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INTERLOCUTORS with reference to NSCN(IM) Movement

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By – B. Angousana Sharma

An Interlocutor should not determine to decision of the two stake holders; indeed, has to have the area to place opinion as intermediary institution, is not SHAKTIMAN, who should not try to act independently. Despite, inactions over closure of NSCN (IM) peace talk by three previous Interlocutors like Shri Swaraj Kaushal, Administrator designated, K.Padmanavaia onward Shri Pandey upto R.N. Ravi are Interlocutors designated have been consecutively inducting to administer the NSCN (IM) and to communicate/coordinate the Govt. of India for the peace talk for decades; but Shri Ravi, present Interlocutor is trying to act himself able, smart and clever bureaucrat of a Minister. He (Rabi) is not in conscious about the difference of a bureaucrat of a Minister and an Interlocutor of a commission.
An Interlocutor involves parties in favour of the convenience of the people of the state in which public grievances prevailed. But Shri Ravi is trying to hold the hot rod of Article 371-A of the constitution while dealing with Article 371-C; contradicting the application of two states of Nagaland and Manipur, which also trying to muffle the stream of constitution in two different states.
Shri Ravi must scare of consistently denying proposal of the literatures cooked by the previous bureaucrats in favour of NSCN (IM). No. of phrases, subjects, predicates, indications, proposals, suggestions in favour of extention of Naga nomenclature which sermonizing, indoctrinating by the proto Naga fabrics in the state of Manipur. Central bureaucreats loomed Naga intention to impress Naga movement by stressing the phrases of “South Nagaland; Greater Nagaland; Supra State Status; Single umbrella Administration for Naga Settled areas of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. But central administrator, rather political leaders are not ready to feel the real determination of Naga nomenclature, but attempting to accomplish the goal of talk, by-hook or by-crook; whereas centre has neglected the states of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.
To institution a peace talk must have taken share the opinions from the political and social intrigues, which have long been appearing. Simply listening the report of a single Interlocutor would not bring a wise decision. If the Govt. of India has nearly intention to conclude the problem a group of Interlocutors consisting of 5 (five) members from Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh must be appointed from politician, Technocrats, Administrators and Historians for proper dealing of the commissions. Otherwise, simply irritating the people of the region by disturbing the Article 371-C with the attempt to override the constitutional positions of the state of Manipur is nothing but the intention of the present Interlocutor is in indirect attack upon the existing administration of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, which shows preemptive tuition obtained by Shri Ravi to damage the territorial neighbourhood, with the leading implication which own with the impletion of Article 371-A for Manipur which is unconstitutional on the part of constitution, is highly, inflammable. Because, Governance of Article 371-C shall be weakening by Article 371-A; as Shri Ravi would be trying to put to extrapolate the peace talk by muffling the central and state Governments. However Shri Ravi must know that many lambs and deaf have been enlightened with the faulty administration. Therefore, the Frame work Agreement smelt like the above mentioned information provided by the media, drawing against the constitutional stream would not welcome in Manipur.
Therefore, it is of the opinion that, Shri R.N. Ravi’s visit in Manipur must be restricted with the point of view of his intention to break the nerves of the small communities, is not healthy to the administration of Manipur.
It is therefore, further appeal to all CSO’S of Manipur to keep active to Boy-Cott Shri. R.N. Ravi in Manipur. Because, his visit to Manipur is not advisable as per his act of disintigrational activities in the communities found to be irrepairably damaging the state.
Since 2001, 18th June episode the cease fire agreement has been limited to Nagaland; not beyond Nagaland. Therefore, Shri Ravi’s visit in Manipur would not be advisable appeared like attempt to install designated camp at Shirui (a 15 days stand-off) which was a high time alert of Assam Rifles and Army which had intervened the un-constitutional, rather out of box threat, forceful encroachment into the boundary of Manipur by NSCN (IM)was showing instantaneous instruction from the neighbouring state, more or so, existence of unlawful activities beyond Nagaland. But denied by the administration; as because of unlawful act Assam Rifle and Army could push back the force to Nagaland.
Not merely conspiracies in the top echelon of the Govt. and NSCN(IM), there were unlimited incidents took place in Manipur, in the hills like; extortion, loot, invisible tax collection on NH-2 are also frequently happening which gives more inconveniences and hindrances to the normal lives of the people of Manipur; for long seven decades.
Therefore, people of Manipur as well as the Govt. of Manipur have to keep eyes and ears open to meet the unlawful circumstances; would be likely input through immature agencies working in the region with the aim to achieve own goal, but not to solve the problem of the Govt.
At the same time, the immediate reaction upon the Frame work Agreement custodying with the Interlocutor Shri R.N. Ravi must acknowledge to the people of Manipur before table to the Govt. for final resolve; so that, the people of Manipur would confident that the Agreement shall not confuse about the territorial integrity of Manipur in future. Because, Manipur is victim of misleaders since long decades.

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