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Why many old age homes are opening

by Vijay Garg
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Elderly parents are like a tree in every home, keeping everyone under their shadow.  But not everyone can understand the meaning of this tree.  Rarely can one understand these meanings.  Elder in Persian means elder, not just in terms of age.  An experienced, wise and intelligent person is called an elder.  There was a time when the elders were considered the decoration of the yard and they were treasures full of virtues.  The rites and hospitality were different among the elders.
In the old days, children used to give the status of God to their parents, but today, the extent of respect for the elderly can be gauged from the ever-opening old age home.  In today’s age children do not even utter two sweet words for the elders.
The reason for the loneliness of the elderly
The reason for the loneliness of the elderly is the use of mobile phones and the internet, which are in everyone’s pocket today.  This is also a reason for the loneliness of the elderly.  There are many functions like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.  The man stays connected to the whole world without leaving the house but our elders do not even check them.  They consider themselves useless stuff lying in the house, which causes conflict in the house.  Elders used to tell stories to their children and grandchildren at night.  They were given advice but the changing times made the elders useless in the house.
Meaningful relationships
Times have changed, blood has turned white and relationships have become meaningful.  One of the reasons for this is the difference in thinking.  Today’s generation does not like the criticism of the elders.  They do not approve of the elders’ intervention.  Another reason for this is the ‘emigration of children’.  In the greed of earning more money, the children leave their parents behind and go abroad.  Then she makes a permanent home there and the elders are left behind in the hope of seeing their grandchildren.
The situation of the elderly today
Children today do not take the time to abuse the elderly.  The elderly do not get the respect they really deserve.  Their desires are ignored, and they are called grandparents instead of grandparents.  In their luxurious mansion, their bed is placed in a corner and the children share the property as well as the parents.  Where is our society going?  Today’s generation loves to keep expensive dogs at home.  Dogs are given expensive food and even meat to eat, while the old man in the corner says that if the sons bring medicine, they say that they are dying somewhere.
Many mothers have lost their children
How many mothers in our society have fallen victim to the disrespect of their children.  Recently an incident came to light in District Sri Muktsar Sahib where a mother was living under a roof.  The officer’s son, A.C.  The mother was struggling for her life in the scorching heat.  There were worms in the mother’s head.  What will happen to the mother who kept her child in her womb for 9 months?  Many such incidents keep coming up day after day.  In today’s world of running, the elderly are no longer respected.  This is the reason why many old age homes are opening.
Old age homes are open
There are currently 728 registered old age homes across India.  Of these, details of 547 old age homes are available in detail.  Of these, 325 ashrams do not charge any fees, meaning that there will be no cost for any senior citizen.  95 ashrams charge money.  116 Ashrams where you can stay for free.  The series that has created rifts in family relationships on various television channels is also making a bad contribution in this regard.  Parents who worked hard, thinking that their children would not have any problems, are forced to live in an old age home today.
Irritability in the nature of the elderly
Elderly people have become irritable due to being alone.  This irritability is also due to those who think that these old people are idle and keep biting all day long.  They do not know that the elders are old and they know the difference between right and wrong more than we do.  In our culture, the old man is called Baba Bohar and the old woman is called Ghanchavi Beri.  Now they are despised as old men.  Where is our society going?  Mother’s and Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world.  So that the children can meet the parents living in the old age home once a year.  Is it okay or not?  You don’t ask them all year round but on that festival day all the elders go to the ashram.
Children are becoming victims of bad company and drugs
Children are falling prey to bad company and drugs due to neglect of elders and neglect of children due to material race.  Parents are in an economic race.  The offspring is deteriorating.  At such times, the elderly can be a support.  Caring for the elderly is vital to a balanced and strong society.  The government will also have to take some steps to curb the disrespect of the elderly.  Create a separate cell to care for the elderly.  Keep an eye on what is happening to the elders.  In addition, give instructions to the governments and administrations.  To make lists of senior citizens from the voter lists.  How they are being cared for.  They are not being harassed, what is the status of their land and property.
Whether their timely medical checkup is being done or not, care should be taken to ensure that their needs are being met.  Panchayats can be given responsibility in villages. Similar arrangements can be made in cities.  Today there is a need for elders to walk with them, elders and children need to control their emotions.  Children need to be educated so that they respect the elders.  It takes time to care for and respect the elderly for social values.

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