gari hengatnaba thoujannabagi HORN makhol tade” ( In Yongon Myanmar each of them follow rules by driving on their own line, no horn heard for overtaking), this is what Chief Minister N. Biren Singh wrote in his post. The post showed that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh wanted the same to be followed in the state of Manipur. But the question is that have our Chief Minister taken up anything to streamline the traffic regulation since he assumed power?
Well in the first month when he becomes the Chief Minister, his government had instructed a probe over the installation of electronic traffic signal light as well the irregularities in the installation of CCTV. People now wanted know what had happened to the probe? A mere suspension of some few officials is not what people expect but to punish each and everyone responsible for the damage and reinstalled it again so that people sees working electronic traffic signals and working CCTV to check wrongs committed in the city.

Lately, a traffic control Wing Superintendent of Police has been appointed but government is yet to establish this traffic control wing as a fully fledged Police Station. As per information from the SP of the Traffic Control Wing, they can’t file FIR against any defaulter, even as they can fine them.
Some of the critics sometimes said that drivers of vehicles are responsible for the traffic mess. But the reality is that it is the traffic regulation enforcers that are responsible for the traffic mess in the city. An example can be cited from those people who had drive at city like Delhi or any other metropolitan city outside the country. These drivers follows the traffic rules in the city like Delhi or outside the country, but then when they return here  in Imphal they don’t bother to follow the regulation as no one is enforcing the rules.
To be frank the traffic control police assign on duty are serving for the convenient of the VVIP, VIPs and son and daughters of VIPs.
Discipline of the state is also highlighted by the way that the traffic regulations are followed by the people and definitely it is the traffic regulation enforcers that people should be force to follow the rules. For that more legislation to empower the traffic control police is needed.
If Hon’ble Chief Minister is serious for a discipline traffic movement in Imphal. He should definitely spare extra time to this Traffic control wing of state police besides convening regular meeting of Traffic Regulation and Parking Committee (TRPC) for at least once a month.  

The Power of The Buddha’s METTA ( loving-kindness) and KARUNA (Compassion) For All Sentient Beings - Part III

I am a human being and I am not perfect. So, please kindly read the message and not the messenger - By Sanjoo Thangjam

