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Know Your Personality through Handwriting

by Vijay Garg
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The way people speak and walk is different. Due to this variety, man’s behavior and personality is detected. But can our intuition be judged through our handwriting? The answer is yes Yes According to the writing experts, our personality largely determines the style of our writing. It is studied in graphology. Accordingly, our handwriting is like our body language. Just as the facial expressions show the inside of us, so our handwriting also reflects our personality. So let’s know how you can know your personality through some of your handwriting.
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Gap between letters
You can also know about the nature and habits of the words written by you. It has been found in many studies that those who leave more space between words, prefer to do every work with freedom. They have their own comfortable zone where they feel good. Such people do not like to be over crowded.
On the other hand, people who keep fewer gaps in words while writing, they just do not like being alone. Such people want to be living among friends or family, so they have more friends. The lack of time management can also be seen in many people.
Size of handwriting
The shape of your letters can tell whether you are shy or open behavior. According to experts, if your handwriting is small, you are a person of shy and introvert personality. Such people do every work with focus. At the same time, such people are very fast in the work related to intellect.
If your handwriting is large, then you are open, confident and a person attracting attention. Such people are friendly, who like to talk to people and easily adjust themselves in any situation.
Pen pressure
If you take heavy pressure when using pen or pencil, or if you hold tight enough, it means that you are very committed to that work. This type of person believes in the Commitment. They are also emotional. These kinds of people fight for the end of what they want to be and they want to fulfill their work despite all the difficulties. It can be said that there are type A personality in such people.
The same light-handed person is sensitive. This person likes to do activities which require less physical work.
However, such people are flexible and can adapt themselves to the situation. Girls prefer to write more lightly than boys.
Tilt of handwriting
According to experts, the inclination of your handwriting also tells your nature to a great extent. Those people whose words are inclined towards right-hand side are friendly people. Those who like to mix with the logo. These people like to be happy.
In the same way those people whose letters are inclined towards the left are generally self-centered on the letters. Often such people are lost in their own way. These merges with fewer people.
Your signature can also be ascertained how you present yourself to others. If your signature is unclear, then it means that you prefer to keep privacy. You do not like to reveal yourself to others very soon. It is also a symbol of sharp intellect and busy lifestyles.
And if your signature can be clearly read, it means that you trust yourself very much, and you have nothing to hide. Many people draw the line under the signature. This shows that the person has a sense of self-esteem inside.

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