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Naga People, The guardian of “Great Eastern corridor”

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By: Dr. Anthony Yanthan
(Deputy Kilonser) Health,NSCN
The Naga people and its territorial area still in the yolk of civilization, subjected by forceful occupation by Indian intriguing British colonial legacy claim is currently the most close yet silently watched regions in the world, also known as “Great Eastern corridor”. Situated in tri-junction border of the three giant countries India, China and Myanmar, it not only consolidates relationships and trade links with south East Asia and beyond but holds the key and gate way for socio-economic transformation. In fact this untapped and highly potential area is observed by many experts as the “future green economic reserves zone”. The shift of interest and policy by Government of India (GoI) towards “Act East” with ASEAN countries and northeast in particular is in fact India’s top agenda for “multi-prong Future oriented strategy” besides trade and commerce it shall determine India’s future as power house in challenging competitive world. The traditional relationship with war torn Middle East can no longer sustain India growing demands or survival nor its counterpart, the rising red Dragon and the neighboring countries come to its aid. Thus, it has not only initiated major economic reforms and transformation policy within but has set up new approach for long term strategy internationally as well. It is interesting to note that Naga people and its areas (Asia Golden Route) shall be the Game changer across Asia -pacific region in future, which most of us are still blind to.
Currently, the main focus and attention is now on the renewed efforts to solve the Naga political problem honorably and genuinely by Government of India (GoI) under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, whom he acknowledges that Naga people’s rights is betrayed and trampled upon for very long due to wrong reasons, now looks for equal partnership and building the future together as two entities, meanwhile calling the Naga people as”the guardian of eastern corridor’ in Historic speech on 3rd August,  2015  .
We have now entered into new millennia; times when the world has embraced space age technologies and civilization set across space frontiers, we are yet to see the light of the day unless harness the Era of Nagas by seizing the given golden opportunity. Let us all look beyond these realms of realties where time, space, energy and matters can articulate our future. Our forefather’s efforts and their sacrifices is today, we are all here with rich legacy of cultural diversity and history passed down to us in this 21st century proud to be known as “Nagas”. The Government of India (GoI) recognizing “unique History and Situation of Nagas” on June 11, 2002 is indeed a historical landmark achievement for all of us. Our land has high potential and is still untapped, rich in mines and minerals besides vast Bio-diversity and human Resources too. We are standing on an unimaginable heap of treasures and in putting a little effort to our today’s spade work would certainly transform our future prospective. Our orientation based on sustainable regenerating concept and by refining our culture with modern civilization would guarantee the future.
Today’s leaders and elders of our times should sow the good seeds they possess to the younger generation “the builder of future” besides encouraging them; psychological revolution starting from each one of us is the need of an hour. The influence of other culture and imitating alien customs into our lifestyle needs to be corrected as it has affected our identity and unless we safeguards it, our history and culture is at the receiving end of vanishing in future.
Everything has season, and Time has come for all of us to step out from our conservative and possessive attitude seeded by Indian and Myanmar arbitrary and imaginary boundary lines and policies. Our land and people are indivisible as much as our body is to spirit without which we don’t exist at all, Naga people across the universe where ever they may be are one. We are all one family and families don’t have walls, instead we should start taking care of our ancestral land and encroachment by vested policies, alien cultures invasion and illegal immigrants around us to name a few. The illegitimate pride and arrogance born from the lust of money and power has tempered of once who we are “honest and humble identity”, self destruction is inevitable unless we restore our nature and phenomena with moral and integrity. Humility and messengers of peace and harmony is a way of Christian life, after all at the end of the day down, it is 3 feet by 6 feet and it’s all about love and truth.
It is through the continuous unflinching spirit and unwavering support of our people’s love, care and support for the Naga people’s self determination that NSCN has come thus far to the historic signing of “Framework Agreement” on 3rd August 2015 after 19 years long political negotiation with Government of India (GoI) where now a final settlement is around the corner, which solution is based outside the constitution and union of India while recognizing every aspects of our Nagas legitimate rights without compromising the principles. 
Right decision at the right time serves the concept and purposes of everything. Squabbling amongst ourselves exhibits our nakedness only; germinating good qualities is an essence of every responsible leaders and individuals. Our past leaders have done their part and left us a rich legacy. Now it is our time to continue the journey and the Era of Nagas has set in, it is right time for all of us to set good examples and inspire. I believe there’s no as such things that cannot be sorted out in our Naga family nor the wounds and collateral damages borne by revolutionary times. The coming together of other NPGs in the right platform at these opportune times would commemorate the “final Naga Political solution” in a much cherished and meaningful way. Let us all come together in fulfilling the Naga people’s dreams and Aspiration.

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