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The Future of Students 

by Vijay Garg
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Despite the Russia-Ukraine war, Indian students studying in educational institutions in Ukraine continue to study there, marking a major crisis. Despite the fierce war, more than 1000 students left Ukraine and did not return to the country. The future of these students and their families is at stake. Many scholars argue that these students could not pass the entrance exams to medical and engineering colleges in India and that they became doctors and engineers through loopholes. Want to be this argument is illogical. No single exam can be a measure of a student’s intelligence and future growth.
Of course more meritorious students pass the entrance exam and less meritorious students fail but merit obtained at a stage of life comes from many sources and resources. Parents with fewer resources cannot provide the facilities for children that parents with more resources can. The urban-rural divide also works against students in rural areas. More economic resources Wealthy parents get their children admitted in private sector medical and engineering colleges, but parents with less resources cannot afford to do so. Parents of students studying in Ukraine are also not without resources but a large number of them belong to the middle class and lower middle class.
The cost of education in Ukraine is less than the cost in private sector educational institutions in India; So these parents send their children to Ukraine, China and other countries. These children aspire to become doctors, engineers etc. worthy of attention The fact is that these students or their parents have never made any major demands from the government; For example, it has never been demanded that the MBBS done by them in Ukraine, China, Nepal or other countries should be treated as equivalent to a degree awarded in India; Their degree is recognized only after passing the examination conducted by the government and the concerned medical commission. Very few of these students pass the exam; Unsuccessful students are in para-medical or health field in European countries. They try to get jobs. War has made their situation more complicated.
Thousands of students have returned to the country but the circumstances of many are such that they cannot return even if they want to. Their parents have taken loans and sent them there to study; If they return they see a bleak future; Therefore, despite the threat of war, they are continuing their studies there. War is a large-scale event that causes great upheaval in human life. Arise from large scale events The solutions to the problems that occur are also through large-scale projects. The central government should form a high-level commission or committee of experts to solve the problems of these students. These students and their families are suffering the brunt of a big war.
Before the war, more than 18,000 students were studying in Ukraine. The apathy of the central and state governments is a symbol of the collective indifference of the political class towards social problems. Parents of MBBS students in Ukraine have formed an association. the center The government should talk to the association and take meaningful steps to secure the future of these students. 

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