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Matka Bookies Turning Digital With The Usage of QR Codes in Goa

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Matka Bookies Turning Digital With The Usage of QR Codes in Goa

While it is true that there are a lot of cash transactions in Matka gambling, this is slowly changing. The move of demonetization was a significant move towards making things cashless in the online gambling world.


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The rising popularity of QR codes

If you happen to visit a Matka bookie, you will usually witness a QR placed near the betting area. As soon as a customer places any number of bets on the chosen numbers, he is expected to scan the QR displayed and make the payment. He also has the option to transfer the amount into the bookie’s bank account directly.

Matka betting

The popularity of Matka gambling has been steadily rising in Goa. As a result, there is a steep rise in these QR code payments due to more customers trying out their luck. Matka betting is based on the principle of number selection and betting. Gamblers select a number from 00 to 99. If the bettor makes the correct bet, he wins a whopping reward of 90 RS for every rupee he spent.

History of Matka gambling

The origin of the game can be traced back to the New York Cotton Exchange. The Bombay Stock Exchange received the rates of cotton from the New York Cotton Exchange. When the New York Cotton Exchange put a stop to the practice, a Persian immigrant revived the game when he started declaring the opening and closing rates of different imaginary objects with the help of playing cards.

The bookie would write the number on chits of paper. Then he would beckon a person to draw a chit out of the Matka, and the bookie would declare the number on the chit the winning number. Even though the game transformed and people chose the three numbers from a pack of cards, the term ‘Matka’ is still associated with it.

Online Matka betting

With the advent of various gambling sites, users can now play SattaMatka online too. In fact, the game is played chiefly online-only nowadays. There is no difference in rules between the offline and online versions. If you are interested in playing the game online, you can visit any of the Matka gambling websites and try out your luck.


Matka game is now available legally at Lottolandtoo. So you can take a chance and see if you win anything. Apart from websites, many apps also offer gambling options to play SattaMatka on your mobile phone with ease.

Matka betting in Goa

There is no shortage of Matka bookies in Goa. They are found everywhere: taverns, fish markets, near beaches and some famous markets too. Bookies feel that the digital method for transferring money suits them very well. Since the amount is directly transferred to their bank accounts, there is hardly any hassle.

Matka betting takes place in two bazaars, and bookies reveal the full numbers sometime in the late evening and also at midnight. In the evening, the payment to the winners is not instant like we see in the digital mode. The bookies have to collect the payment from players in cash. Some agents are assigned the job of collecting money in cash and delivering it to the bookies. One notable feature about Matka betting is that there are hardly any delayed payments.

The convenience of online payments

If the customer makes a lucky bet and wins, he has to pay a visit to the bookie and collect his earnings in cash. Since most people now own a smartphone and connectivity is also becoming seamless, the payment method is becoming more popular.

One more advantage that bookies feel is that they do not suffer much during police raids. Since they do not have any cash with them when the police perform checks, nothing is seized. Their money is secure. The loss they suffer during such raids is minimum and can be recovered quickly.

Bookies do not face a lot of raids. The local police do not mind them much since they do not pose any severe law and order problem in the state. If the bookie is caught red-handed in n the scenario of a raid, he isn’t at the risk of losing anything except the cash-in-hand.

The role of QR codes

QR or Quick Response is accessible on several operating systems and devices. A quick response code is essentially a two-dimensional code that consists of black and white squares. Smartphone cameras have the technology to read these codes. Other than smartphones, point of sale (POS) terminals also possess the technology to read these codes.

Anyone can easily make a QR code. The only requirements to do so are a bank account, an android phone, an app called QR code generator (free to download), and a good data connection. You do not need additional technical knowledge to create a QR code.

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