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How to remove the habit of using social media in children?

by Vijay Garg
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Mobile dominating children’s lives getting addicted to mobile and internet to the point of obsession is no less than an addiction. Nowadays mobile, computer, tablet etc. gadgets are influencing the new generation very much. While the increasing use of the Internet has increased the income of the Internet providers, there has also been an immense increase in the number of people using the Internet.
As a result, today every ordinary and special person has a mobile phone and that with a bang using the Internet Today, even children are not less than adults in terms of using mobile phones. If we talk about mobile phones, according to an estimate, about 30 percent of children in our country get a mobile phone by the age of 10 years and 70 percent children by the age of 12 years. Almost all children have their own mobile phone by the age of 15. But due to lack of awareness of the parents, the mobile phone is having a deadly effect on the physical and mental level of their children. Mothers do not shy away from giving mobile phones to their small nursing children, but they want that if their child is busy on the phone, he will not cry and they will deal with their work in peace. Some parents are often busy with mobile phones in front of their children, due to this, there is an increase in the attraction of mobile phones in the minds of children. Homework also on phones In order to protect their reputation and economic status during the corona period, private schools have used their own resources to make children addicted to mobile phones through online homework have paid their contribution, at the same time, even after the corona call in government schools, homework is being sent to children through WhatsApp groups on mobile phones.
As a result, parents are helpless to give their children separate mobile phones. Children today are using gaming, YouTube and social media on mobile phones. The surprising thing is that children studying in the fourth-fifth standard are also running their own YouTube channels. They are coming under the spell of this bog-like technology, influenced by the magical dazzle of mobile and internet. the child Facebook, Insta, Twitter and so on. T. T. etc. apps are also being used regularly. Technology companies are developing new gadgets and apps keeping children and youth in mind, the excessive use of which is wasting the time of our new generation and the youth, as well as economic, social, It is destroying them mentally and physically. Radiation is dangerous for the brain Experts recommend that mobile phones should not be given to children under the age of 16. Their brain mobile radiation is very sensitive to exposure to the effects of, because the brain and body tissues are still developing, these rays can damage the cells. Absorption of radiation can cause serious health problems in children.
According to the research of Exeter University of Britain, if you use mobile for a long time, the risk of cancer and weakness increases with radiation. Excessive use of mobile also leads to blood pressure and heart diseases In the case of children, these results can prove to be even more fatal. mobile Phones have a very bad effect on children and it can bring unwanted changes in their lifestyle. Many children become so obsessed with the phone that they distance themselves from their parents and friends and remain lost in the mobile phone all the time. Having mobile in the hands of children increases the chances of misuse of mobile phone. Children can send and receive obscene messages, pictures or videos. Children can access adult websites. While browsing through some websites They may accidentally click on links that may lead them to adult or criminal content. So many incidents of crime are coming up day by day. Physical and mental effects Experts are warning about the negative effects of mobile phones on the physical and mental health of young children.
The University of Toledo has claimed in one of its researches that the blue light coming out of these gadgets is pushing us towards premature blindness. Due to this, the problem of itching, dryness and tanning occurs on the skin goes away Due to mobile, the child may face diseases such as fatigue, headache, lack of sleep, loss of memory, ringing in the ears, joint pain, obesity and stress. Most parents allow children to play mobile games to keep them occupied. The addiction of these online games gradually starts to affect the brain and way of thinking of children. Their full attention goes to mobile games instead of studies. Deteriorating manic balance Deterioration of children’s mental balance due to games, lack of social interaction, mindLoss of concentration, sleep problems, avoidance of studies, negative issues dominating the mind, indifference in other aspects of life, increased anger, violent mentality and many other physical problems change the outlook of children towards life. are destroying the future of According to another study, an average cell phone is seven times dirtier than your flush seat. These nasty germs cause food poisoning and stomach worms. Due to this, the possibility of stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea increases. 

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