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Who killed the looter?

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By –  Ashinikumar Mutum

Once a 70 years old man – Bonbihar Meisnamba was very worried as his only son Radheshyam left him all alone after becoming a victim of dreaded AIDS. The day he left for heavenly abode was the first death
anniversary (Phiroi) of his mother, Bonbihari’s lovely wife Memtombi.
Money was never a problem to Bonbihari but God is not so kind to him that he had to live a life desperately all alone.
A relative so concern arranged a 25 years old girl Memthoi to once more begin a new life. The girl happily agreed as she knows that she will be one among the richest lady after her husband leaves for
heavenly abode.
Days passed so well that Bonbihari started feeling a life worth living with his new wife. The only thing he kept on worrying was that he could never make his wife conceived; he knew that because doctor had
once told him about his health condition.
That was Monday morning, as usual Bonbihari dressed up to visit his work place. He was supposed to say something to his beloved wife, but before he could say a word Memthoi rushed to him happily and told him that he will soon become a father. Bonbihari was very excited and did not have a single word to express. Until he remembered that doctor Punshiba, who had told him about the impossible of having a child due to infertility and aged factor, Bonbihari have no words to express how happy he was at the moment.
But still he was worried about something. “How could my wife get pregnant when doctor had already told I would never had one”, Bonbihari thought but again he though the child might have been a gift
by the almighty as he desperately need one.
Since the day his wife had told him about her pregnancy Bonbihari started taking extra care for his young wife but with some doubt on how he could give her a child.
One day, inorder to give a befitting reply to the doctor he went to his clinic and met him. Mockingly he asked the doctor that sometimes it is wrong to tell other about their fate.
“See my wife is pregnant now, I wander what makes you a doctor”, Bonbihari boasted.
The doctor, a specialize in Gynae, and also a brother of a close friend of Bonbihari think for a while and then said, “Tamo (Brother) can I tell you a story”.
“Yes of course, its celebration time, carry on”, Bonbihari added.
Just as the doctor was supposed to begin the story his daughter came out and treated them tea.
“Uncle have tea, this is for you papa”, Memcha, the doctor’s daughter served them and went inside.
The doctor then continue – Well there was a Police officer called Rajen, whose name spreads far
and wide because of his excellent specialization in encounter. He was conferred may medal in recognition to his service. Most of the people including those criminal were very afraid that sometimes criminals never enter to the place where he was posted.
Well that morning he was having lunch at his home with his wife. When he was having lunch his son Abisek took his service revolver and in place put his toy gun.
The moment he was supposed to finish his lunch, an emergency phone called said Imphal Industry Bank has been looted and a fierce encounter is being taken place at the heart of Imphal city.
Without finishing his lunch he went directly along with his team and rushed to the spot. At Paona Keithel he moved toward the encounter site. On his way, a looter was seen running towards his direction.
Making no delay he shouted “HALT”. The looter even though was equipped with AK rifle after knowing that he was Encounter specialist Rajen was so terrified that he stand for a while and tried to attack. But Rajen was quick enough to act . He quickly pulled out his gun and shot. But was shock to learn that the gun he fired was only his son’s toy gun.
What more surprises and relieved him was that the looter died on the spot as he shot with the toy gun.
The doctor then turned towards Bonbihari and asked him – Well Tada (Brother) how do you think the looter was killed.
Bonbihari said – It is easy everyone will know, even a 10 years old kid will know.
“It was not the bullet from the toy gun but bullet which was fired by some other police personnel which cause the death”, what is it there to think on ?
The doctor then said with a smile – Well in that case consider yourself as Rajen with the Toygun.

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