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Male Family Planning

by Vijay Garg
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Family planning has been a major challenge for men, as they have less protection options.  The search for a contraceptive that is suitable for men has been going on for decades.  In such a situation, it is no less than good news that scientists in America have succeeded in making contraceptive pill for men and soon its human trial will start.  This pill or medicine is said to be 99 percent effective.  Experiments on rats have been successful.  Most importantly, no negative effects of this medicine have been reported.  It is also favorable that it is a non-hormonal drug.  There were some hormonal attempts in earlier experiments, which were considered unfavorable for health, so scientists changed the direction of research.  There is no doubt that the success of this drug could help balance the burden on other contraceptives.
It is important to note that this medicine should be safe in every way, because it is not a medicine for any disease.  In the case of medicine for disease, people assume that in getting rid of a major pain, there is little pain, so there is no special thing.  This general logic will not work in the case of male contraceptives.  Therefore, scientists have to carefully adapt this drug to human health and prove that it will not have any short term or long term effect.  Work has progressed in the direction of research on humans, but experts are concerned that the drug should be safe so that it can be readily accepted in the market.  Despite many efforts, no effective and safe male contraceptive has yet been successful in human clinical trials, according to Abdullah Al Noman, MD, of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  Scientists like Noman know that safety will be very important for birth control pills, so scientific institutions are also very serious about this research.
However, over the course of four weeks, the scientists gave male rats a daily dose of a chemical called YCT529 and found that their sperm count dropped.  After that when the drug was stopped, between four and six weeks the rats were able to reproduce again and no negative effects were seen in them.  Never before had such success been achieved.  Clinical trials have involved various molecules, but they all target testosterone, the male sex hormone, which has been linked to weight gain, depression, and other negative effects.  However, scientists are assuming that the drug that is being made will not affect the natural hormonal structure of men or humans and their effect will be short-lived.  Can it have any far-reaching effect, scientists want to find the answer to this question.  In the medical field, many times the long-term harm is overlooked for the sake of immediate or commercial gain, but in this case scientists do not want to make any such mistake.  The market is waiting for such a drug for a long time, but scientists want that even if it takes some time, the drug should come in the market only after thorough testing.

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