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By- Arambam Bebina Devi
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension.

Teachers are the role models of students and students are the nation builders. In the present scenario teachers and students have no respect of each other accept of countable teachers and students? We should respect teachers as they are the second parents of us. A good teacher can do all the possible things whatever he or she can do for the sake of students. Teachers always guide, suggest and give direction to all the students. But nowadays maximum number of teachers thinks about their salary, promotion and their future plans. Some teachers join any organisation for the sake of promotion and other teachers go around the higher administrative officer or Head of the institution only for their benefits. In the Manipur University too, there were many teachers who only think for their salary, promotion and to recruit their daughters and sons to the university as a regular staff. Some teachers joined many organisations/political groups for the sake of their promotion. But on the other hand, there were many teachers who devoted their life for the welfare of the students’ community.
Students play a very crucial role in the education system in Manipur. In the Manipur University, many students enrol in one department after clearing their master exam they again enrolled in another department only for the sake of students’ election. Nowadays the most powerful weapon in our society is nothing but money. If people have enough money then he/she can do anything whatever he/she wants. Students forget their duties as a student of Master degree .They only think about money. Anything can be a purchasable commodity which can be bought by money, but education is one thing which money can’t buy.     
Teachers in government colleges in Manipur also have many disgusting behaviour on the process of data collection of research work. Many teachers do not have the knowledge of data collection for any research they only think about their salary.
Women teacher, nowadays have a different attitude towards teaching-learning process. In the earlier days, teachers are respected and teachers work as a good teacher in educating their students. But in today’s scenario teachers are only teachers in the name and rather take their profession as vocation and not as avocation. They only work for the salary and nothing else. Women teachers are busy with their household works and they have no time for answering any type of questionnaire related to research. There are many teachers who don’t know the value of questionnaire for any type of research. Most of the teachers are very often not in the college campus or university campus. They were only available for few hours and disappeared at the first opportune moment. 
This writer approached some of the women teachers teaching in the higher post graduate and undergraduate level including those in the technical education, with a request to fill up the questionnaire for my research relating with the women teachers in higher education.  During the field study for my research some of the women teachers refused to give any cooperation and are unsupportive. The varied range of responses they gave for research are: ‘As you know now semester system has come, so we have no time for answering your questionnaire. So don’t give your questionnaire’, ‘my house construction is going on so I am very busy so don’t put your questionnaire’, ‘limit the sample size don’t put your questionnaire’. But on the other hand, some women have the qualities of a good teacher who think about the welfare of the students. In University too, some women teacher just avoid entertaining my questionnaire saying that they are too busy with their works. Some of the women teachers are very supportive and some are very non-supportive. In Manipur University, one woman teacher from Hindi department, when approached with questionnaire outrightly refused saying, “limit your population, as I am going to somewhere for 3- month vacation”.
In the Central Agricultural University, Iroishemba, one woman teachers say she would like to talk/discuss to VC/Registrar about the questionnaire as this questionnaire includes some administrative related questions. Research related questionnaires are to be used for only research; no one cannot use questionnaire or data. In any research work, the most difficult time consuming is data collection. But women teachers working in college and University did not agree or unknown to this. So most of the teachers i.e.70 percent of teachers are not supportive when the researcher is going for data collection. Most of the teachers have doctorate degrees also then why these teachers are unaware of the concept or term data collection. 
The responses of some women teacher were not supportive but on the other hand, some teachers were very helpful. Teaching played a role in any educational system without teaching no one can get the good and responsive citizen of the country. So we need good teachers as well as the good student for making an intellectually refined and productive society. The key role is played by teachers in making a good citizen of a country. If they are not good teachers and treat their profession as just livelihood means and avocation, then it will have ill-effect on the education system.

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