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Life goes on! (and remember, there is always beauty to see)

by Janghaolun Haokip
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Life, like time, always goes on, and I believe that’s their very essence. There is no force or neither human invention that is powerful enough to go back to time or to a time of life. In fact, none of us would have believed in the Time Machines in science fictions because we are all somehow conscious of the futility and impracticality. Even so, it is not to wholly deny the colossal potential of human intellect and innovation as we have so far witnessed.
The idea here is not so much about whether we can go back to time or to a time of life, rather, it’s to dwell in the question of the more sentimental aspects of life –of feelings and emotions, and of joy and pain –relative to time and life. It is to venture into the heart of life, and explore and discover the essences of life so that living becomes a beautiful upbeat adventure than an undying misery. That is the goal of this essay, to find the beauty of life in understanding the heart of things that made up this thing we call life.
Life is beautiful. Yes it is! But for most of us, unfortunately, it doesn’t always stay that way. It is often overlaid by adversities that entirely change how a person sees the world and perceives it from a thing of beauty to a thing of suffering. There are people who speak of the vanity of life –that all sorts of optimism or positivity are nothing but diversions to the true nature of life –a life of suffering and pain. It is of course not reasonless because we all have our hard times at some points in our lives. But the point is how to let the beauty of life stay and how to find beauty in adversity so that life remains beautiful amidst the tears. In short, let’s learn to be hurt and still be okay.
I remember falling in love with all the passion and excitement of a teenager. I must’ve been 18 at that time. The world was beautiful like I had never known before. The days were all fun and amusing and the nights were beautiful just dreaming of her. For once, I even felt like I could just bring her home and make her my wife even though I can’t even take care of myself yet at that time. I loved her that much and life was beautiful like I could ask for nothing more. But it all abruptly turned upside down when we decided to part ways. The days were tiresome and the nights were long, and life was despairing and being alive was a misery. But life still went on and somehow I grew over the pain.
To this day, sometimes, I still couldn’t believe how something that meant so much could slowly fade away just like that. It was literally a part of my life. There were nights I couldn’t sleep because she didn’t text me goodnight or days that were so colourless because she didn’t come to school. Now, as I look back on what it meant in my life and how it all changed, I guess now I understand how life goes on and how things change. Ostensibly not all, but at least, even at the worst, I have learnt that it will change and it will be alright again.
I want to remind us of this, that even when you feel like letting go, there is always beauty to see. Somewhere somehow someway, there is still something that can still carry us on. It is the change in life, like seasons, like the dawn and dusk –life changes as it goes on. The sun will shine and the sun will go and the night will come and just like that. The best will change and so will the worst. In other sense, life is a journey with ups and downs and the most beautiful thing about it is that even the roughest roads will not last nor the saddest moments of life. Every pain that you are going through today will pass. Every suffering and suffocation will never last.
You just have to believe! You just have to hope! As simple as that, and that is how we will still be okay even when it hurts. Or when the sun doesn’t shine, just imagine the stars and everything beyond. Think of all the mystery of the universe, of creation, of how long it will take to explore the universe. Think of things so big that pain eventually feels small and gradually fades away. Furthermore, we have to accept the inevitability that all the pain and misery are parts of life too. We have to understand that it will not always be a good time and adversities may haunt us too. And as crazy as it might sound, if we can understand that and so accept it, we can laugh at our tears, and smile at our scars. It only takes acceptance! Otherwise it’s dangerous, because if you disagree to accept the facets of life –as the inevitability of suffering and pain –there will always be things to cry for, and the choice is always yours to make.
Life goes on and a glitter of hope is all you need to move on. Hope –that comes from understanding and duly accepting the heart of life and what it takes to live –of suffering and pain and of joy and delight. Life goes on with someday to cry and someday to smile. Live the best of every moment and live it to cherish it because time and life, once gone, can never be recalled. And even at your worst, remember, life goes on, and THERE IS ALWAYS BEAUTY TO SEE.

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