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Tolerance was low inside man

by Vijay Garg
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Man is a social creature, he is superior to all other living creatures, animals and birds living on the earth.  Nature has bestowed upon man the blessings by which he can do his own good but man does not use them.  Today I would like to share with you some of the things that are breaking down in society.
In the present age it is astonishing to see that in the modern age man is losing a lot of emotion inside, love from outside, feeling of helping others, lack of tolerance etc.  Today’s man sees only his own meaning because man only wants the full realization of his rights.  The human being has turned away from his duties.  Doing good to others is a sham.  The only thing we can see and hear in the society is how my house will be filled or how my pocket will be filled.  People are limited to this only.  Due to which the community spirit among the people is declining.
Today every human being is engaged in the race of money.  Due to which all the relationships have ended.  Humanity is rarely seen among the people.  As seen in the old days, mutual love, tolerance, etc. could be seen in the homes.  At that time people did not give much importance to money but today only money has become predominant among the people.  Due to which relationships are breaking up.  Today the situation has become such that we use words to express our thoughts to others. Sometimes the other person who listens to them does not tolerate it. He feels awkward.  All this is happening due to lack of tolerance inside the human being.  Everyone in the society wants to get ahead of each other to show off their money.  As usual, cars, scooters, vehicles, rickshaws, etc. all want to get ahead of each other while walking on the road.  They try to compete with each other but to compete it takes patience which is in the people.
Nowadays almost all relationships, even nail-flesh relationships like aunts, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. have faded.  Love at home is gone.  The main reasons for this are inequality of money and
The second is the lack of tolerance.  Everyone is busy with themselves.  Someone has time to sit together but everyone has time to gossip.  Relationships between brothers are breaking down.  Domestic violence is on the rise.  The main purpose of the people is that we should talk to everyone but we should not get the opposite answer but no one thinks that if we have spoken then we should also learn to endure.
It has often been observed that if a person is unhappy, people try to push him down instead of encouraging him.  They also keep thinking in their minds that neither he can get ahead of us nor he will be happy.  People just say from above that God forbid you rise higher but there remains a flaw in the minds of the people.  I just want to say that love and tolerance should be awakened in the people as before.  People should speak sweetly to each other instead of speaking harshly.  People should give less importance to money and be more inclined towards cooperation.

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