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The Brand’s Harbinger-Celebrities,Bloggers or New me!!! Which one will you pick for your start-up?

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By : Ramina Haorokcham(founder Gojilove.com)
When we talk of Brand harbinger (or message bearer or say Endorser in advertising and marketing age), the trail have been either we had this choice of a film actor/ actress who deliver hit movies one after another (The Khans, The Bachans or The Kapoors) or Cricketers who makes us united with one spirit of “winning” during the world cup or some Models who were doing good in those times. The results were supported by some data/numbers or popularity among their fan base or sometimes the owner of the brand decides and takes the call.
Pros: They definitely have high reach of consumers and high capacity of converting the sales as we, Indian are moviegoers or cricket lovers and have attached ourselves to our Idols in film stars and cricketers. They have become our soul- companion.
Cons: They are expensive, but main important point is – Do you really need to bring those celebs to bring out your ideas in a bigger way or do your start-up really needs those fulfilling gap? So the question of solving a problem by your start-up (every investors’ concern in every pitch) becomes a blurry situation.
Then came the era of Bloggers who actually write anything they put their hands on – be it in tech, food, fashions, travels and even Zero waste blogs etc. They are engaging, enriching and become a mini celebrity on social media networks as they have more 10K+ followers (many started buying them also). The brands started falling in love with them because they have become an influence in this small world community of blogs, Internet and media and consumers who are tied to their experiences. Brands started paying them to bring the brand’s message and reach their real consumer too
Pros: They are engaging and have massive followers. They are not expensive and no celebs’ tantrums. They definitely bring awareness and results because of now dominance of social media in our lives.
Cons: Are they really the quality ones who can portray the brand? All the followers are not organic or real ones and being silent followers on their page Or do they connect to the brand. For e.g., a blogger who used to wear all fast fashion clothes in all her blog’s post one day cannot acclaimed a high luxury brand just because she has 50K followers. The essence of brands, and nuances among her followers will bring and see that big gap.
So, within these negotiations of Celebs endorsement and Blogger’s trend, I noticed very recently a group of smart youth of people in late teens and early 20’s in Facebook, Instagram, and snap chats and being an influence to the followers. I don’t know what to refer them but I would love to call them” New me” young crowds who are born in the era of social media & apps and love themselves and post 3 selfies without feeling guilty or scared of.They are totally “Its my life” real generation even if Bon Jovi sung it long time back.
“The New me” community are definitely a mix of smart brains and beauty and being a fashionistas in the way of Kendall and Gigi Hadid’s best combo which actually are so naturally born star and also ambitious.
 They love to dubsmash the current trending songs or dialogues from movies, and technically use those apps like musical.Ly, Snap chat app and lip sync with acts and enthrall their audience. They are the legit crowd pullers, never a dull post on their page. They gather the most organic likes and comments. How amazing marketer they are, right?
Pros: They know this generation and goes with the flow; they don’t have a rule, which comes easy for the consumer to relate to them. They actually love them and their influence can play a pivotal part in bringing awareness and reach to the consumers.
Cons: Right now, no directions and they love this freedom. It’s so early to tell anything but definitely when these people have directions, I hope they still are fresh, vibrant and sounds intelligent unlike some of those boring bloggers.
Luckily we found this group when searching for a right person to connect to our new launch of young and peppy wears “ Pearl Blush”. Seriously trashed those bloggers who have 20K followers and 5 likes in their post and they disappointed me to that level that we needed to scout for the right one with greater quality and influence on the product and can reflect the essence of the brands with her personality.
I know there will be more underlying answers to the brand connections and endorsement but for the time being, we would stick to the reality “New Me for many reasons for our start-up.
Hope this would continue even in future when we grow. We love digging more and generating insights and getting utilization of the resources available.
P.S: When you think of next startup you want to invest, think of us though!
Disclaimer: Different start-ups, different strokes (entertain at your own risk)

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