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Using new technologies for reading and learning

by Vijay Garg
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When we make any effort, we must have some intention behind it, so our desires are directly related to our efforts. If we do not know the sweetness of the fruit, our efforts are not strong, the work seems cumbersome. It is also said that don’t just think about the destination but also learn to enjoy the journey while reaching the destination. If we talk about education, it is said that the roots of education are bitter and the fruit is sweet. Its simple in the language it means that one has to work hard to get education. Children need to feel the importance of education. It is very important for the teacher to be enthusiastic to motivate the children. Children become ready to read and learn new things due to teacher’s motivation. New technologies, today is the age of technology.
Children are learning a lot through digital books and activities but technology can never replace the teacher. Only the teacher can prepare the child for reading. Children themselves through their teacher they look grown up. The foundation of this whole process is educational attainment. Every year the children go to the next classes and they are bombarded with new books, which the children find difficult. The teacher has to play the main role to create hunger for knowledge in children. Development of natural qualities what, how much and how to send to the child from the curriculum of the class?
Learning through words alone is often forgotten by students as they consider books as a burden. The teacher to instill book knowledge in the children creating a constructive environment.
The real world around is of great importance to write down the thoughts that arise in the minds of children through the pen held by them. While teaching lessons, it is very important to introduce the child to the concrete objects in the environment related to the subject matter. By doing so, the work taught is firmly stamped in them. School is not only for education but it is an institution that creates awareness in the child to make his place in the society. Education has to develop the natural basic qualities in children, by achieving which he becomes the valuable capital of the society.
Educational tour It is very important to take children outside the school walls. In this matter, it is generally seen that educational tours are conducted very rarely. Whenever going on a tour, advance planning is very important. The children should be informed about the places to be visited, so that the children can gain maximum knowledge during the journey. After the educational tour, written experiences must be taken from the children. The smart classroom children a mind map is also a good method for teaching, in which the main facts of the related subject are shared with the children by writing them down in an artistic way.
With this method, the colored title is interpreted by the children. Through this method, children learn a large part of the text in the classroom through their participation. In today’s age of technology, smart classrooms can teach children in an even better way. Try to explain with facts Teach children from the book to teach them the importance of sports. Instead of learning, they are taught more by taking them to the playground. Children are inspired to become sportsmen themselves along with writing by watching the live broadcast of matches on television. The teacher has many other tricks, which can be used to develop the child’s attachment to the classroom.
Children’s small stories, talks, riddles, paintings published in the newspaper create enthusiasm in the children. Competitions can be conducted by forming groups of children in the class. By giving prizes to the winning students, the school creates enthusiasm in them can be done Just to keep the kids stress-free Developing new learning teaching methods by modifying the traditional approach of teaching through books is the prime need of the hour. 

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