Sunita- Sunita was born a candala, a member of the untouchable class. He was not educated; in fact, by laws he wasn’t allowed to learn. It would have been a grave offence if he had been caught writing or speaking even one words from the Vedas ( the holy teachings of the Brahmins). He wasn’t allowed to enter a place of worship, and he had been overheard reciting one of the Vedic prayers, his tongue would have been cut out. If he was caught even listening to them, he would have had a spike driven into his ears. This was their law.
He was born near the Rajagaha area, and people who belonged to the untouchable caste survived by cleaning streets, drains and toilets. They disposed of dead animals and did other “dirty” unmentionable work that no one else would do. They wore scraps of cloth, which barely covered their nakedness, and weren’t allowed access to the public wells. To touch the water reserved for the higher-caste people was to pollute not only the water, but the casted people who used it as well.
Any contact and the high caste person had to perform extensive rituals to cleanse themselves, and the untouchable would be severely punished.
Sunita collected night soil, human waste,  and took it to the fields in two large buckets suspended on a pole carried on his shoulders. You can imagine how filthy he was, and how foul the ugly smell was that exuded from every pore. Flies and other insects covered not only the buckets, but his body as well. His unkempt hair was matted and his skin as black as night from dirt and excrement. He was never but an inch away from starvation; every borne in his body protruded against his leathery, sundried skin. He had no home; he slept on the side of the road wherever he happened to wind up at the end of the day.
Sunita was late on his collection rounds collecting one morning and when he looked up the street, he saw a group of monks approaching. There was a beautiful golden aura surrounding them and he could tell by their bearing that they were of the higher castes. Sunita knew that he was not allowed to make an eye contact with anyone outside his caste, nor was he to let his shadow even fall across theirs. Immediately afraid, he started to look for a place to hide. He felt ashamed and he didn’t want the monks to see him. He didn’t want to be accused of unlawfully looking at them.
There was nowhere to go, no alleyway , nearby , so stood up against the nearest wall , put down  his pole , and with his arms folded in front of him bowed as low as he could. He hoped with all his heart that they pass by without ridiculing him or complaining that he was fouling the air they breathed or the earth they walked.
Sensing the group of monks close by, he couldn’t believe it when he heard a voice call out, “ Dear friend;  would you like to join us?” Now his fear was combined with a tentative feeling of joy. He couldn’t bring himself to raise his head or even answer the speaker.
The Buddha had stopped in front of him. Sunita whispered, “ I am a candala, my Lord. I am not even allowed to speak to you. I am grateful for your words; no one has ever spoken kindly to me before. Your voice brings joy and light to my heart.” The Buddha stood there waiting patiently. Sunita found himself feeling stronger and happier by the second. Finally he was able to say, “ If you would have this miserable, wretched untouchable, I would gladly go with you to become a monk.”
The Buddha said, “ Come, O monk!” and that was Sunita’s ordination.
Sunita followed the Buddha and the other monks to their monastery. He was shown where to bathe and his head was shaved. Ananda, the Buddha’s chief attendant brought him how to dress. Everyone at the monastery was so kind that day and every day. Not a day went by that Sunita didn’t bless the Buddha and his brother monks for their limitless (Karuna)  compassion.”
Sunita blossomed very quickly. The Buddha gave him an object for meditation, and told him to find a secluded corner of the monastery and practice. Sunita was so grateful for the Buddha kindness. He felt like he owed him - and all the of the Sangha members - to try his very best to strive for the highest goal. And Sunita did become enlightened, an arahat. It was far beyond his wildest dreams ; in fact, before meeting the Buddha, he have had no dreams at all.
From that moment on, the people of all ranks respected and paid homage to Sunita when he taught them the way to attainment. His attainment set an example for all time. The Buddha showed the world the true meaning of nobility; a person was noble because of good actions. Sunita’s story also demonstrated the fact that social conventions are meaningless when viewed in the light of the unlimited  (Karuna) compassion and vision of the Buddha.
The Buddha taught that everyone’s  tears and blood are the same colour. By birth no one is high or low caste, it was by their actions that people were judged high or low. Just as the water of each river has its own name, but upon reaching the ocean the river water became ocean water. Likewise, when any person enters the order, he becomes one with the sangha.
The writer is a lay Buddhist and a Human Rights Activist for People Who Use Drugs (PUD).

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All is set for 1st North East Development Summit at Imphal

