What is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

By- Vijay Garg

Many homeowners believe these two terms are synonymous, but interior designing and interior decorating are not as similar as you may believe. Though both fall into the same category, there are a few key differences that separate the two.  
Interior Decorator
Interior decorators is on the decorative details of your home. They provide an artistic eye and a flare for creating design magic in your home. Since you don’t need to have a degree to unleash creativity, interior decorators don’t require a standardized education to provide their skills. However, most interior designers do undergo some sort of training program, just to polish their creative skills.  
Special Skills 
Interior decorators have an eye for beauty and aesthetics. They have the knack for choosing everything from the perfect color scheme to the most majestic wall art. Anything from choosing and arranging furniture, selecting decorating items, and arranging them artistically comes right up interior decorators’ alley.  
When Should You Hire an Interior Decorator? 
When should you bring in an interior decorator? Well, you need to bring them in when you need to completely redo the design of your home in a totally chic and savvy way.  They will take your design dreams and bring them to life. If you don’t know where to start, an interior decorator will sit with you and learn more about you to create a design scheme they feel matches your personality.
Interior Designer 
The path to becoming an interior designer is a little harder than an interior decorator. Interior designers need to undergo formal training and education, ranging from two to four years. In some states, interior designers also have to pass an exam and get registered. 
Special Skills 
Where interior decorators can accessorize your home beautifully, interior designers can do that and much more.  The main focus of interior designers is space planning, and they usually work with the architects of your home to decide how best to build your home artistically. 
For instance, if you are thinking of getting a floor to ceiling glass window, it will be the job of your interior designer to make sure it is installed in a way that looks elegant and posh, and that it coincides with the space of the room and the furniture and stylings you would like to conclude in the space. 
Interior designers are also responsible for making decisions about functional changes you want to make in your home. 
When Should You Hire an Interior Designer? 
Designing a home is a tough job, and you can’t always leave it up to your architect to make the right decisions in terms of style and convenience. It is close to impossible for you to stand with your architect or contractor and explain each and every detail of how you want your house to look, especially when you don’t know quite what you want either.  Interior designers can handle the day-to-day dealings of your home with the architects and contractors, and design your dream home from your vision. 
Who Should You Hire? 
Now comes the real question: Who should you hire? If you are still unsure of the type of interior design help you need, ask yourself these simple questions: 
Are you thinking of adding any changes to the structure of your house? If you answered “Yes, “ an interior designer is the way to go.
Are you only planning to change the color scheme, decoration, or lighting of your house? If you answered “Yes,” you can opt for an interior decorator to get the job done.
Is their degree or credentials important to you? If you answered “Yes,” consider hiring an interior designer to help you with your design needs.
Whichever professional you choose, it’s important to remember to read reviews and peruse their portfolios before scheduling an appointment with anyone.  Once you find a few interior designers or decorators that seem to design in the style of your choosing, meet with each one to find the person that you feel is right for the job.  You will be working with this person for months, so make sure you choose the design specialist with which you feel comfortable and the one that speaks to your design needs.

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