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Mobiles increase tensions in relationships

by Vijay Garg
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Man has kept the iron of heights in every field like earth, sky, underworld etc. but he has become very poor towards his personal relationships.  Human relationships are deteriorating.  In the past, our living, socializing and social life was a family affair.  An elder or elder of the family was considered the head of the family.  Every big or small person would pay tribute to the decisions he had made.  Everything was done together.  Children were not as afraid of their parents as they were of their uncles or aunts.  Mothers often feared uncles or aunts to persuade their loved ones.  The Daranis used to gather together.  The mother-in-law fully obeyed and tolerated her mother-in-law’s rhetoric.  Yet his tongue did not grow weary.  There was love and respect in everyone’s heart for every relationship.  But today it is all over.  Joint families are broken.  Only single families are left.
Relationships soaked in love are fading.  The only reason a relationship fades is because of the bargaining power.  It happens in every family where a wedding, birthday or any other happy occasion is celebrated.  Relatives’ mouths swell for years.  Many even stop talking.  Then they do not participate in the happy ceremony of the same relative but no one leaves any stone unturned in making happy marriage.  He tries to make every relative leave his home happily.  However, if there is something missing from him, then the angry relatives should think of him as having some compulsion instead of talking to him and confronting him.  Giving and receiving does not make a person small or big but the person who jumps on other people’s words is definitely small.  He falls in the eyes of others.  People who are far-sighted, intelligent and want to enjoy the warmth of relationships never talk nonsense about transactions.  So we should prioritize relationships over things.
Relationships have deteriorated considerably.  The growing dullness in relationships and kinship has also led to backwardness in human nature.  In the old days, hospitality was very popular among the people.  But nowadays there is a decline in hospitality.  Rising inflation is also a factor.  The young generation is in dire need of family etiquette.  Today people do not have time to meet anyone.  One of the reasons for this is the high literacy rate of the people.  Young men and women are not leaving a lasting impression in respecting the elders.  People have high expectations for service.  But they have neither the time nor the money to entertain anyone.  It is very easy and good to go to people’s house to eat.  But serving the guests who come to your house seems to be a big problem.  Only if one has a self-interest can his spirit of service and hospitality be expressed.  Otherwise it becomes difficult to recognize him.  So you need to set aside some time for your work and business.  Daughters-in-law need to be more aware of this, since it is most important for them to take the initiative in hosting guests.  The growing trend of mobile phones is also increasing the tension in relationships.  Because nowadays children, old, young, men, women all have mobile phones in a way has become a part of life.  Mobile use has led to an increase in crime, rape, road accidents, thefts, love marriages and drugs.  There, family relationships have been shattered.  In the past there were joint families and they used to sit together and discuss family needs, interaction from children to elders and other commonalities but nowadays in family relationships mobile has come so far that every member of the family has their own  Sitting in the room, pointing fingers at the screens of mobile phones, is intoxicated in itself.  Parents do not hesitate to talk to their children and children do not hesitate to talk to their parents as a result of which mobile phones are eating away at family relationships.
Mobiles are increasing the tension in relationships.  Homes have dining tables but family members do not have time to sit and eat together as they are busy with mobile phones.  Parents need to keep an eye on their children’s activities and encourage them to spend more time in the family. Social media is also affecting relationships.
On social media today, countries are getting information from abroad.  Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.  Even the unnecessary use of social media is causing strife and unrest in society and families.  In today’s computer age, science has made human life much easier.  In addition to the good results of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, the use of mobile phones in the home has given birth to many curiosities.
As a result, today’s young generation as well as housewives seem to be taking advantage of mobile phones and going astray.  The addiction of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to housewives running away from their responsibilities is not only hindering the growth and development of children but also poisoning the domestic life.  As a result of which many houses are on the verge of ruin today.  Therefore, the path of children in their homes should be second to none for their bright future where parents, especially housewives, should use WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram for a limited time and understand their responsibilities towards their homes and children.  is required.  Women play a vital role in bringing happiness back to the family and improving the lives of children.
Breaking up a relationship in life is very painful.  Death also loses and breaks relationships.  The pain of separation is the greatest.  Unbearable pains arise within.  The mind is distracted.  Tears become rivers.  The desires of the mind begin to disappear.  Life seems miserable.  Homes built with greed come to eat.  Everything is visible.  Even the cool breezes seem to give off heat.  In the course of time, since the time when everyone has been absorbed in self, to fulfill his own needs, to take care of his personal family, to be misled, to have material possessions as the real wealth of life and to be entangled in it.  The colors of relationships have changed.  The loss of manners and behavior has widened the gap.  What kind of relationship should we trust?  People don’t want to show what relationships have taken shape and show what is not inside.  Relationships are hollow and fragmented from within.  Due to the sheer number of mera-tera, relatives have resorted to reliance instead of being a support.  Everyone has become smarter than being wise and has always walked the path of considering oneself wise.  Everyone runs around looking for their own happiness.
Even today, some relationships seem to be sitting on a blanket of warmth and respect for each other, like a truly bright morning.  With the help of which even the most difficult steps are easy to take.  They do not run away with their arms outstretched while swinging in life, but stand and walk together.  Support is formed.  Only such genuine relationships make one happy.  These qualities make relationships great.  Only these relationships are sacred and strong.  Relationships are the basis of life.  Relationships from the birth of a human being
Are connected.  The mother is first of all a natural relative.  Relationships become more and more negative with age.  It is in relationships that we live and move.
The uniqueness of relationships
Relationships are life.  It is impossible to imagine life without relationships.  There is a unique joy in relationships.  Relationships make us think of each other’s compulsions and problems.  We share laughter and tears.  Relationships are fragrant.  Relationships are not of grace but of feeling.  Duties are also associated with relationships.  Everyone in life seeks empathy.  They are often sought after in times of distress.  This is what we look for in ourselves first.
Relationships need to be protected
Relationships are very loving and warm.  Recognizing the importance of relationships, we must prevent them from breaking up and ending.  We must be sincerely responsible for our relationships.  We should all maintain respect, love, respect and shame towards parents, siblings and all other social relationships.  Life is perfect with relationships.  Whatever the form of the relationship, it is the relationship that gives rise to waiting and excitement in the eyes.  Saving relationships is very important.  Life is impossible without relationships.  It is very important to prioritize relationships nowadays.

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