Imphal, Nov 13: State Government is all set to organising a North East Development Summit from November 21 to November 22 , 2017. This submit being organise by the Manipur Infrastructure Development Agency (MIDA), a Government of Manipur undertaking in collaboration with India Foundation, New Delhi is the first of its kind being initiated under the vibrant leadership of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.
MIDA  has already started preparatory work to make the submit success under the guidance of Chief Minister & Ram Madhav .
Official source said that tentative list of invitees has been finalized. The lists comprise of 8 Union Ministers, Govt of India, and Chief Ministers of all the North Eastern States, Ambassadors /High Commissioners of 21 different countries, senior officials of Govt of India, well known corporate leaders and members of Chambers of Commerce.
The Venue for the Summit will be at the City Convention Hall at Imphal, which can accommodate upto 680 people. The venue including sound and light systems is being spruced up and would be ready well before the Summit.
The Summit is an opportunity for the NE Region of India to showcase its economic potential and engage with other Govt agencies, Embassies of various countries & investors to enhance the growth of the region and its neighborhood. The event will contribute significantly to the development of the entire North East Region. The gathering will be a platform to explore the potential of NE India as an investment hub.
The Summit will be structured around the following main themes:
1. Trade & Investment
2. Connectivity & Infrastructure Development 3. Tourism Development
4. Skill development, capacity building & entrepreneurship
5) Bio-economy sector etc
 It may be noted that organising committee of the NE-Development Summit already formed headed by Suresh Prabhu ,Union Minister for Commerce & Industries,Govt of India as the Chairman, N.Biren, Chief Minister,Manipur as Co-Chairman , Ram Madhav ,Director India Foundation ,Shri Himanta Biswa Assam Minister ,Vice Chairman Niti Aayok , Rajat Sethi ,Advisor to CM ,Manipur are members & Asnikumar Singh Vice Chairman of MIDA as Convenor of the committee .
The Manipur govt is trying to attract investors from inside & outside the country . As a part of this effort Chief Minister himself visited Delhi recently along with state officials and interacted with Key people of different ministries of govt of India as well as representatives of leading MNCs .
At present the Manipur state govt have commissioned a two members team led by PK Singh IAS, Principal Secy Tourism & Rajat Sethi Advisor to CM at Dubai ,the team highlighted the potential of Manipur to a variety of leading investors at Dubai . Another two members team led by Asnikumar Vice Chairman MIDA & Dr Sureshbabu Addl CS Home/Hort cum CEO MIDA at Delhi ,the team interacted with different key officials of Central ministries as well as business houses  & foreign embassies highlighting the investment potential in Manipur in different Infrastructure & Development sectors in the near future . It may also be recalled that the honourable  President of India have already agreed to Inaugurate the summit along with Manipur Sangai Festival on the same day .
One more very interesting news N.Biren,CM is persuaded very hard with the help of Ram Madhav National General Secretary BJP to Suresh Prabhu,Union Minister C & I & PMO for formal announcement reintroduction of NEIIP (North East Industrial and Investment Policy) which was expired on 1st Dec. 2014 in advance of this upcoming NE-DS at Imphal ,which will be instrumental for attracting  & bush up the investors in the NE States particularly in Manipur . The sources said Commerce & Industries Ministry GoI already circulated draft policy in this regards & circulated for inter ministerial comments some weeks back ,at present pending with DoNER & PMO ,however BJP National Gen Secy Shri Ram Madhav is helping  to cleared it at the earliest on the request of Manipur Chief Minister .
Meanwhile  N.Biren,Chief Minister formally lunch a website - http://www.neds2017.in/  for NE-DS 2017 by twittering in his twitter account  today

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Last rites of Japanese soldiers killed in WW 2 performed

Imphal, Nov 13: As per customary, the last rites of three Japanese soldiers who were killed in the World War 2 were performed at Koirengei on November 12, 2017 by a delegate team from Japan Association of recovery and repatriation of war casualties from the Ministry of health labour and welfare, Government of Japan.
The delegates from Japan were in the state for eight days conducting excavation for recovery of skeleton remains of the Japanese soldiers who were killed in the World War 2.
The delegates were facilitated by the Second World War Imphal campaign foundation and Manipur tourism Forum under the supervision of Manipur Government. Mention maybe that on November 8, 2017, skeleton remains of Japanese soldiers who were killed during the World War 2 were handed over to the Japanese delegation led by Tokunaga San of Japan Association of Recovery and Repatriation of War Casualty and Kenji Aya, First Secretary of Japanese Embassy to India by Second World War Imphal Campaign Foundation in a function held at Imphal War Museum at Sagolband Tera Amudon, Imphal whose remains were recovered from Shangshak Village of Kamjong District.
On the other hand, delegates from Japan Association of recovery and repatriation of war casualties from the Ministry of health labour and welfare, Government of Japan along with Second World War Imphal Campaign Foundation and Manipur Tourism Forum today offered prayer at the Japan War Memorial, Maibam Lokpa Ching or Red Hill in remembrance of the Japanese Soldiers who were killed during the World War 2.

