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by Janghaolun Haokip
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By- Janghaolun Haokip

Live with the passion to love. Live to live. And it matters what your definition of living is. Your definition of living is of crucial importance as it really determines how you live. Despite the fact that most people chooses to live, to live life just the way they want to live, which is either irrational or made up of delusions.
Remember, that your reasons to live must never be another man’s misery but you must rather be a trustworthy soul who brightens someone else’s day.
The world is a global village, so does everybody believes it to be. Now, information can be shared every moment to every part of the world; to space and to the deepest under.
Yes! the world does is a global village when man can travel round the world in no time, making it feel like a really small village where you can take an evening walk in just half-an-hour. But have you ever felt like it misses out on a lot of things to be the ideal village?
I wouldn’t have an argument if science and technology alone serves the reason to a global village, you will be right in that case. But to me, humanity and life lessons must come before technology and the most luxurious mansions. This is what i believe is missed out by the pioneers of our globalisation. “Blinded by rage”, as I wrote on an earlier piece of mine, the world is blinded by the desires of our mind, caged in curiousity for inventions, discovery and explorations -the much loved science and technology that has proudly brought us its masterpiece, globalisation. However, this wouldn’t necessarily mean that I have no appreciations for all that science and technology is to our lives. But just simple as rice-cooked serves us better, so will things be when it serves right in it’s turn in our lives. For what use will a beauty be if one is blind to see. Shouldn’t we be a little more lively to really live?
The question of science and technology, whether it is a boon or a curse needs philosophical rationality. It first has to be back to our own basic interpretations of life and our thoughts on living. So, question your hearts and speak out what you feel. If you’ve really looked into your hearts, I bet you’ll be on the right side -humanity matters most.
Children starving and dying of malnutrition and improper care. Wars and battles fought with bullets and hates. For peace or power?. Soldiers dying, women crying, leaders worrying -agonizing. Even if peace takes twice as much as the population of our world today, there had already be peace saved for hundreds of generations to come.
In fact, where is peace and safety promised on every soldiers funeral?. But the wars won’t end, battles won’t stop, if you feel insecure you’ll always be even if special forces guarded you round the clock.
I’m sorry I can see no end to it, but, I do see an end of it in your life. Get out of it!. Hate of our own kind, dishonesty, grudges, are all the same, much as wars and battles are. Find a reason to live, let the people who hate hates, but we ought to love the world. Plant a few tress and more if you feel that your world is being threatened by global warming. Show more love if you feel the world needs it.
Hate has taken us too far now and our global village is at risk and we need global humanity. The world needs a little more of us to fight, with patience and endurance, to show love and our passion for peace and brotherhood.
Look within your heart, see, it does not delight in misery or the troubles of the world. How good would it feels to live in harmony?. I know hate will not and never leave the world. But then, someone has to hope for love. Someone has to keep hoping. Maybe that’s the part we’re supposed to play in this world.
Take a deep breathe and think, this isn’t just what the world has to be. It’s really going crazy and insane. Well, I’m not a saint but I know life’s not a game. This is about me, this is about you, this is about us and our world. This is about humanity. And even if ISIS won’t stop killing in the name of allah, even if our armed-undergrounds won’t surrender their arms, even if we hates our own kind and even if it you feel fighting against it would only be living in vanity.
We have to fight; this is the only way to make our world a better place to live in. To make someone believe in humanity amidst the brutality and cruelty of life. That must be our lives!

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