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The burden of one-sided relationships

by Vijay Garg
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One sided relationship is epidemic.  Back and forth, relationships without giving and receiving and cooperation.  These relationships are troubled and can be seen in any kind of relationship.  Whether it’s friendships, business partnerships, close relationships, even family relationships, most women carry the weight of a relationship or many relationships on their backs.
Any relationship at work requires teamwork, cooperation, and the willingness of both (or all) parties to work.  However, the effort and energy of a relationship is not always the same.  Whether you are an employee who works overtime, travels extra miles, arrives late and arrives early but does not receive adequate compensation, or a partner who always makes sacrifices, compromises, or pays someone  Gratitude never returns, you are a part.  Its epidemic.
There are women who, after investing so much time, energy and emotions in something or other, find it difficult to walk away due to their emotional investment.  However, when it comes to your happiness, peace, understanding and most importantly your health, this relationship is worth going away and making your own choices.
Choosing yourself does not mean defeat.  Choosing your destiny does not make you a bad person or wrong.  But when you choose to give to the people and situations you are breastfeeding, it costs you not only time and energy, but also your finances, which prevents you.
Somewhere you have left behind your dedication, generosity, caring nature, and the people you choose are reaping the benefits.  Selfish people, leeches, narcissists, consumers, whatever you want to call them pragmatic.  Because of the energy and hard work, you pass them by even if they don’t give anything back.
Your relationship doesn’t work when you give them something.  You face situations or situations that are not good for you.  You are investing in something that does not pay off your investment.  You hang on to the hope that it should be gone a long time ago and try to realize this person’s potential when they show you who they are countless times.  Believe them  Believe that they are showing you, not the picture that you have formed in your mind.  It doesn’t matter how much you want to change someone or whether you simply believe that you have the ability to change them.  You have no choice but to change yourself.
Fear of being alone has kept many women (including men) in one-sided relationships.  But if we are honest you have been alone in this relationship all the time, so it won’t make much difference.
If you find yourself in a one sided relationship where you do all the work and someone else benefits from your energy, let it go.  Throw away the burden.  Reclaim your time, your energy and most of all, your strength.

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