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PREPAK observes ‘Athoubasingi Ningsing Numit’

Imphal, Nov 13: People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) observes ‘Athoubasingi Ningsing Numit” in commemoration to the revolutionary martyred who had given their lives for the cause of the revolutionary movement in the region.
A statement of PREPAK said that the day was jointly organised by people from both Hills and Valley. On the occasion floral tributes were paid to the martyred revolutionaries besides paying gun salute. At evening lamps were lit up at various houses to show respect to the martyrs, the statement said. Main observance function was held at General Head Quarter (GHQ), 707 Battalion, and other base area of the outfit.
The observance function at GHQ was attended by Finance Secretary of the outfit and G2 of the Red Army as dignitaries. The party cadre sung the 13 discipline song to mark the opening of the observance before the dignitaries lit up the function lamp. The 7 colour flag of the outfit was also half-mast showing respect to the cadres.

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Truck falls on Barak River as Bailey Bridge damage

Imphal, Nov 13: A goods ferrying truck today falls on the River Barak after the Bailey bridge built across it damage when the truck was on midway. The bailey bridge is located near Nung Dolan in Tamenglong district in NH 37, the second life line which connect Imphal with the rest of the country. The ill fated truck’s registration number is ML 04- B1122. The driver and the handyman of the truck manage to escape. Following the incident loaded goods ferrying trucks and other passenger vehicles coming towards Imphal from Jiribam as well as those proceeding towards Jiribam from Imphal have been stranded since early morning today.

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‘No AIFUCTO movement program will be start from today and continue till Nov. 18

Imphal, Nov 13: An NEC (National Executive Committee)Meeting of meeting was held, on November 11, 2017 at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi. The meeting decided to modify the agitation programs which has already been planned to be launched from 13th November 2017 throughout the country since the MHRD has issued a notification on 2ndNovember, 2017 regarding Revision of Scheme i.e., 7th UGC Pay Scales for teachers and equivalent cadres of universities and colleges.
A statement said that NEC of AIFUCTO modified the decisions of agitation programmes resolved in last NEC on held on 8th October, 2017 in light of the notification issued.  
The statement added that as per the modified decision -  AIFUCTO will submit a detail memorandum to PM and MHRD regarding al the grievances of the different sections of teachers arose due to notification of 7th UGC Pay Scales and with request to invite AIFUCTO and Federation of Central University Teachers’ Associations  delegation for talk on the issues as earliest. A separate letter will be sent to Education minister of every state for implementation of the UGC scale.
On 30th Nov.2017 in every unit teachers will sit in Dharna wearing black badges and observe “Save Higher Education “ throughout the country. Teachers will lunch signature campaign in their unit in support of their demands/grievances. It will be sent to MHRD with a copy to AIFUCTO.  On 12th Dec,2017in every state headquarter teachers will organise a protest Dharna/ Procession/Rally against the apathetic attitude of the Govt.
During winter session of parliament, after AIFUCTO Statutory Conference , a massive protest programme will be organised. For this approval will be taken from the general council during Conference.
The meeting was participated by many teacher leaders and state unit leaders from across the country.  From North East states, Dr Khireswar Borah, President, Assam College Teachers’ Association (ACTA) and Prof TulshiDas, General Secretary, ACTA represented Assam. Dr Borah shared ACTA’s views and Prof M. Lokendro Singh, President, All Manipur College Teachers’ Association (AMCTA) placed his views representing Manipur and North East Zone placed his views on the MHRD notification and put up the issues of NE states. He also sought the intervention of AIFUCTO tothe Govt of Manipur for releasing the pending allowances to the college teachers of Manipur without further delay, the statement signed by  M Lokendro Singh, Zonal Secretary (NE), AIFUCTO said.

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Relatives,family and friends of Kangleipal stage protest

Imphal, Nov 13: Family friends and relatives of Kangleipal, the president of Manipur Forwards Youth Front MAFYF today stage protest in front of his residence at Nongada with slogans “We will not let you Die”.

After 2008 Kangleipal name was surfaced again in local newspaper after he escaped from the custody in December 2008. A group called Maoist Communist Party in a statement has stated that Kangleipal, the president of MAFYF will led the movement for protection of Indigenous people of the state by self immolating on November 18 this year at the western gate of Kangla.

The relatives and friend of Kangleipal urges govt. to hand over Kangleipal to the family members.

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