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Environmental pollution is the biggest problem of the 21st century

by Vijay Garg
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Today the situation is that we are not getting clean drinking water, not getting clean air to breathe and not getting clean food to eat.  Due to these reasons the average age of a human being is decreasing.  According to the IPCC report, pollution has reduced the average human lifespan by 9 years.  In a gathering of intellectuals I asked about the biggest problem facing the world.  Topics like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corporate and politics kept revolving in response but environmental pollution does not seem to be a major problem to our people yet.  Through this article I will try to make the readers aware of this.
According to the great scientist Stephen Hawkins, the earth cannot live more than a thousand years because of pollution.  According to the IPCC report, as global temperatures rise over the next 20 years, global warming will cause many cities around the world to be submerged due to more snow.  The air will become so polluted that we will not be able to breathe in the open.  We have to make some artificial arrangements for breathing.  It would be normal for the earth’s temperature to reach 50 c C.  Due to such temperature and pollution, the earth will not be habitable for human beings and animals.  Despite the fact that environmental pollution is such a big problem, it does not seem to be a problem to the people and a large number of the population is unaware of it.  Our thinking is limited to politics, fashion, film and other means of entertainment.  The first duty of the government in this direction is to make the people aware of this sincerely.  Each program should be led by the government and religious leaders.  The efforts of the government alone can never yield great results.  As much as there is a need for government leadership, there is also a need for the cooperation of big people.
The Big Bang of Science, according to the Black Hole Theory, formed the solar system and the Earth millions of years ago after the explosion.  Millions of years later, signs of life appeared on Earth.  Millions more years later, all the flora and fauna of the earth came into being.  The beautiful association of flora and fauna on earth has been going on for millions of years.  Nature has made every animal and plant dependent and complementary to each other.  According to the law of nature, no one is allowed to disturb the natural balance.  But the most intelligent man on earth ignored the laws of nature and its balance
Every effort has been made to spoil it.  In the name of development, the earth, the sea and the atmosphere have been polluted in every possible way to make human life comfortable.  In the race for growth and advancement, corporates have used science and technology for the betterment of human beings, rather than for their own good.
Earth’s temperature usually rises by 1 centigrade after one million years.  Through factories in the name of development, through modern farming concepts, through our fashion brands, through the manufacture of munitions, through nuclear explosions, with modern means of transportation, plastics, cement,
Destroyed the environment in medicine, building industry and many other ways.  For all these reasons, carbon emissions are increasing and the earth’s temperature is rising.
There have been and will continue to be a number of global summits to reduce carbon emissions.  Each summit sets a deadline for reducing carbon emissions, but no country seems to be moving in that direction.  Each convention is requested to extend the fixed period.  The 20 countries with the highest carbon emissions in the world, including India, have been talking about extending the term every time.  We have polluted the sea water in many ways.  This endangers marine life.  Through mining we have eroded the earth’s crust, we have wasted its absorption capacity by using the ground water excessively and using chemical fertilizers.  We have transformed the Earth’s upper atmosphere into many large galaxies through nuclear explosions and carbon emissions.  Australia, whose clean air was packed in sliders and sold abroad, now has the highest number of skin cancer patients in the world, due to atmospheric humidity.  Land, oceans and forests are the most polluting resources.  We have lost the absorption capacity of land and sea.  We also destroyed the third natural resource by cutting down the forest.  In order to reduce carbon emissions, all countries have to be bound by the UN.  Veto power should not be used for humanitarian purposes.  Pollution particles should be eased by planting as many trees as possible.  By planting ten trees in our house we can increase our average age by seven years.  One tree is capable of absorbing 20 kilograms of dust particles, 70 kilograms of carbon particles, 85 kilograms of mercury, lithium, nickel, cadmium and silicon annually.  Plants provide oxygen to all living things based on the carbon dioxide we release.  Environmental pollution will take us back to the Ice Age.  Sulfur and nitrogen particles combine with water particles to cause acid rain which is a catastrophe for vegetation.  The level of carbon particles in the air a few years ago was 311 PMM which is now 388 PMM which is expected to increase to 470 PMM in another 20 years.
European countries have decided to run electric cars to reduce carbon emissions.  We are using coal as the most forbidden source to generate electricity.  Wind and solar energy should be used for this purpose.  Germany, devastated by the world wars, is doing its best to pollute the environment.  The country has spent 57 57 billion working in this direction.  Australia has spent only 2 2 billion on this work.  Germany has set up council-level committees to get people’s support.  The efforts of the Government of India in this direction are also not commendable.  School children are staging demonstrations to wake up governments.  Despite all this, the performance of governments is disappointing.  Only public awareness and people’s struggle can compel governments to make sound decisions.

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