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by Rinku Khumukcham
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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

‘No actions stand worthy handling;
No actions dignitaries speak worth good on how I act;
Perceiving not a feeling on ‘how ‘to perform;
Accomplishing not a single gesture stunt ‘m still still;
Walking through this soiled narrow lane;
Lonely, secluding and isolating;
Concealing and sheltering something’ invisible,
‘Something’ forbidden and sacred steps;
Veiling path ‘Living’ what humans call?
Blind and unfolding ‘Living’ an empty platform;
Swinging along hither and thither- addressing something;
Finding not a poll to hold on?
Each waylay dark dim and with no clues;
Searching for ‘something’ hard to escape;
Trapped and surrounded and enclosing,
Confirming and imprisoning and alluring;
Something’s cheating and tricky practical.

Ah! What an uplifting, boosting and racing?
Arguing and augmenting within;
Decreasing and reducing and something’ declining;
‘Something’ is false wholesomely,
 ‘Something’s irritating unhealthy and untruth;
Innocence unseen, modesty naïve;
Chastity pain, virginity an error sinful;
Pristine wreckage; truth a lie;
Privilege corruption; freedom a charging;
Sexual a tool heaven; maiden a bore definition;
Smiles a naked false, loyal a hell;
Faithful a crime, corrupting a powerful weapon;
Something’s sexy, something’s pride,
Something’s incorrect, something’s fabulous;
Something’s driving force, something’s developing;
Something’s an essence, something’s logic;
Something’s degrading, something’s spoiling;
‘I’ mythical, ‘you’ traitorous;
Healthy unreliable, wealthy legendary heroic;
Traditional a choice and fictitious account;
Something’s cheating and tricky practical.

Something’s misplacing, something’s violence;
Something’s displacing, something’s unfriendly;
No brothers embrace, No sisters’ goodwill;
No neighbors recall hospitality but hostility,
No flowers nurture, no plants watered;
No friends wished good fortunes but hatred;
Something’s vanishing, something’s consuming;
Something’s hidden, something’s attacking;
Priding ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’, damaging ‘ego’ factual;
Something’s rude, something’s calculating;
‘Drugs’ a life, ‘drinks’ an amusement necessity;
‘Women’ pride of life, ‘money’s love;
‘Sickness’ a welfare, ‘death a granting wish;
‘Killing’ a game, ‘raping’ a winner;
‘Rich’ a demon royal, ‘inspiring’ a cheater;
Something’s longing, something’s yearning;
Something’s inclining, something’s hankering;
Conflicting and treating, concurring and protocol ling;
No peace a truce, No ideas a genuine brotherly;
‘My’ ‘Me’ ‘Your’ ‘You’ ‘Their’ ‘His’ ‘Her’ an anthem;
No woman a mother, no man a father;
No calmness a compose, No noise a peace;
Something’s cheating and tricky practical.


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