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Scientists have discovered the brain sensor that causes height

by Vijay Garg
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The average height of people in Britain has increased by ten centimeters with the improvement of nutrition in the 20th century.
Scientists say that the mystery of humans being taller and reaching puberty earlier than in the past can now be understood with a sensor present in the human brain.
With the improvement of nutrition in the 20th century, the average height of people in Britain has increased by ten centimeters while in other countries the height of people has increased by twenty centimeters.
But how this actually happens is not yet understood.  Experts in the UK say the research could pave the way for muscle-strengthening and anti-aging drugs.
Scientists know that good food has an effect on height.  For example, with South Korea becoming the poorest developed country, the real people there have grown taller than ever before.
There, people in many parts of South Asia and Africa are still a little taller than before.
A new study has been published in the science and research journal Nature.  The research was carried out by scientists at Cambridge University.  It is supported by a group of Queen Mary University of London, University of Bristol, University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University.
This research has led to the discovery of a receptor named MC3R.  Along with food, this receptor plays an important role in body length in youth.
“It tells the body that the body is in a state of growth. There is a lot of food in the body. So grow fast, grow young quickly and have lots of children.”
“It’s not just magic, it happens and we have the whole blueprint,” says O’Hareley.
How does this happen?
According to research, when brain receptors do not work properly, people become shorter.  At the same time these people are younger than others.
The research also found genetic changes in many children.  The receptor was blocked in these children.  These children were short in stature and underweight.
During the search, the team found a person with a mutation in a copy of the receptor gene.  This change is quite harmful and rare.  This man was very short.
These changes are not limited to humans.  According to the researchers, the study was performed on mice and also on animals.
This research can solve problems such as lack of development in children and late onset of puberty.
“Future research should show whether muscle can be strengthened by better utilization of calories through drugs to activate MC3R to improve the physical fitness of sick people,” said Professor O’Hareley.
Scientists have already identified a receptor that controls appetite.  This is called MC4R.  People who are deficient in it are often obese.
Can people be consistently tall?
There is also a limit to the length of a human being.  This limitation is related to their diet and health.
If children from poor families get enough food and calories, they too can grow to the length inherited from their parents and grandparents.
Tall people usually go a long way.  They are also less likely to suffer from heart disease.
However, humans cannot live long.  In the last century, like many European countries, the height of the British people has also increased.  But figures from the last ten years indicate that the average height is not increasing.
In the last century, South Korean women and Iranian men have grown taller in the world.
By the way, the tallest people in the world are men born in the Netherlands.  The youngest people in the world are women born in Guatemala.

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