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How to beat with stress at workplace

by Vijay Garg
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Workplace stress as you might know is facing stress in the workplace, it could be because of a lot of reasons, like I mentioned in my previous article. You could check it out to find out if you are facing stress at your work place.

But just by knowing you have stress, won’t be at any use. Stress is like a poisonous drug, the more you let it go and don’t take a step to remove or reduce it the more it will try to harm you. So something needs to be done to eliminate stress or reduce it in your workplace. Below are few tips you could use to have a happy and comfortable workplace:
Start by reaching out: Talk about your concerns and issues with another employee or the HR of your company, having conversations face to face can solve issues faster and will make you feel lighter.
Look for support at home: It is very important to have a strong support system especially out of the workplace to manage stress in all areas. If you are facing issues or problems in your workplace and cannot talk it out to anyone there, your family and friends will always be there. Share the issue with them, the main solution is to let it out.
Review your diet: Your food choice can have an impact on how you feel at work, as well as have an impact on our body. So if you do not eat healthy or skip meals when we are of to work, it might result in weakness and sick feeling. Eating small frequent and healthy meals can help your body maintain an even of blood sugar and also keeping your energy and focus level high.
Get active: One of the major reason for stress in the workplace is weakness or laziness which could step from lack of activity. So try to add sometime in your working day to exercise or some form of physical activity. Physical activity produces hormones which creates a chemical reaction in the brain that acts as a natural pain killer and also improves sleep ability.
Rest: You need to get the full amount of sleep to feel your best at work. When you happened to work extra over your limits you are less patient and become easily anxious which causes stress. So work according to your energy level and give your body the rest it needs.
Prioritize and organize: To reduce stress you need to de-clutter you work desk as well do your in an organized manner, so that you are less irritated. Also plan and prioritize what you have to do and how you are going to do it.
Apply positive thinking: If you focus on the downside of any situation you will be drained of energy and motivation. Positive thinking helps with stress management and also improves health. You need to practice positive self-talk and keep motivating yourself to do your best.

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